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Navy SEAL Trial Resumes Today

(San Diego CA-AP) — The murder trial of a decorated Navy SEAL resumes today.

Eddie Gallagher is accused of murdering an ISIS prisoner in Iraq, but in a stunning turn of events last week, a witness for the prosecution testified he had killed the prisoner. Nevertheless, prosecutors say they are moving ahead with the case.


Today lead NCIS investigator Special Agent Joseph Warpinski will take the stand in the San Diego courtroom. Warpinski has been accused of misconduct by defense attorneys.

Actor Testifies In Murder Trial

(Los Angeles, CA-AP) – Actor Ashton Kutcher is now done testifying in a Los Angeles serial murder trial. A man named Michael Gargiulo is accused of killing a woman he was set to go out on a date with in 2001. On the stand yesterday, Kutcher said that on the night of the murder, he was stopping by to pick up Ashley Ellerin.

She didn’t answer the door. When he looked through the window he spotted what he thought was spilled red wine on the floor. He assumed she had already left for the night. Her body was discovered the next day.