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Barr Claims He Did Exactly What He Promised He’d Do With Mueller Report

(Washington, DC-AP) — In his opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, Attorney General Bill Barr is planning to say he did exactly what he told Senators he would do during his confirmation hearing.

Barr does not mention in his prepared remarks the Robert Mueller letter that was disclosed Tuesday in which the Special Counsel criticizes the way he characterized the report. He does say that he promised not to interfere with the investigation, and that he kept that promise.

He also said he would release as much of the report as he could, and pointed out only eight percent was redacted in the public version, and less than two percent in the version Congressional leaders could read. He admits he allowed the White House Counsel and President Trump’s personal attorneys to see the public redacted report prior to its release.

He claims it was so the Counsel could advise the president on executive privilege. He concludes by saying it is vital that the Department of Justice stand apart from the political process.


Schiff Accuses Barr Of Misrepresenting Key Parts Of Mueller Report

(Burbank, CA-AP) — The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is accusing Attorney General William Barr of misrepresenting key parts of the Mueller report. Talking with reporters in Burbank today, California Democrat Adam Schiff  that Barr is not President Trump’s personal lawyer.

He said the final report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller raises legitimate questions about whether President Trump tried to obstruct justice. Schiff called parts of the Mueller report “damning.”

Mueller Report: Congress Might Look Into Obstruction

(Washington, DC-AP) — Special Counsel Robert Mueller is suggesting Congress could look at whether the President obstructed justice.854081161001_6027631448001_6027634295001-vsThe final report from Mueller says there is no clear evidence that President Trump did not commit obstruction of justice and added that Congress could take action on at least ten instances where the President sought to interfere with the probe.


The report says a decision was made not to file charges because many of the President’s efforts were in plain view. The report also cites no underlying crime of coordination.

Maryland Leaders React To Mueller Report

(Washington, DC-AP) – Leaders in Maryland are reacting to today’s release of the redacted Mueller report. Congressman Elijah Cummings said the report catalogues in “excruciating detail a proliferation of lies by the President to the American people.”

He said Congress must subpoena the full report and all underlying documents. Maryland Senator Chris Van Hollen tweeted, saying it’s clear Attorney General Bill Barr made a political determination to help President Trump, not a legal one.

Van Hollen and Senator Ben Cardin called on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to testify before Congress. Cardin tweeted telling the American people to read the report for themselves and draw their own conclusions. Today, Barr again said the report showed no collusion and no obstruction between the Trump campaign and Russia.

WATCH LIVE: Attorney General Pressed On Mueller Report

(Washington, DC – AP) — Attorney General Bill Barr says he is working to make as much of the Mueller report public as he can.

In a House hearing today, Barr said he is still working on redactions involving confidential material. He stressed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller played no role in crafting his four-page summary to Congress last month.

New York Democrat Jose Serrano criticized Barr’s summary and said Congress and the American people need to see the full report.

House Panel Authorizes Subpoenas For Several Former White House Officials

(Washington, DC -AP) — The House Judiciary Committee is authorizing subpoenas for five former White House officials. The list includes former White House adviser Steve Bannon, former White House counsel Don McGahn, former communications chief Hope Hicks and Reince Priebus President Trump’s first chief of staff. The Democratic-led panel is investigating possible corruption, obstruction of justice and abuse of power in the Trump administration.

The subpoena authorizations came in a vote that included one for the Justice Department. Democrats are demanding to see Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, without redactions. Attorney General Bill Barr has said he will send a redacted version of Mueller’s report to Congress by the middle of this month. Democrats are suspicious about the redactions and Barr’s motives.

Senate Leader Blocks Resolution Demanding Release Of Mueller Report

(Washington, DC-AP) — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is again blocking a resolution demanding the full release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s  final report. The resolution recently cleared the House in a unanimous vote. McConnell called the Democratic resolution unnecessary because Attorney General William Barr is currently working with Mueller to determine what in the report should or should not be released. A Justice Department official expects it will take Barr “weeks not months” to prepare a public version of the confidential report. There will likely be redactions involving any classified data or confidential Grand Jury material.

California Democrat Dianne Feinstein said many people are rushing to judgment without having access to the full report. Barr summarized Mueller’s findings Sunday, noting that the Special Counsel found no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between Russia and President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. He noted that Mueller did not exonerate Trump on the question of obstruction of justice. Barr also announced that the Justice Department would not embark on a broader investigation of obstruction.

Ongoing Trump Investigations Following Mueller Report Release

(Washington, DC – AP) — Existing investigations into President Trump remain ongoing even after the conclusion of the Mueller  Russia probe and Attorney General William Barr’s summary of that report. The President could face legal problems after his former personal attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and Trump will also be following the trial of his former adviser Roger Stone.

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is facing state charges in New York after being convicted on several federal charges. House Judiciary Committee Chair and New York Democrat Jerry Nadler is looking into alleged Trump administration misconduct and Democrats also want Trump’s tax returns.

Top House Dems Demand Full Access To Mueller Report

(Washington, DC – AP) — Some top House Democrats are demanding full access to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report. In a statement today, the chairmen of the Judiciary, Intelligence and Oversight Committees are also calling for public testimony from Attorney General Bill Barr. The statement notes that the Mueller report does not exonerate President Trump on the question of obstruction of justice. The report did find no evidence of collusion or conspiracy between Russia and Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The Democrats criticize Barr for deciding not to pursue an obstruction case against the President in less than 48 hours. The statement says, “The American people deserve to see the facts and judge the President’s actions for themselves.”