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Smile And Keep It Moving: Ming Xi Falls During Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show In China And Recovers Like A True Pro

(SL) – The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show finally got underway in China but all anyone wants to talk about it Ming Xi’s fall on the runway. gettyimages-876619084-1511186619All models fear falling on the runway. From the crazy shoes and attire they have to walk in it’s surprising that we haven’t seen more of them slip. Naomi Campbell can attest to the difficulties in balancing between 8 inch platforms and garments that drape the floor and get tangled easily.

Wrapped up in her Goddess Segment literally, she maintained her composure as she fell to her knees.mingxi2With a little help from model Gizele Oliveira , Xi completed her walk  to cheers from the crowd as she got back on her feet.