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Judge Wants More Time On Rapper’s Request

(Philadelphia, PA) – A Pennsylvania judge says she will rule in “due time” on whether rapper Meek Mill should get a new trial in a decade-old gun and drug convictions.

Mill and his attorneys were in a Criminal Justice Center courtroom on Monday asking Judge Genece Brinkley for a new trial based on credibility issues with a former police officer who played a major part in Mill’s 2017 arrest.

Judge Brinkley has scheduled an evidence hearing on the request but says she needs more time before she rules on allowing a new trial. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is in favor of a new trial for Mill.

Meek Mill Creating Docuseries About Criminal Justice System

(SL) –  Meek Mill will be targeting the criminal justice system in a new docuseries. The project was announced yesterday by Mill, who recently got out of prison after serving five months of a two-to-four year sentence for a probation violation.

He said it will be a six-part Amazon series that will focus on Mill’s personal experience with the justice system and prison over the last ten years, and on incarceration rates among people of color.

It is being produced by rapper Jay-Z’s company, Roc Nation, and will premiere next year.

Meek Mill Gets Released From Prison

(Philadelphia, PA) – Rapper Meek Mill is now a free man. He was released from a Philadelphia prison Tuesday and went straight to a playoff basketball game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Miami Heat.

He was picked up in a helicopter for the game by 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin. Mill’s immediate release was ordered by a Philadelphia Supreme Court following support from the Philadelphia DA for a new trial based on his arresting officer being an alleged dirty cop.

He wrote on Twitter he now plans to work with his legal team to have his conviction overturned, and to resume his music career.

Meek Mill Talks To Lester Holt From Prison

(SL) – Jailed rapper Meek Mill is opening up about his controversial prison sentence. Meek was interviewed by Lester Holt for “NBC Nightly News” via telephone from a Philadelphia prison in an interview that aired Thursday.

He discussed his current legal situation with Holt saying “It was always a thought in the back of my mind that 10 years of probation would bring me back to prison.” He’s currently serving a two-to-four-year prison sentence for a probation violation on a 2008 drug and gun conviction.

Holt asked Meek Mill what his future holds after prison, Meek said “I think God delivered me a job to help people, helping minorities that come from these situations like myself.” His lawyers have accused the judge in the case of having a personal vendetta against the rapper. Many high profile people have shown their support for Meek’s release calling his incarceration unjust.

Meek Mill Reportedly Trying Again To Have Judge Removed From Case

(Philadelphia, PA) – Meek Mill is reportedly fighting again for the judge who handed him a four-year prison sentence to be removed from his case. The rapper’s lawyers have supposedly filed another motion to get Judge Genece Brinkley taken off over alleged bias.

He and his lawyers claim Brinkley took on his case specifically to get involved in his personal life and try to extort him for money. His team is also requesting that he be released immediately on bail pending the outcome of the motion.

Meek is currently incarcerated for violating a probation that stemmed from a 2008 drug arrest.

Inside The Meek Mill Sentence That’s Sparked National Debate

(SL) – This article by Ed Pilkington for The Guardian highlights all of the details you need to know about Meek Mills recent sentence and the judge being accused of having a particular interest in him:

The entry in the Pennsylvania database is stark and direct. Inmate number: ND8400. Name: Robert Rihmeek Williams. Age: 30. Height: 6ft 2in. Location: State Correctional Institution Chester.

Behind those blunt words lies a story that has exposed a running sore within the US criminal justice system. The incarceration of Williams for minor probation violations related to a crime he committed as a teenager more than a decade ago has brought some of the biggest names in music and sport rallying to his cause, spawned a new hashtag and drawn hundreds of people to the steps of Philadelphia’s City Hall to protest.

ba2ae77bd1584668bf5aff0ecb651f69From Jay-Z to Colin Kaepernick, influential supporters have spoken out against the perceived mistreatment of Williams and what it tells us about the experiences of a generation of African Americans. The outpouring has lifted the lid on a largely overlooked iniquity, in much the same way as the unmasking of Harvey Weinstein has laid bare the sexual misconduct of powerful men.

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