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Brutal McDonald’s Brawl Leader Aniah Ferguson Blows Psych Op, Sent To Rikers Island

(SL) – It was brutal. A gang of girls jumped on another girl in the middle of McDonald’s and nobody intervened. Nobody broke it up. In the age of social media, people just stood around hooped and hollered and recorded on their cells.

The video famously showed one petite little girl holding her own against at least 6-7 other females who beat on her for a good 5-7 minutes and nobody helped. The fight was so brutal it made national headlines. The little girl fought and fought until she couldn’t anymore and when she finally hit the ground the assailants continued to kick her while again people just stood and watched.

There was this one girl that just couldn’t let it go though..even when the young lady was damn near motionless on the floor trying to cover her head, she kept kicking her. That young lady’s name is Aniyah Ferguson an admitted gang banger who had been in trouble before for beating up her grandmother and stabbing her brother. But for some reason some folks thought she could be saved. And when the violent teen was sentenced for her participation in the McDonald’s Brawl most believed she just needed guidance, a psych eval..you know a little bit of help.


Weeks after the ringleader of a gang assault in a fast-food restaurant was warned by a Brooklyn judge to behave herself while in the psychiatric program that kept her out of prison, she was sent back to Rikers Island, the Daily News has learned.

Earlier this month, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Dineen Riviezzo learned Aniah Ferguson was misbehaving while staying at a Morningside Heights facility.


Ferguson, an admitted gang member, threw tables, threatened to set the building on fire, assaulted staff and other patients.

Riviezzo gave the 18-year-old a stern talking-to about her behavior and warned her that she faced up to 15 years in prison if she violated the terms of her guilty plea.

It is unclear what she did this time that forced the judge to send to her jail.

Assistant District Attorney Janet Gleeson had noted her objections with Ferguson receiving psychiatric help over jail time since Dec. 2015 for beating 16-year-old Ariana Taylor inside a Flatbush Ave. McDonalds in March 2015.