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House Wants To Grill Zuckerberg On Facebook Medical Privacy

(Washington, DC-AP) — A House committee wants to grill Mark Zuckerberg about a complaint that Facebook is harvesting users’ medical information. The issue first surfaced in July, when a private Facebook group for women with a specific gene mutation learned that their sensitive information could be downloaded in bulk.

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce says it wants to know if Facebook failed to properly notify group members that their personal health information may have been accessed by health insurance companies and “online bullies.”

With A Complete Invasion Of Privacy And Security Breach, Facebook Is The New Big Brother

(SL) – I wanted to look into this Facebook debacle and I must say it is alarming. What they think they know about you, how they are always tapped into your system knowing your whereabouts, monitoring your internet activity and then selling that info to others parties. It’s disturbing.

I never use my location status on my phone. I’ve never participated in any surveys, played any games or spent any money on FB and they have still tried to present a picture of my life that includes heavy travel (which by the way.. you can see they pointed out that I was gone two weeks ago). It has also dubbed me as a heavy liberal and a person who is close friends with EXPATS!29570456_1877930482230669_7942633801249225602_nI know people that travel abroad of course….but I don’t know anyone living abroad…or on foreign/international assignments.

This is just scratching the surface…They keep record of EVERYTHING you’ve ever done on here including your inbox messages, likes. Searches etc..You can download your whole file. Might take a day or two for them to get all your info together…but it’s there. AND if accessible, your friends can take your info with them to other apps.29541303_1877930455564005_8369841470244868624_nGo to: Settings and hit Download a copy of your FB data

Also go to: Settings, Ads (I’ve never interacted with advertisers on FB but it has a whole list of who they THINK I’ve interacted with)

And go to: Settings, Apps

You can restrict some of the access.

Facebook CEO Offers Full Page Newspaper Ad Apology

(SL) – Mark Zuckerberg is taking to the print media to offer an apology. The Facebook founder and CEO took out full-page ads in papers across the United States and U.K. today to apologize for the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal.

Earlier this month, Facebook said it suspended Cambridge Analytica and its parent group after receiving reports it didn’t delete information about tens of millions of Facebook users that was shared inappropriately. In the ad, Zuckerberg said “this was a breach of trust” and offered his apologies that the company didn’t do more at the time.

Zuckerberg explained they are now limiting the data that apps get as they’ll be investigating every single app that had access to large amounts of data before the problem got fixed.

Facebook Sued Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

(Menlo Park, CA) – Facebook is getting hit with lawsuits because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. There are reports that Facebook has been hit with four suits in federal courts this week since the story broke that the personal data of 50-million Facebook users was exploited by a political data company.

A lawsuit filed yesterday by a shareholder in Northern California alleges that Facebook’s senior management “breached their fiduciary duties” by failing to prevent the scandal, and by failing to inform users when they first learned about Cambridge Analytica in 2015.

The lawsuit notes that Facebook has lost 50-billion-dollars in market capitalization since the story broke.

Facebook CEO Apologizes For Data Scandal, Opens Door To Congressional Testimony

(Menlo Park, CA) – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls the company’s data privacy scandal a “major breach of trust.” In an interview with CNN, Zuckerberg said he is “really sorry” that data firm Cambridge Analytica improperly got access to data from over 50-million people without users’ knowledge.

The firm was behind President Trump’s 2016 election campaign and used the information to target users during the election. Zuckerberg added that he was “sure someone’s trying to use Facebook to meddle with the U.S. midterm elections.”

He said it’s something they need to make sure they get in front of.

Kanye West Begs Mark Zuckerberg For $1 Billion Dollars

(SL) – Another day, another irrational string of tweets from Kanye West. After telling the world that he is $53 Million dollars in debt, West is now asking a man that he has probably ever met for a billion dollars.

If only it was a joke. Unfortunately, Kanye west is dead serious asking Zuckerberg to call him as soon as possible and asking his followers to tweet the Facebook founder to make it happen. He also solicited Google founder Larry Page for help. Page is reportedly worth 29.2 Billion dollars.

This is a far cry from someone who told Ray J the only difference between the two was that he was rich.