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Meghan Markle Finally Meets Beyonce At Lion King Premiere

(London) –– British royalty meets Hollywood royalty at the Lion King premiere in London. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were at the premiere last night, and mingled with Lion King star Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z.

Beyonce reportedly talked with the Duchess of Sussex about her new baby, Archie. Other celebrities at the premiere included Seth Rogen, Elton John, Taron Egerton and Vin Diesel. The new live-action version of The Lion King hits U.S. theaters this Thursday.


UK PM Front-Runner Vows To Deliver Brexit

(London-AP) — The front-runner to be Britain’s next prime minister says it’s time to “deliver Brexit.” Current Prime Minister Theresa May said this morning that she’ll resign on June 7th, after her repeated failures to deliver a British exit from the European Union.

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is the front-runner to replace May, and says it’s time to follow May’s “urgings” and come together to deliver Brexit.

May told reporters outside Ten Downing Street that she tried three times to get a plan to leave the European Union through the House of Commons, and lost every time. She said it’s now clear to her that it’s “in the best interest of the country for a new PM” to lead the effort.

Brexit Still Going Nowhere In British Parliament

(London-AP) — Brexit is still going nowhere in the British Parliament. Prime Minister Theresa May’s third Brexit plan was defeated by the House of Commons today. May had offered to resign if lawmakers approved her latest plan to exit from the European Union, or EU. Britain is scheduled to leave the EU on April 12th, without a negotiated path to ensure a smooth exit. The Prime Minister could seek another extension of the deadline. British voters approved an exit from the EU in a special referendum a couple of years ago.

May and lawmakers have struggled mightily to come up with a plan for a smooth departure from the EU. May could also try to schedule another voter referendum on whether Britain should divorce the EU.

A Father’s Love: As Meghan Markle Continues To Strut Around As A Royal, Thomas Markle Fights To Get Her Back In His Life

(London, UK) – A few weeks ago, Meghan Markle’s father Thomas detailed what appeared to be the end of his relationship with his youngest daughter.

The 74-year old, who reportedly took care of  the actress turned Duchess from the time she was 11 until she left for college, spoke candidly about that day in which Prince Harry called him while he was still in the hospital recovering from a ‘widow maker’ heart attack.

According to Thomas, Prince Harry was lecturing him and saying had he did what he was told ‘this’ wouldn’t be happening.  Thomas, understandably so, wasn’t in the mood for the criticism and hung up on Harry.  He says he hasn’t heard from Meghan since.

With the circus that came with her sister and brother, most people were looking for something deeper to give the new member of the British Royal Family a legitimate reason for cutting her father, who she seemed to be extremely close to, off. But there doesn’t seem to be.

The idea that Meghan and Thomas weren’t ever really that close was dispelled when he released notes and cards that he received from Meghan over the past years where she thanks him for making her who she is, for taking such a good care of her and guiding her in her career.  She even notes that she just wants to make him proud. It’s a far cry from this family that Prince Harry believes she never had. Listening to Thomas, it appears that Harry and Meghan believed the tabloid stories about him faking a heart attack to get out of walking her down the isle for her wedding.  Markle has since released medical records proving it was no stunt.

Meghan nor Harry, whom he still hasn’t met, have talked to Thomas since they got married. And even worse…won’t respond to letters, text messages or cards.  He’s been ghosted as Markle put it to Good Morning Britain and he’s not sure why.  “I would appreciate a card or a phone call, or just some sign that she knows I’m here,” he said. “She knows I love her.”

It’s baffling to say the least, but a real person, a genuine person would take the time out to settle the problem with his or her parent. Thomas Markle has never spoken ill of Meghan and when others try he rushes to her defense.  Granted he can’t explain why Meghan is the way that she is now, (in reference to reports of her not getting along with other royals and staff) but he says she’s usually very polite. One thing is for sure, if Prince Harry can have a relationship with his father after he kept Camilla as a mistress throughout his entire marriage to Princess Diana, he can certainly urge Meghan to forgive her father for hanging up on him which seems to be the true point of contention.

And for those who say if he’d stop talking maybe she would reach out, since when is it detrimental to one’s livelihood for his or her father to publicly request some form of communication? It’s not.

British Prime Minister May Faces No Confidence Vote

(London-AP) — British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a no-confidence vote from her Conservative Party members today. May’s problems stem from her attempts to negotiate a deal with the European Union for the UK to leave the EU. British voters narrowly approved Brexit in a 2016 referendum.

May negotiated a deal with EU leadership in Brussels, but the plan has next to no support among the leaders of her party. She said today that changing Conservative leadership would put the country’s future at risk and create uncertainty when Britons can least afford it.

Just Two Weeks Until Royal Wedding

(London) – With the royal wedding just two weeks away, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are stepping out of the spotlight to prepare. The palace released more details about the upcoming event, but Markle’s dress is still top secret. Well…depending on who you ask. The Daily Mail posted an image that is believed to be Markle’s dress; a hand-stitched, heavily beaded design that is valued at just over 100k. 4BDD03AF00000578-0-image-a-82_1525466771557The site reports, multiple royal and fashion industry sources have revealed the actress has opted for British couturiers Ralph & Russo to make the first of two gowns she plans to wear on May 19. The above mentioned that she will reportedly walk down the aisle at St George’s Chapel in front of 600 guests  – and an estimated billion TV viewers worldwide – as well as  one for the reception being held afterwards by the Queen in St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle.02-meghan-markle-prince-harry-2.w710.h473
And contrary to a published tabloid report from Markle’s half brother, the palace says Markle’s dad is invited along with her mother and both parents are going to get acquainted with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles a week before the wedding. MAIN-Meghan-Markle-Prince-HarryMarkle’s mother will ride with her to St. George’s Chapel on the big day, while her father will be waiting at the chapel to walk her down the aisle. The bride reportedly won’t have a maid-of-honor. Naturally, Prince William is Harry’s best man.

The late Princess Diana’s three siblings will attend the wedding, but baby Prince Louis will be resting at home. It’s still unclear if Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be among the page boys and flower girls.

Pippa Middleton’s Father-In-Law Investigated For Sexual Assault

(London) – A man related to Britain’s royal family is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. Dave Matthews, father-in-law to Pippa Middleton, Princess Catherine Middleton’s sister, is now at the center of the investigation.

Police say he is accused of raping a minor in the late 90’s, although he denies the allegations. There is still no official statement from the royal family.

Ecuador Cuts Off Internet Access For Assange At Embassy

(London) – Julian Assange is losing his internet. The government of Ecuador says it has cut off Internet access for the WikiLeaks founder who is living in the South American country’s embassy in London. He’s also not being allowed any visitors.

The government said Assange has not been abiding by an agreement he signed last year to not interfere in the country’s relations with other states, including the United Kingdom and European Union.

In a statement, the government claims he was putting Ecuador’s international relations at risk.

Why Is Arsenal Star Ainsley Maitland-Niles’ Mom Homeless?

(London, UK) – He’s one of the Arsenal’s premiere players under a deal in the ballpark of $15-$18 Million residing in a million dollar apartment, but his mother is sleeping in crate.


When I saw this story, I couldn’t believe it. Trying not to judge, I read article after article trying to figure out what the background/history was between Ainsley and his 38-year old mom Jule. Did she abandoned him when he was a baby.?..NO. Was she a drug addict?…NO. Had she bee abusive towards him or his brother?…NO. It has to be something right? What would push a person to abandon his mother while he lives in luxury? Jule Niles says she’s trying to figure it out too.

Jule said she began living in a box at the Big Yellow Storage Facility three months ago after her relationship broke down with the 20-year old.

‘My son Ainsley could buy me a flat with two weeks or two month’s wages. But the money’s gone to his head and I’m in this position. My son plays for Arsenal and I am homeless and in a storage unit.  It’s not a home. I know what home feels like – to be able to shower, brush your teeth and sit in your room. All that I miss – but most of all I miss my family. It’s horrible. I just want to know what I’ve done wrong.’

Jule says she lives in fear that warehouse staff will realize she is sleeping in the container and turf her out on the streets.nintchdbpict000388969901She said, ‘I wait until everyone has gone home and slip into the unit when it is dark. It is heartbreaking. The area is covered in snow and it’s not been above freezing for days. I heard a homeless man died here overnight on Thursday.’

The Daily Mail reports, Jule told how when the boys were growing up she was sometimes so poor that she went hungry so they could eat and often considered stealing food. Ainsley was spotted by Arsenal scouts and signed for the club’s academy when he was six. All her sacrifices appeared to have paid off when in December 2014 he made his debut for The Gunners aged 17 in the Champions League against Galatasaray.

Four days later he made his Premier League debut in a 4-1 victory over Newcastle United. He said, ‘I want to thank my family and God mostly for putting me here.’

Asked what he would do with his match shirt, he said, ‘I think I’ll frame it and give it to my mum.’

reiss-nelson-arsenal-231017Somewhere down the line, something went wrong. It’s reported that Jule was one of those overbearing sports’ moms fighting for her son’s ability to get what he deserved was even arrested once for clashing with the Arsenal’s chief negotiator Dick Law in 2015, but the police took no action.

Reportedly, another incident took place in 2016 when he joined Ipswich on loan. She was accused of leaving an unpleasant message on manager Mick McCarthy’s voicemail after he wouldn’t let Ainsley attend an England kit launch. A claim she denies.

When Ainsley’s career took off he initially paid the rent so he, Jule and  brother Cordi could live in a three-bedroom home near Arsenal’s training center in Hertfordshire. Ainsley sent his mom on a holiday to Australia in 2016, but she says when she returned she could tell everything was different. Both of her sons were acting strange and they moved out of the house in the middle of the night leaving her alone and giving her 6 months to move. That was probably why he sent her on vacation.

Whether he has been instructed to distance himself from his mom or not, who knows but to leave her homeless isn’t right. A friend of Ainsley’s says he was unaware of his mom’s living condition. Jule doesn’t deny that he offered to send her money, but she says she needs him to help her get a place to live by signing on as the guarantor. Jule, a childcare worker, said she could not find anywhere to rent because she is on a zero-hours contract and her income is irregular.

Her son hasn’t commented yet.





Two Men Arrested In Fatal Stabbing Of Model Harry Uzoka

(London, England) – Two men have been arrested in the fatal stabbing of 25-year old model Harry Uzoka.

Signed to Premier Model Management, the same modelling agency that helped launch the careers of models Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, Uzoka was described on social media as an “icon for black boys in the UK”.

He’d been seen in campaigns for elite companies like Mercedes, Zara and most recently GQ.  He was stabbed in the heart in London. harry-uzoka-by-jeff-hahn-for-scmp-styleGeorge Koh, 24, and Jonathan Okigbo, 23, are alleged to have attacked the young model outside of a block of flats in Shepherd’s Bush.

Koh, of York Way, Camden, and Okigbo, of Trevithick House, Kentish Town, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

The pair spoke only to confirm their names, dates of birth and addresses. Koh has also been charged with the possession of an offensive weapon.large-bd4fc5b91f91994fbafe90fa7868d910They were remanded in custody and will appear at the Old Bailey on Thursday.

Scotland Yard detectives believe Mr. Uzoka was attacked outside Ollgar House in Ollgar Close shortly before 4pm on Thursday 11 January.  He collapsed in nearby Old Oak Road and was pronounced dead at the scene at 5pm despite the efforts of Air Ambulance doctors.