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Police Scold Jussie Smollett For Fake Hate Crime Attack

(Chicago, IL-AP) — Police are attempting to unravel the alleged attack on Empire actor Jussie Smollett. The saga began in January, when Smollet told police he received a racist and threatening letter that obtained a white powder. That “substance” was later determined to be aspirin. Then about a week later, the actor, who is black and gay, claimed he was assaulted by two white men in masks, wearing pro-President Trump hats who hurled racist and homophobic slurs. Smollett also claimed his attackers attached a small noose around his neck. The alleged attack became an international news event, with plenty of high-profile celebrities, politicians, and even President Trump expressing outrage. Chicago Police, the FBI, and other agencies launched a massive investigation.

About 48 hours later, police said they reviewed hundreds of hours of video footage, but were unable to find any direct evidence dealing with the attack. They also said Smollett turned over some, but not all, of the phone records detectives requested as part of their investigation. Smollett continued to say the attack was real, telling ABC’s Good Morning America that people would believe him if he was “attacked by black or Muslim guys.” On February 13th, Chicago police picked up two men at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport they identify as Nigerian brothers who are persons of interest. The next day, there were news reports that police are investigating whether Smollett and the two men staged the attack. Police denied those reports.

On February 15th, things took a major turn. Police said the “trajectory of the investigation” has “shifted” after cops released the two brothers without charges. Police wanted to re-interview Smollet, but the actor refused. Police seemed to ramp-up their investigation and unconfirmed reports starting swirling that Smollett would soon be arrested. Then this morning, Smollett was charged with filing a false police report. A very somber Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who is also black, said Smollett staged the attack only to increase his salary. Johnson added Chicago didn’t deserve this “publicity stunt” and he was upset Smollett used the dark symbol of a noose. He said Smollett paid the brothers 35-hundred bucks to stage the attack and added that he believes Smollett mailed the original letter to himself.

Two Suspects Released, Jussie Smollett Now Accused Of Orchestrating The Attack

(Chicago, IL) – Jussie Smollett appeared on Good American with Robin Roberts declaring that the men caught on the only surveillance submitted to the public were indeed his attackers.  Rational thinking people questioned…how does he know that? They reportedly had masks on. How does he know for sure?


Facts that we knew about the case:  Jussie was caught on video in a nearby store.  Two men were caught walking on camera too.

Other facts:   Attack was not caught on camera but the two men featured on surveillance video were soon identified as two Nigerian brothers who were friends of Jussie’s and one was an extra on Empire.

Jussie initially claimed the two men were white and shouted racial slurs and this is MAGA country as they beat and kicked him.

As Jussie defiantly told Robin Roberts, “I fought the F***k back.” Now, one goes from support to anger as this appears to be developing into one big farce. Celebrities are known to stage publicity stunts but this one ……..was one of those that never quite added up.

Chicago PD released Abel and Ola late Friday night due to “new evidence” gathered from their interrogation … and said they’re no longer suspects.

The brothers’ lawyer, Gloria Schmidt, says her clients were released based on the key info they gave the cops … and they have a story to tell “when the time is right.”

That story appears to be that they were hired by Jussie to attack him and the whole situation was staged.  Rumors have it that Jussie is being written off of Empire. Even though studio reps denied it……there may be some truth to it! Reportedly, Jussie has hired a criminal defense attorney.  Not a good look!


Kellyanne Conway At Odds Again With The Truth After Spicer Says Trump Did In Fact Ask For Flynn’s Resignation

(SL) – Who isn’t clueing Kellyanne Conway in on the facts? Starting to wonder if she is ever briefed before she speaks or if she just wings it. And where the common goal seems to be  to make everything look like it’s great and on the up and up, it seems like the truth escapes her time and time again.

The latest drama comes on the heels of Mike Flynn’s resignation from the National Security Advisor position. Fears of blackmail from Russia amongst other issues caused

A report on Tuesday afternoon said that the FBI had put Flynn under scrutiny in the first days of Trump’s administration.


If he did not tell investigators the truth, the New York Times said, he could be charged with a felony.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said  the situation reached ‘ critical mass’ last night after weeks of allegations against Flynn. Spicer said, “That is why the president decided to ask for his resignation, and he got it.’

Spicer cited Flynn’s misleading statements to Vice President Mike Pence about a call he had with the Russian ambassador to the United States – ‘and a series of other questionable instances’ that he did not describe that led to his resignation just 24 days after he started.

House Speaker Paul Ryan was the first to say that Trump had asked for his national security advisor’s resignation.

‘National security is perhaps the most important function or responsibility a president has. And I think the president made the right decision,’ Ryan said of Flynn’s departure on Tuesday morning.

At a House leadership press conference the Republican told reporters, ‘You cannot have a national security adviser misleading the vice president and others. So I think the president was right to ask for his resignation. And I believe it was the right thing to do.’

A White House press release Monday night stated that Trump had accepted Flynn’s resignation and was appointing Lt. General Joseph Keith Kellogg, Jr. to the post. It did not say that Flynn had been dismissed.

But on Tuesday,  During the Today Show, Conway, who had claimed just hours before his resignation that the White House had “full confidence” in Flynn, repeatedly could not say why the administration waited to act.

On NBC’s “Today” show, the White House counselor claimed that “the situation had become unsustainable” after Flynn misled Pence. “But the fact is, General Flynn continued in that position and was in the presidential daily briefings, as part of the leader calls, as recently as yesterday,” Conway said.

Matt Lauer wasn’t buying it though. “Kellyanne, that makes no sense,” he said. “Last month, the Justice Department warned the White House that General Flynn had misled them and that, as a result, he was vulnerable to blackmail and at that moment he still had the complete trust of the president?”

Conway’s response, “It was misleading the vice president that made the situation unsustainable” and that Trump “accepted the resignation, and he is moving on.”