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Serena And Venus’ Dad (75) Accuses Estranged Wife (38) Of Stalking Violence, Files For Protective Order

(SL) – According to document, Richard Williams has filed for a protective order against his estranged wife after a bitter split five months ago.

Richard Williams accuses Lakeisha Williams to whom he was married to for seven years of cyber stalking and stalking violence. His son Chavoita Lesane filed the same claim. Lakeisha and Richard share one child together; a five year old little boy who reportedly is in Richard’s exclusive care.

At the time of their split, Richard claimed she transferred the deed of one of his homes to herself without his permission and then took out a $152,000-mortgage on it after, again, imitating his writing.

He also claims, she also transferred the titles of multiple cars to herself, took money out of their joint bank accounts and accounts he owned alone, and took some of his social security payments.

Richard Williams trained his superstar tennis daughters. He most recently attended Serena’s wedding to Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian

Williams alleges his wife is an alcoholic who stole his guns. But in documents filed in June, Lakeisha claimed she took his AK-47 after his behavior became hostile and erratic.

In reference to the protective order, a judge has denied both Richard and Chavoita’s petitions due to a lack of evidence.