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Castro Middle School Student Due In LA Court Monday For Shooting

(Los Angeles, CA) — Los Angeles County prosecutors say the 12-year-old girl charged with bringing a semiautomatic handgun to Sal Castro Middle School and shooting two classmates is due to be arraigned Monday. LAPD Captain Neil Gardner says it’s important for parents to teach their kids about gun safety.

“For our communities that we’re serving and all that we reach out to you, is the importance of parents, gun owners insuring the safe securing of firearms preventing access to youth, 12 year olds, kids and making and ensuring that our schools are safe locations..preventing that at the home.”

The girl’s name is not being revealed because of her age. Los Angeles police believe the shooting was accidental and may have happened when she dropped her backpack with the gun inside. A 15-year-old boy was shot in the head and a 15-year-old girl was hit in the hand with the same bullet.

Students returned to class yesterday.  The suspect was placed in juvenile hall where she was booked on a charge of negligent discharge of a firearm. But there’s still the big question about why a 12-year-old had a gun inside a classroom.