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Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith Praised For Uplifting Jordyn Woods After Kardashian Family Attack

(Los Angeles, CA) – The Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson kiss was unfolding into quite the drama with 21-year old Jordyn being bullied and blamed for the encounter by Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Malika Haqq and Larsa Pippen.

Whether it was by posting subliminal videos, liking posts that accused Jordyn of sleeping with Tristan which wasn’t true or ‘unfollowing’ Jordyn on social media…even mom Kris got in on the childishness; the whole family was quick to attack, minus Kylie.  Kylie, who up until now was best friends with Jordyn, is the only one who hasn’t ‘unfollowed’ model. Khloe just unfollowed Tristan after Hollywood power player Will Smith and wife Jada Smith rallied behind Jordyn whom they’ve known since she was a baby.

Yes, the thought of grown women attacking a barely 21-year old woman is beyond sick but what was even more disturbing is that Khloe Kardashian immediately pushed all the blame on Jordyn saying she broke her family up. No need to go into the hypocrisy of it all knowing the history of the aforementioned women but Tristan himself has been less than faithful to Khloe since before she gave birth to their daughter True.  He famously got caught cheating on her just weeks before she gave birth so the thought of her even partially blaming a 21-year old girl who did not ask to be kissed by Tristan Thompson is flat out twisted and demented. As Jordyn told Jada on her Red Table Talk Facebook show, Tristan was walking her out and as she was leaving he kissed her.

The onslaught was in full effect until Will and Jada Smith vowed to not let the world i.e. the Kardashian clan destroy her.  Not on Will’s watch and when it’s all said and done Will Smith is Will Smith…a.k.a a powerful player in the business who has built a well respected dynasty. The Kardashians don’t want that smoke….period. Having Money is one thing but it’s Will Smith’s Money, Power and Respect that the Kardashian family can’t compete with.

What was notably evident throughout the whole ordeal was how quick people were to attack Jordyn, a young black girl standing alone in this now battle against a family who has a reputation for trying to tear people down when opposition strikes.  But this time, Will and Jada said …not on their watch.  And Jada took it a step further pointing out that black women are often disregarded, disrespected, easily targeted and blamed for everything.

After the episode aired, Khloe took to twitter to call Jordyn a liar, criticize her for speaking publicly about the situation and for “breaking up her family”. She seemingly didn’t hold Tristan at fault because as she put it he had been speaking with her privately about what happened and also because he is the father of her child and she wouldn’t do that to her daughter. Huh?

Social media wasn’t having it though and soon after Khloe retracted her statement blaming Jordyn, unfollowed Tristan and went to hip hop church with Kanye West. I’ll stop there.



Swerve: Kris Jenner Gets Booed, Kanye Is Out Of Control And Kim Brings It Back To Center With Photo Of Saint

(SL) – Some people call it damage control, I call it good marketing.  To be honest this is the kind of stuff I prefer to see from Kim K. She has kids  and it’s time to change gears a bit.


Most of us are more interested in seeing her be a mother versus her birthday suit anyway. And after a rough month that included her husband and babies’ father, Kanye West, getting called out by Amber Rose after claiming to own her son,  begging for money and attacking Taylor Swift yet again…top that off with Mama Kris getting severely booed at the iHeart 80’s concert and yeah… Kim Kardashian has obviously been running damage control.

0202-kim-amber-twitter-4She called a meeting with Amber Rose, posted sweet snaps of Kanye being a dad and now the swerve of all swerves…a pic of her new son Saint.


While people were probably waiting on her to sell images of her newborn to the highest bidder, Kim chose to release the first pic for her Father’s birthday on her website.  Cute kid and Kanye’s genes clearly dominated on this one.

Too Much Too Soon! The Ever-Changing Features Of Kylie Jenner

(SL) – Kylie Jenner’s latest photo shoot might be one of her most revealing yet and one can’t help but notice all of her enhancements. The weave, bronzer 2DB59F4F00000578-0-image-m-12_1445625089050fake nails, lashes, pumped up lips, hips and derriere, granted photo shop is alive and well but Kylie obviously has some explaining to do.  One main question, why? This child is barely 18. Recent images also show her endorsing the fake magic of a waist-trainer.

The teen seemingly can’t wait for mother nature to finish her work. But, if you follow in Kim, Kris, Khloe and Bruce/Caitlyn’s footsteps, it’s nothing a good doctor can’t fix.

Whereas she doesn’t have the chiseled model features like older sister Kendall, I always thought Kylie’s looks were more commercial…little lips and all. I wonder if she knows how cute she is without the enhancements.  I just hope everything is in fact….temporary. kylie-jenner-butt-injections

She spent months denying lip injections before coming clean; and as for her more curvaceous body, the baby of the group blames a 15lb weight gain. I’m no body expert but I’ve never seen a person’s whole body take on a completely different shape because of weight gain.

Take a look at the Gallery and it’s clear there’s a little bit more going on than just added pounds. Kylie, you’re beautiful just the way you are!kylie-jenner-in-2010