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Officers Want Kim Foxx Removed From Battery Case Against Activist

(Chicago, IL) –– Several Chicago police officers want a special prosecutor to replace Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx in the case of a community activist accused of attacking several officers last year.

The six Grand Crossing District officers say defendant Jedidiah Brown was spotted in a Facebook selfie photo with Foxx while his case was pending. The officer’s attorney James McKay says the picture is a problem and will file a motion tomorrow in court to seek a special prosecutor.

He also says Brown, who faces several charges including resisting arrest, stood behind Foxx earlier this month during a Rainbow/PUSH Coalition event.


R.Kelly’s Lawyer Seeking Communications Between Foxx & Avenatti

(Chicago, IL-AP)  R. Kelly’s legal team wants to see any communications between Cook County prosecutors and indicted attorney Michael Avenatti that involves the musician.

In a motion filed yesterday, attorney Steven Greenberg, who is defending Kelly against aggravated criminal sex abuse charges, said there are serious questions about whether Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx was manipulated by Avenatti or others in Kelly’s case. This comes as Avenatti last week was hit with federal charges accusing him of trying to extort millions of dollars from Nike.

In February, Avenatti claimed he turned over a VHS tape to prosecutors showing Kelly sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl. Avenatti represents two of Kelly’s accusers. Foxx has also faced criticism recently after her office abruptly dropped all charges last week against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollet with little explanation. Greenberg cited the Smollet case saying the State’s Attorney is able to be “influenced and wowed.”

Chicago Police Want Smollett Investigation, Angry After Charges Dropped

(Chicago, IL) – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says dropping charges against actor Jussie Smollett  amounts to whitewashing justice. Smollett was being charged with lying about a racist and homophobic attack. Emanuel said prosecutors showed that there’s a different set of rules for people in an influential position. Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said justice wasn’t served because Smollett got a brokered deal.

Now the Chicago police union wants an investigation into the prosecutor who exchanged emails with a former chief of staff to Michelle Obama about the Jussie Smollett case. The union wants the Department of Justice to investigate State’s Attorney Kim Foxx to determine the extent of her involvement with the case.

Foxx had recused herself from the case, but the Chicago Sun Times reports former chief of staff Tina Tchen had put Foxx in touch with Smollet’s family days after he told police about the alleged attack.