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California Woman Rescued After Being Held Captive In Uganda, 4 Men Arrested

(Kampala_AP) — Government officials in Uganda say California resident Kimberly Endicott and her local guide were found unharmed on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday.

A spokesman for the Uganda government said on Twitter the kidnappers have escaped and remain at large. The gunmen who abducted the pair from the Queen Elizabeth National Park had demanded a half-million-dollars in ransom, but it’s unclear if a ransom was paid.

New reports say four men believed to be illegal fish and ivory smugglers have been arrested in connection to the kidnapping.


Gas Station Clerk Saves Woman From Kidnapping

(Stanislaus County, CA) – California authorities are praising a gas station clerk who helped a woman escape the men who kidnapped her. Last week Savannah Pritchett was at work when a woman walked inside and said she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted and needed help escaping her captors.

Pritchett snuck the victim a cell phone and locked her in the store’s bathroom until police appeared. Police arrested two men in the store and later detained two accomplices. In an interview on Good Morning America, Pritchett shied away from being called a hero, saying she hopes anyone else in her position would do the same thing.

Sentencing In 1988 Child Kidnapping Case

(Jacksonville, FL) – The woman responsible for kidnapping a child 20 years ago from a Jacksonville hospital will be going to prison for a long time.kamiyah-mobley-alexis-manigoAt the sentencing for the 1988 kidnapping of Kamiyah Mobley today, Gloria Williams was given 18 years in prison. The judge in the case called it a “very sad day” with no winners and no losers.

Under a plea deal, the max she was facing was 22 years. Kamiyah Mobley’s mother Shanara says it wasn’t enough. That she wanted Williams dead.

“I’m still hurting when you’re reaching out to my child. This is my child. I am your mother Kamiyah! I am your mother,” she cried out in a downtown Jacksonville court during a hearing in May, News 4 Jax reported.

OEDWGJJWTV3RKNIEUIK3FYYVPY“I missed the first walk, first word, graduating, prom — I missed all that,” Mobley told the judge, The Post & Courier reported.

Gloria Williams posed as a hospital nurse and took the 8-pound-, 2-ounce infant from her mother’s arms and drove away to a new life in South Carolina. Williams raised the stolen baby as her own daughter under the name of Alexis Manigo.

She received one year for each year she kept the child away from her birth parents, Mobley and Craig Aiken.


Miccosukee Tribe Police Seize Newborn Baby

(Miami-Dade County, FL) – Republican Senator Marco Rubio calls it a “kidnapping.” Police officers from the Miccosukee Native-American tribe showed up unannounced at a hospital in Miami-Dade County on Sunday and took a newborn baby girl from her parents.

They were acting on a tribal court order granting custody to the baby’s grandmother, claiming that the mother had abused her other grandchildren. But the mother, Rebecca Sanders, says that the grandmother does not want the baby raised by the father, who is white.

Rubio tweeted last night that the tribe police don’t have jurisdiction outside the reservation, warning that he’s in contact with federal officials and “this won’t end well for the tribe if they don’t return the child ASAP.”

8-Year Old Cherish Perrywinkle Suffered Horribly At The Hands Of Her Rapist And Murderer, Graphic Details Leave Courtroom Shook

(Jacksonville, FL) – The rape, kidnapping and murder trial of  now 66-Year old Donald Smith continued Tuesday. And what the courtroom heard shook pretty much everyone present, some to the point of tears.

The graphic details of the rape and murder of Cherish Perrywinkle are unimaginable and what her accuser did following her death is just as awful. The medical examiner testified that Cherish had been raped to a point that her genitals were distorted.  Semen, reportedly was found in her vagina, anus and mouth.

Jacksonville.com reports, bruising, excessive tearing of tissue and broken blood vessels from hemorrhaging — were shown in photographs and explained in length to the jury Tuesday. Valerie Rao, the chief medical examiner for the 4th Judicial Circuit explained her findings from Cherish’s autopsy.308x174_JPG-SINGLE_3837231176779153305

“Bruising right here, right here, right here, a scratch here and a small bruise here,” she said pointing out just the left leg of Cherish.

Still left to show and describe to the jury were the bruises from excessive sucking on Cherish’s chest; the bruises on her buttocks; on her arms; her other leg; the ligature marks on her neck from the strangulation.

“There was tremendous force on her neck such that she could not breathe. She suffered swelling of the brain,” Rao said.

She explained how the vessels in the eyes are delicate and what happens to them when a person is being suffocated. On Monday, State Attorney Melissa Nelson said, “He gagged her, raped her, he sodomized her, then he strangled her. He gagged her with such force, her gums and nostrils bled. He strangled her with such force her eyeballs bled,” Nelson said. “Cherish did not die quickly, and she did not die easily. In fact, hers was a brutal and tortured death.”


As testimony continued, it was revealed that Smith’s jail conversations were recorded while the sex offender was awaiting trial.

Smith was asked about Cherish, “if she had some butt on her.”“She had a lot for a white girl,” Smith was recorded saying.

The audio as well as a recording of Smith saying that 12- to 13-year-old girls were his target and that he wouldn’t mind running into a particular girl at Walmart were the last pieces of the state’s evidence presented to the jurors before the state rested its case Tuesday afternoon. After a short recess, the defense rested its case too without calling any witnesses.

“I don’t want to testify,” Smith, 61, told Judge Mallory Cooper.


No Bond For Khyree Swift, Police Still Looking For Third Suspect In Car Theft

(Clayton County, GA) – Authorities are still looking for a third suspect involved in a car theft that took place at a gas station in Clayton County.  Authorities say, a woman left her car running while she went into a Quick Trip to pay for her gas.

With freezing temperatures and icy conditions, she didn’t want to take her 4-year old (Arya) and 1-month old  (Ava) daughters inside. When she came out, her car and her children were gone.twokidshot-1024x500According to reports, while inside, a silver Honda full of people pulled up. Someone jumped  out, got inside her car and took off. The suspect shockingly put the children out on the street in the cold. It was 22-degrees that day.

Georgia State Police Chief Joe Spillane found the 4-year-old girl walking down the shoulder of the roadway near I-285 and Riverdale Road. The 1-month-old was later found in her car seat along South Fulton Parkway.

Photo: WSB-TV

Policed arrested 17-year old Khyree Swift and an unidentified 16-year old after the victims sister used the ‘Find my iPhone’ app to track down an iPad stolen with the vehicle. The stolen iPad was pinged to the home address of Swift on Pegg Road. Police also said they traced a phone call made from a stolen iPhone to that same address on Pegg Road.


The stolen SUV was ditched about 2 miles away from Swift’s house. The 16-year old claims that he along with Swift and another man were planning to steal the car, but Major Craig Hammer says neither one is admitting to being in the stolen vehicle. Furthermore swift says he was just trying to buy the electronics from the 16-year old.

They are charged with by theft by taking motor vehicle, kidnapping, cruelty to children, and theft by receiving stolen property. Swift made his first appearance Friday. He was denied bond. It is unclear if the juvenile appeared in court.

Police are still looking for that third suspect.


All The Money In The World: Real Life Story Of A Billionaire Who Wouldn’t Pay Ransom For Kidnapped Grandson

(SL) – It’s truly riveting. The story of a teenager kidnapped and held for ransom in 1973. But this wasn’t just any teenager. It was John Paul Getty III. At the time his Grandfather, John Paul Getty Sr. was the richest private citizen in the world.

An oil magnate and billionaire, one would think that when that day of July 10th, 1973 came and it was revealed that his 16-year old grandson was being held in the company of the mafia that rescuing him wouldn’t be a second thought.

But it was. And that thought would carry on for five months. All The Money In The World explores the true story of John Paul Getty III who grew up in Italy where his father, John Paul Getty Jnr, was working for the family oil business. John Paul Getty had made a fortune in the oil business and by 1966 was a certified billionaire.

But when Getty Jr. developed a drug addiction, Getty Sr. cut him and his children off.

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Keith Tharpe Set To Be Executed Later This Month As It’s Revealed Juror Who Used The N-Word Voted For Death Because He’s Black

(SL) – According to one of the jurors assigned to Keith Tharpe’s case, he’s a ‘n…..’. And after serving 26 years on death row, Tharpe’s attorney is hoping that racial bias will save his client’s life.

It was a grisly crime indeed. Keith Leroy Tharpe, now 59, was sentenced to death in 1991 just three months after he allegedly murdered his sister-in-law (Jacqueline Freeman) and kidnapped and raped his estranged wife.



11 Alive reports,  according to court documents, Tharpe repeatedly threatened his wife and her family after she left him. One September morning, as Freeman and Tharpe’s wife were on their way to work, the 59-year-old used his car to force his wife’s off the road. It was there he got out of the car and, armed with a shotgun, forced Freeman to the back of the vehicle where he shot her twice.

After shooting the 29-year-old and rolling her body into a ditch, he kidnapped and raped his estranged wife.

During the sentencing phase of the trial, a Jones County jury voted unanimously for the death penalty.


After several petitions from Tharpe, the Department of Corrections Commissioner Gregory Dozier finally set the execution date for Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. at the Jackson County Prison

But now,  word that  during an interview, a juror told attorneys that he believes black people can be divided into two categories — “good black folks” and “n—–s,” could reverse the ruling.

The juror, reportedly, told attorneys he thought of Freeman’s family as “nice black folks” and said if her family “had been the type Tharpe is, then picking between life or death for Tharpe wouldn’t have mattered as much,” according to the motion.

The juror claims that he voted for the death penalty based only on the evidence, but Tharpe’s attorney believes his views on race were tied to his decision.

“Death sentences cannot be based on racial bias on even the part of one juror,” Kammer said. “It really undermines the appearance of and reality of fairness in death sentencing.”

Tharpe’s attorney, Brian Kammer, is asking a judge to take another look at Tharpe’s case.

If executed, Tharpe will be the 48th inmate put to death by lethal injection in Georgia.