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Jewelry Designer Calls Out Kim Kardashian For Stealing Her Concept And Designs, Calls Kardashian Klan Frauds

(All Over, USA) – For the umpteenth time, a member of the Kardahian-Jenner clan has been called out for stealing another designer’s/artist’s work.  From KROMA and Jean Paul Gaultier to Vlada Haggerty and Destiney Bleu, between Kim, Kylie and Khloe they’ve been accused of stealing everything from sparkling bodysuits, lip kit logos and promos to camouflage pants, perfume bottles, makeup lines and palettes.  The list goes on and on.

Well now you can add Tanaya Henry to the list.  The jewelry designer is the latest in a long list of accuser to point the finger at a Kardashian for stealing her intellectual property/Lip Lace.502E9C9700000578-6169711-image-a-125_1536961714726Tanaya says she noticed the work on twitter and at first glance thought Kim was paying homage, admiring her work. She was shocked to find out that it wasn’t hers but that Kim had stolen her idea and her designs AND used her photographer  Marcus Hyde to shoot the latest ad for her new lipstick.

It is enough to make anyone go on an obstreperous rant, but Tanaya kept it relatively calm.  To spend years building a brand, a copyrighted brand at that, and have people with money to spend and not a creative bone to work with use their resources to just flat out steal your idea is…yeah…all bets are off.

Take a look:

And the biggest slap in the face is they don’t even try to hide it.




Lamar Odom Involved In Fight At Hooters

(Queens, NY) – Lamar Odom is safe after what could have been a potentially deadly encounter. TMZ Sports is reporting the former NBA star was leaving a Hooters restaurant in Queens, New York in the early hours of July 20th with a group of friends when an argument broke out with another group.

Witnesses claim one man from the other group pulled out a gun during the argument and fired multiple rounds into the air, but thankfully nobody was hit. The group then immediately fled the scene. The NYPD is actively looking for the person responsible for pulling the trigger. Odom is not being accused of any wrongdoing in the incident and has been working with police.

Odell Beckham Jr. Quiet On Alleged Video Of Him In Bed Next To Girl Lining Up Cocaine

(SL) – A video featuring an Odell Beckham lookalike has the internet buzzing. Whether or not it is in fact the Giants star or someone else or if the video is current is up for debate but if it is him, it’s not a good look.download-93In the short clip, Odell Beckham is seen laying in bed next to a pizza holding what appears to be a blunt or marijuana cigarette. Not too exciting right? The female next to him is what makes the video inappropriate and potentially costly for the baller. She’s holding a card and lining up a white substance that many think is cocaine. The wide receiver has been laying low in the off season while he reportedly attempts to negotiate a new deal.  Rumor has it that he’s hoping to up his pay to $20 million per year. He’s currently on a $8.5 million deal after New York picked up the fifth-year option on his rookie contract.

Beckham has been on a Nike-sponsored trip to Europe.  A Giants spokesperson says, “We’re aware of the video, but we don’t have any comment beyond that.”

Some say the NFL could step in with a suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. But…that’s assuming your assumptions are correct in that it’s him in the video and that it’s marijuana in the blunt like cigarette. To be continued…

Lamar Odom Was Tired Of The Kardashians, Threatened To Expose Them

(SL) – The irony of the Kardashians being by Lamar Odom’s side is heavy considering Kim seemed to be sickened by the thought of Khloe continuing to care about the former Laker’s well-being. And other family members repeatedly told her she deserved better. Subsequently, to see the TV family rally around the fallen hoops star is questionable to say the least. Will there be an episode in the upcoming season of Kardashians based on Lamar’s overdose? Of course there will.  In one way or another it will. The constant references and exploitation were clearly getting to Lamar as he expressed disgust and threatened to expose the family if they didn’t leave him and his likeness off of the show.

The NY Post reports, Odom, 35, and Khloe, 31, filed for divorce in 2013, but he remained an ­unwilling, off-screen character on the show. He reportedly begged his ­estranged wife to stop airing his phone calls and to stop using him as a plot point, but she refused.

“She would tell him, ‘You owe me this after you humiliated me by cheating with other women,’” a source told Radar.

It was reported that Odom became extremely upset last Sunday night after an episode aired in which Khloe once again humiliated her husband. Odom’s best friend had died of drug-related causes, and he’d called Khloe for consolation. She then self-servingly told the cameras that “I’m really on high alert for Lamar because anything, I think, will cause him to spiral and that’s really the last thing I want for him.”

Later in that same episode, Khloe said “my heart dropped to my stomach” when she heard that Odom might have shown up at one of her paid nightclub appearances. Her sister Kim told cameras that the idea of Khloe still talking to Odom “makes me sick.”

The Many Times The Kardashians Exploited Lamar Odom’s Troubles

(SL) – The latest out of Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center is that Lamar Odom is progressing after overdosing at a Nevada brothel. Another report claims that part of his troubles stemmed from constantly being exploited on soon to be ex-wife Khloe Kardashian’s family’s realty show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.

There have been times when Lamar Odom was left looking and sounding less than stable on the show; and whereas there’s no doubt that Khloe clearly loves and cares about Lamar, she also loves their TV show. Airing Odom’s dirty laundry never helped his situation at all.  Most of the world didn’t even know that Lamar Odom had bad habits until it was exposed on the Kardashians’ show.

Here are a few clips and an article by the NY Post that paints a less than pretty picture of clear exploitation:

As  the NY Post reports, before the Kardashians even made it to the hospital, there was no dignity here. Odom was found on Tuesday unconscious and face down in a Nevada brothel, choking on his own mucus, damage to his lungs from crack cocaine and track marks on his arms. He’d spent four days and $75,000 there, in a grim whorehouse that most closely resembles a Marriott.

By all accounts, Odom was extremely depressed and out of it, gorging on KFC and T-bone steaks, three at a time. He had to be transported to the nearest hospital by ambulance; he was too large to be airlifted.

Within hours of Odom’s hospitalization, Khloe, Kris and 7-months-pregnant Kim had hopped on a private plane. According to Radar Online, they had a camera crew in tow. (The 11th season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” filming now, premieres next month.) Caitlyn Jenner was en route.

“It’s a s- -t show,” an unnamed source said. “The Kardashians are trying to run everything. They walked into the hospital with cameras rolling. It was shocking, but hardly a surprise…They are all crying and pretending like they care.”

The Kardashians let it be known that they “dropped everything” when they heard of Odom’s collapse, as if this were a heroic response rather than a merely decent one. In Khloe’s case, she’d been on a lingerie shoot. In little sister Kylie’s case, she’d been on a Web stream. “I love you guys,” she tweeted. The next day, Kylie donned a tight strapless two-piece and went to the mall. Paparazzi just happened to be there.

Model sister Kendall was flying in from Shanghai Fashion Week. “Please don’t go,” she tweeted. Kim publicly canceled the baby shower she’d planned for this weekend, letting the world know, by the way, that she would have had a “Troop Beverly Hills” theme.