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Kate Spade’s Funeral Is Today In Kansas City

(Kansas City, MO) – A final goodbye for New York City fashion designer, Kate Spade, will be held today. A funeral service for Spade is set for this afternoon in her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Redemptorist Catholic Church.

The 55-year-old design icon took her own life at her Manhattan apartment on June 5th. She’s survived by her husband Andrew and their 13-year-old daughter Frances.

Kate Spade’s Sister Says Designer’s Depression Went Untreated For Years, Reports Of Divorce Added To Suffering

(New York, NY) — Kate Spade’s older sister says the designer’s depression went untreated for years. Reta Saffo told “The Kansas City Star” that Spade was “self-medicating with alcohol,” and resisted family efforts to get her into a hospital treatment program.

Saffo said the 55-year-old was concerned that such news would harm the “happy-go-lucky” Kate Spade brand. She said her sister was “fixated” on the 2014 suicide of comedian Robin Williams, who also took his own life by hanging. Spade’s housekeeper found the fashion mogul dead Tuesday in her Park Avenue Apartment bedroom, a scarf around her neck, hanging from a doorknob and suicide note by her side. Her husband and business partner Andrew Spade was apparently home when her body was discovered by a housekeeper.

kate-spade-andy-spadeAccording to a published report,  the suicide note mentioned her daughter. The “New York Post” says Spade urged her 13-year-old child, Frances Beatrix Spade, not to blame herself for her death.

Other reports claim that she committed suicide because her husband was seeking a divorce. TMZ cites law enforcement sources who say Spade was despondent and did not want her 24-year marriage to end. The report says Kate and Andrew Spade had separated, and he was living in a nearby apartment.

Actor David Spade payed tribute to his late sister-in-law. The actor shared a photo on Instagram of the two of them together and said he still cannot believe she is gone. He also encouraged everyone to hang on in the “rough world.”

She started her fashion brand with his brother/her husband Andrew in 1994.

Australian Model Ajak Deng Quits Modeling

(SL) – Her manager Stephen Bucknall said he struggles to book jobs for Deng in Australia, despite having starred overseas for Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino. She will also feature in 2016 campaigns for Givenchy and Marc Jacobs.

Deng, whose family fled South Sudan in 2005, was raised in Melbourne.
She made her runway debut for Chloé and walked for countless international designers in 2010.
Deng has also appeared in campaigns for the likes of Barneys New York, Gap, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, and Kate Spade.
She previously discussed racism in the fashion industry. She tweeted in 2014 that she was “kicked out of Balmain for being black,” adding, “I know a lot of black models would rather kiss someone’s ass than being honest but guessed what? I do not gaged [sic] a damn f*ck” before deleting her Twitter account.
Her shock announcement comes just one week after a successful New York Fashion Week schedule, featuring in some of the hottest shows of the season, from Zac Posen to Marc Jacobs.
Oddly enough, she’s going back to the same Continent that wouldn’t book her. I guess, however, it is home.