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Swimsuit Model So Starstruck With Kanye and Kim That She Doesn’t Mind No Pay Nor Permission For Photo Use

(SL) – It’s come to light that swimsuit model Sheniz Halil seemingly wasn’t paid for the use of her image on Kanye’s Album nor was she ever asked for permission to use her likeness.

The details came during a Twitter exchange Where she acknowledged that she had no idea her picture was being used. But shockingly, the London based model seemed to not care because of the awesomeness of it all.

Sheniz appeared to be even more excited by the issued like from Kim Kardashian after Halil posted the album art for Kanye’s new release T.L.O.P.. Just a little bit of advice Sheniz….get off the moon and get your coins! Do you think Kim K is going to allow someone to use her image for profit without asking or paying? C’Mon girl!




Kanye West Begs Mark Zuckerberg For $1 Billion Dollars

(SL) – Another day, another irrational string of tweets from Kanye West. After telling the world that he is $53 Million dollars in debt, West is now asking a man that he has probably ever met for a billion dollars.

If only it was a joke. Unfortunately, Kanye west is dead serious asking Zuckerberg to call him as soon as possible and asking his followers to tweet the Facebook founder to make it happen. He also solicited Google founder Larry Page for help. Page is reportedly worth 29.2 Billion dollars.

This is a far cry from someone who told Ray J the only difference between the two was that he was rich.

Kanye West Reveals $53 Million Dollar Debt

(SL) – If I didn’t know any better, I would think that Kanye West was having a mental breakdown right in front of us. His latest twitter rants have shown several ranges of emotion from bully and claiming to own someone’s child, arrogance, attacking Taylor Swift for disagreeing with his misogynistic lyrics about her in ‘Famous’ to weakness and disappointment in a certain blog site not supporting his clothes…accusing them of going too far, to dancing in the streets to candidly saying that we have no idea what he’s been through and that most of all he’s 53 million dollars in debt.

I don’t understand the debt considering that they are preparing to move into a 20 million dollar mansion. Kim has been living at her Mom’s house since she and Kanye got married while the house is being worked on. To say there seems to be a chemical imbalance puts it mildly.  Meanwhile, his wife and mother of his 2 children appears to just be keeping up with appearances.


While Yeezy is ranting and raving she’s trying to promote his appearances, clothes and album.  It’s indubitable that something is not quite right in Kanye’s head or is this just who he is? Either way it’s disconcerting and I’m convinced Ye might need some medication or a break.

Wiz and Amber Hangout After Drama Filled Week With Kanye

(SL) – Nice way to celebrate after collectively dragging Kanye West so hard Kim called Amber for a truce. Not only has Kanye apologized, but the title of his album still has yet to be confirmed. All this after the idea of labeling it ‘Waves’ spurred one of the most epic twitter battles in history that ended with one hashtag #fingersinthe*****a**bit** .


Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way and I think Kanye may make a strong effort to keep Amber Rose’s name off of his lips and twitter fingers from this point on.  He has had much to say about the former stripper he introduced to the world even while being married to Kim Kardashian, but Muva drew the line when Kanye tried to drag her and Wiz’s son into his ‘I am bigger than God’ rant.


Yeezus was reduced to pleezjus don’t say anything else. Lesson of the week…be careful what you say about those who know you intimately. Now…what everyone really wants to know is will Wiz and Amber get back together?