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Kent Bazemore Defends 3rd Qtr Contact With John Wall, “I’m Not A Dirty Player.”

(SL) – Everyone knows that Kent Bazemore goes hard. If he’s not lighting you up on offense expect him to be creating some problems on defense and on a good night…lookout for both. But during the season opener against the Wizards a little bit too much contact resulted in a little bit of scuffle between him and Wizards’ star John Wall. The call ended up being flagrant, but the Baze says it wasn’t intentional.

Watch the post game interview here:



Hawks And Wizards Tied In Season Series

(SL) – As the regular season approaches an end the Hawks and the Wizards will go head to head two more times with the series currently tied after Washington took the W Monday night at Philips Arena.DSC_5747117-102 was the final score but it didn’t seem like the Wizards would pull that far ahead until the 4th quarter.  ATlanta played well with Al Horford 1 assist and 1 rebound away from a triple double. He confirmed the last quarter wasn’t one of their best saying, “We just didn’t get good shots.  We have to give them credit defensively.  They did a good job there.” He went on to say that the Wizards were more aggressive in the second half.  Horford said, “They were all over us, a lot of pressure.  It’s something we’ll make some adjustments and hopefully be better come Wednesday.”DSC_5722Dennis Schroder wasn’t as effective off of the bench as he has been. He had 9 points, but 4 turnovers.  Tim Hardaway Jr., continues to make his presence felt though.  He was once again the 2nd highest scorer for the Hawks coming off the bench and hitting 16 and shooting 75% from the field.DSC_5798On the other side, John Wall was John Wall completely healthy and a force on the court.  He had 27 points and 14 rebounds while Bradley Beal pitched in 25 points.  Marcin Gortat was also a problem with Jeff Teague saying, “Gortat is probably the best screener in the league.  I’ve probably never seen anything like it.  They make contact.  He does his job very well.” As for Wednesday, Teague said they need to be more active on the defensive end, try to get around those screens and try to make it tougher on them.”  True indeed as the Wizards took 12 more shots (91-78) than the Hawks and shot 52% from the 3pt line. The Hawks and Wizards will go at it once again in D.C. Wednesday at 7pm inside the Verizon Center.