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John McCain Day Trending On Trump’s Birthday

(AP) – It’s President Donald Trump’s 73rd birthday, but some people are celebrating it by honoring John McCain on social media. Thousands of Twitter users are making #JohnMcCainDay the highest trending hashtag of the day.

The late Republican senator from Arizona was a harsh critic of Trump who still draws the President’s ire to this day. The executive producer of “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” Andy Lassner is getting credit for starting the trend with his tweet suggesting celebrating Donald Trump’s birthday by honoring an American hero with John McCain Day.

He added that it would mean a lot to a patriot like Donald Trump. So far, there has not been any response from President Trump

Meghan McCain Unloads On Trump

(New York, NY – AP) — Meghan McCain is unloading on President Trump after his weekend Twitter attacks on her late father. McCain is a co-host of ABC’s “The View” and said today that, unlike her dad, Trump will never be a great man.

She noted that John McCain was a solid family man and pointedly suggested that Trump spend more weekend time with his family. The younger McCain said Trump spent the weekend “obsessing” and insisted that he could “never live up to” her father. She also said John McCain is Trump’s “kryptonite.”

Trump tweeted that “last in his class” McCain sent a dossier about to the FBI and media hoping to have it published before the election. The Steele Dossier, as it’s known, contains unproven allegations of Russian collusion among other salacious claims.

Trump accused the Arizona Republican of working with the Democrats in an effort to discredit him. The President also blasted McCain for voting against the GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Graham Defending McCain From New Trump Attacks

(AP) – South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is defending the late Arizona Senator John McCain over new attacks from President Trump. On Twitter yesterday, Graham said McCain was devoted to this country, as “he stepped forward to risk his life for his country, served honorably under difficult circumstances and was one of the most consequential Senators in the history of the body.”

Graham added nothing will ever change that and McCain’s service will never be diminished. This comes after Trump took to Twitter to say “last in his class” McCain sent a dossier to the FBI and media hoping to have it published before the election. The Steele Dossier, as it’s known, contains unproven allegations of Russian collusion among other salacious claims.

Trump posted a quote from former independent counsel Ken Starr, calling the dossier a dark stain against John McCain. The President also blasted McCain for voting against the GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Former Presidents Barack Obama And George Bush Remember Senator John McCain

(Washington, DC) – Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush were on hand to pay their respects to political titan Senator John McCain at the late war hero’s behest.

McCain, orchestrating his final outing down to the exclusion of Donald Trump, made a specific request for both former Presidents to give a eulogy. Both said how much they valued McCain and how his positioning on certain issues and policies made them both better politicians.

McCain died a week ago at the age of 81.  Obama called McCain a man of deep principles and said the senator understood that “some principles transcend politics, that some values transcend party.”

McCain will be laid to rest Sunday at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.


Lawmakers React To McCain Cancer Announcement

(Phoenix, AZ-AP) — Politicians are reacting to the news that Senator John McCain will stop medical treatment for brain cancer. The Republican was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer last year. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called the news “very sad,” adding that “the entire McCain family are in our prayers at this incredibly difficult hour.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted: “My thoughts and prayers are with Senator McCain and his family.” Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said “John McCain is an American hero, always putting country before self.”

McCain Aides Say Senator Is Preparing For Funeral

(Phoenix, AZ) – Arizona Senator John McCain is reportedly planning for his funeral. “The New York Times” reports that the White House has been notified and Vice President Mike Pence is expected to attend. President Trump will not.

McCain is battling an aggressive form of brain cancer and is preparing the arrangements at Washington National Cathedral. He has disclosed that the memoir he is currently working on, “The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations,” will be his last.

Emma Gonzalez And Other Students At Anti-Gun Rally Call Trump Out For Being In Bed With The NRA And Call For Change… “He Wouldn’t Have Hurt That Many Students With A Knife”

(Parkland, Fl) – Police in South Florida say they have a confession from the suspected gunman in Wednesday’s school shooting that left 17 people dead. After being read his rights, Nikolas Cruz admitted he brought the AR-15 rifle to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and opened fire on students in the hallways and multiple classrooms.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel explained that Cruz was able to get away from the scene by ditching his gun and blending in with students who fleeing. Cruz has been charged with 17 counts of pre-meditated murder.

teenager-kills-at-least-17-after-opening-fire-at-a-florida-high-school-photosThe main question however, is how did Cruz have access to guns anyway? We could start with Donald Trump rolling back an Obama era order that called for the prevention of mental impaired individuals being able to purchase guns.

During an anti-gun rally today in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student  Emma Gonzalez called out Donald Trump for that very action. She also stated that she had one question for Trump, How much money has he received from the NRA? She already knew the answer.

Metro UK breaks it down like this, During his campaign to become President in 2016, Trump benefited from $21 million in NRA donations backing his candidacy.collageA reported $9.6 million went towards pro-Trump adverts and promotional material and another $12 million went on adverts attacking Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Other sources put that figure even higher, closer to $30 million. In return, Trump has spoken at several NRA events and pledged his loyalty to the group.

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Top Headlines: Marino Withdraws Name AS Drug Czar, Weinstein Challenges Firing Thousands Return Home After Cali Wildfires And Nuclear War Could Come Soon And More

(SL) – North Korea says nuclear war could break out at any moment during large-scale naval drills underway between the U.S. and South Korea.

The North’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations said Monday that the entire U.S. mainland is within range of North Korean nuclear weapons.

He also said that North Korea won’t use nuclear weapons as long as no one joins the U.S. in taking military action against his country.gettyimages-610637396President Trump’s nominee for the nation’s drug czar is withdrawing his name from consideration. Trump tweeted this morning that GOP Representative Tom Marino of Pennsylvania had informed him of the decision.

The move comes after a number of news organizations detailed his involvement in helping pass legislation that weakened the Drug Enforcement Administration’s authority to stop drug distributors.

Several lawmakers had also issued calls for Trump to find a different nominee. On Twitter, he called Marino “a fine man and a great Congressman!”
636437852433738445-AP17290011464424(Philadelphia, PA) – Senator John McCain has nothing good to say about people who want to abandon America’s leadership in the world. The Arizona Republican spoke after accepting the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal yesterday.

McCain said it’s unpatriotic to abandon America’s obligation to international leadership for what he called a half-baked, spurious nationalism.

Former Vice President Joe Biden presented his longtime Senate colleague with the award for his lifetime of sacrifice and service to the country.


(Santa Rosa, CA) — Thousands of people in Northern California are returning to their neighborhoods today after wildfires that killed at least 41 people tore through the region. Officials say they expect more deaths as recovery teams dig through the ashes of gutted homes. More than 80 people are missing. Firefighters are putting containment lines around the two biggest fires in wine country’s Napa and Sonoma counties. Strong winds have died down and fire officials say crews could fully contain the fires by Friday. California’s deadliest wildfires have burned more than 213-thousand acres and have destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.


694940094001_5591713589001_5591715842001-vs(New York, NY) – NFL players and owners will talk seriously about national anthem protests when they meet today in New York. Players, union reps and owners will discuss the polarizing topic before the regularly-scheduled fall league meeting.

The NFL and the Players’ Association issued a joint statement last week saying there has been no policy change requiring players to stand for the anthem.

That followed a memo to teams from Commissioner Roger Goodell saying the league would like players to stand. The athletes say the protests are about taking a stance against police brutality and racial inequality, not the military, flag, or anthem.

skynews-harvey-weinstein-accusers_4125551He’s been fired from his own company but disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein says he’s going to keep making movies — one way or another.

He’s challenging his dismissal from The Weinstein Company after he was accused of sexual offenses ranging from harassment to rape.

He’s going to attend a board of directors meeting by phone this morning in New York City to argue that his firing was illegal.

1016-tapatio-trapatio-1(Vernon, CA) – The company that makes Tapatio hot sauce is suing the makers of Trapatio pot sauce. Trapatio is a hot sauce infused with marijuana.

The company that makes it uses a logo similar to Tapatio’s Mexican cowboy who wears a yellow coat, red tie, and large sombrero.

Tapatio is seeking all the profits that Trapatio has already made.