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Iran Says It Won’t Negotiate With U.S. Over Nuclear Deal

(Tehran-AP) – Iran is accusing the U.S. of “economic terrorism.” Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted by official state news today saying Iran won’t agree to hold talks with the U.S. Zarif reportedly said, “Negotiations are never possible under duress,” and that “pressure and economic terrorism against Iran must stop and then we can talk.”

Zarif is scheduled to meet with France’s top diplomat today, and said the main problem for European countries in the Iran nuclear deal is how to handle the Trump administration’s exit from the agreement.

Rouhani: Iran Remains Committed To Deal

(Tehran) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says his country will remain in the 2015 nuclear deal if it can protect its interests. The deal, originally made between the U.S., Iran and five other world powers, offered sanctions relief in exchange for checks on Iran’s nuclear program.

President Trump pulled out of the deal this month, after months of calling it broken.

Rouhani said that Tehran will stay in if the remaining five nations, China, France, Germany, Russia and the U.K., stick to the agreement.