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IWillVote Gala Brings The Democratic Party’s Heavy Hitters To Atlanta


(Atlanta, GA) – The IWillVote Gala was back in Atlanta…and what an event by the Democratic National Committee.  Vice President Joe Biden took charge immediately by putting his support behind Women’s Rights and condemning Abortion Laws as certain states move to try and control what a woman does with her body.

Biden stressed once again that it’s time for us to restore American Politics and even the playing field when it comes to education and economic opportunities. He also touched on voter suppression, infrastructure and foreign interference. Uncle Joe had to leave out early because his Granddaughter is graduating.

But, attendees were further charged by Rev. Al Sharpton who didn’t bite his tongue when he challenged citizens (primarily black) to be more cognizant about voter interference plots aimed directly at them and to be blunt..being a complete waste of space as a human being. As Sharpton kept it real…  he encouraged people to brag less about their titles and material possessions and more about what they’re doing to help other people. Sharpton’s speech was so rousing, he received a standing ovation.

Afterwards, Sharpton mingled with an excited crowd that included Rev. Jesse Jackson, Representative Maxine Waters, DNC Chair Tom Perez, Representative Lucy McBath, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms and more.

The Honorable Stacey Abrams was the keynote speaker of the evening closing the Gala out with an impactful speech that focused on the influence Georgia’s population and underrepresented demographics have on elections.   She highlighted Georgia’s Latino, lack and illennial involvement and what that could mean heading into the 2020 election.

The Honorable Beto O’Rourke also laid out parts of his platform; but like Joe Biden he let it be known that regardless of who would be on the Democratic ticket, he would be supportive of the party and the movement.

The IWillVoteGala also featured DNC Chair Tom Perez, Sonya Halpern, Dekalb County CEO Michael Thurmond, Congresswoman Lucy McBath, DNC Assistant Treasurer Lorna Johnson and Vice Chair Michael Blake and DNC Associate Chair Jamie Harrison. Congressman John Lewis was slightly ill and didn’t make it.

The DNC launched IWillVote in 2018 as an unprecedented new campaign with four initiatives: Commit to Vote; Voter Registration; Voter Education and Protection; and Get-Out-The-Vote. Under the IWillVote program, the DNC, in partnership with state parties and organizations, reached over 50 million voters during the midterm elections to engage, educate, and mobilize them to vote for Democrats up and down the ticket.

The party is certainly in a strong position as we move toward 2020.


Seriously? Trump Walks Away From Infrastructure Talks, Refuses To Work With Dems Unless They Drop Investigations

(Washington, DC) — President Trump says he won’t negotiate with Democrats until they stop investigating him. Trump walked away from yesterday’s negotiations over the nation’s infrastructure.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer called the move “jaw-dropping,” and said he doubts Trump is serious about renovating the nation’s highways, bridges, airports and rails.

In a Capitol briefing with Schumer yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’s praying for the President. She also said that he was running a cover-up. In the statement, Pelosi slammed the President for blocking efforts by Congress to investigate the administration. She said Congress has a duty to look into the administration’s actions. She added that Trump “must honor the Constitution and the rule of law” by giving Congress the information it has requested.

In related news a couple of banks have already handed over Trump’s financial records to House Democrats.