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Fatuous and Uncouth: Nicki Minaj Is The Embodiment Of Ignorance

(SL) – Lil kim knockoff Nicki Minaj flexed her idiocy once again, over the weekend, as she made fun of a disabled woman in a wheelchair.  Of course, after falling under heavy scrutiny, she lashed out spewing drivel claiming the person is her friend and riding a scooter.No one believes that I’m sure.  Even if it is, her behavior is still imbecilic. And her fellow ninnies laughing along with her are just as vacuous as she is.  As most people do when they realize they are out of line, she defended her actions and then deleted the video.

However,  we were able to get the video before she removed it. She’s also a hypocrite.  Before she posted her video, Minaj had expressed displeasure with an image posted of the ill-created Bill Cosby Halloween costume and stated that her generation was desensitized.

I guess making fun of handicapped people is compassionate.

If only she could find her identity