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Two Houston Cops In Critical But Stable Condition

(Houston, TX-AP) — Houston’s police chief says two officers who were shot while attempting to serve a search warrant today are in critical but stable condition. Chief Art Acevedo said several officers immediately came under fire as they breached a home. Two other officers were shot and will remain at the hospital for 24 hours.

Two suspects were killed at the scene. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said it’s been a tough day for the city, and he told Houston residents for pray for the wounded officers and their loved one

Houston Man On Life Support After Woman Shoots Him In The Head On Facebook Live

(Houston, TX) – 26-year old Devyn Holmes is on life support after being shot in the head. Holmes, a father of one, was in a car with two other people Cadillac Coleman and Cassandra Damper when gunplay turned serious quick. And it all played out on Facebook live.

Social media has been fueling stupidity for some time now, but this incident rates at the top of when seeking attention goes wrong. In a matter of seconds, the three go from

talking to Damper grabbing a gun that’s sitting on top of the middle console. Devyn grabs her hand to try and prevent her from playing with the firearm. Telling Damper, “You’re making me nervous.”

The man in the backseat tells Holmes, “She ain’t got no clip, bud.” After he says that, Damper positions her hand on the trigger. Holmes asks, “Where you from again?” Damper points the gun at him and says, “Say something, b***h.”

The gun then goes off and Holmes is struck in the head. Reportedly, Damper and Coleman exited the car and ran off. He was shot around 2.30am in the parking lot of a Valero gas station in Houston.

Holmes is no stranger to gunplay. He’s photographed with a gun on his twitter page. But in a totally different light, there are several pictures and videos of his daughter. Ironically, another image from about 7 months ago shows a conversation between two people, one believed to be Holmes, and someone asking him if he’s okay because there were rumors that he had been shot.

Devin Holmes Twitter

According to Click2Houston, Damper was charged with tampering or fabricating of evidence after she tried to wipe gunshot residue from her hands.  A jury will decide if additional charges will be filed.




Texas A&M Reporter Courtney Roland Missing

(Houston, TX) – A search is underway for a Texas A&M football reporter who went missing after covering a Texas elite football camp in the Houston Heights area. Twenty-nine-year-old Courtney Roland works for AggieYell.com and was last seen around  leaving camp at 4:00 p.m in a UBER on Saturday.

A Facebook message posted by Roland’s family says she thought she was being followed by a man she’d seen in a Walgreens. courtney-e1515383130244Reportedly, she told her roommate that she was being followed by a suspicious man in a blue truck prior to her disappearance.

Roland arrived home from the camp, but was last heard from early Sunday when she arrived home from a Walgreens, according to KTRK-TV.

Roland’s roommate told Click 2 Houston that she received a text from Roland at around 12:30 a.m. Sunday. The text reportedly informed the roommate that Roland believed she was being followed and that she was in her driveway. The roommate said a man followed Roland to her home in the truck, circled back around, parked behind her in her driveway and sped away when Roland exited her vehicle.

The roommate told the station that they were supposed to meet up some time on Sunday, but she never heard back. Authorities are asking anyone with information to contact the Houston Police Department.