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Famed Director John Singleton Dead At 51

(Los Angeles, CA) – Reports have been conflicting since he suffered a massive stroke on April 17th, but now it appears the worst has been confirmed.  Legendary film director John Singleton has died.

Singleton checked himself into Cedars Sinai after returning from a trip to Costa Rica. He was experiencing problems with his legs and wasn’t feeling well.  He had a stroke in his hospital room.

Conflicting reports followed. Some said he was okay.  Others said he was in a coma and even after yesterday’s report that he was on life support and unresponsive, another report surfaced saying he was in a medically induced coma and that he was getting better by the day.  That obviously was not true.

The varying stories can most likely be attributed to the battle of his estate.  Allegedly, the family had been in a dispute over who should be granted conservatorship since he slipped into a coma.

Singleton made history after becoming the youngest person ever to be nominated for an Oscar, at the age of 24, for his film “Boyz In The Hood” He went on to direct projects of all genres including 2 Fast and Furious, Four Brothers and Black Snake Moan. He was also a producer on the highly acclaimed “Hustle and Flow”.

Most recently, his FX serious “Snowfall” was preparing for its third season.

Singleton has four children; Hadar Busia-SingletonCleopatra SingletonJustice Maya SingletonMaasai Mohandas Singleton

Report: Director John Singleton In Coma After Stroke

(Los Angeles, CA) — Oscar-nominated director John Singleton’s condition is worse than first reported. Early reports said he had suffered from a stroke but was doing okay.

Now, it’s being said that he is in fact in a coma after suffering a stroke last week. Legal documents filed by his mom say Singleton suffered a major stroke and is unable to provide for his personal or physical needs. She wants conservatorship.  She says Singleton was on the brink of a major settlement before he had a stroke.  She wants the legal right to finish the deal and take over his responsibilities.

The 51-year-old “Boyz N the Hood” director checked himself into a Los Angeles hospital last week after having leg problems. He suffered the stroke while in the hospital.