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Pelosi: No More Shutdowns

(Washington, DC-AP) — Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says any threat of another government shutdown should be “taken off the table” in budget talks. Talking with reporters at the Capitol today, Pelosi cited enormous impacts from the 35-day partial government shutdown that ended late last week.

A short-term spending extension expires on February 15th and congressional negotiators are trying to find consensus for a long-term spending bill.

Cardi B Says Trump Supporters Should Work Without Pay During Government Shutdown, Puts Tomi Lahren In Her Place

(SL) – Tomi Lahren is famous for pretty much trolling anybody and everything especially where it relates to Donald Trump.  But, she picked the right one when she tried to pick a fight with Cardi B after the award winning rapper said Trump supporters should work for free amid the government shutdown.

Trump addressed the nation proposing that he would protect some of the Dreamers in exchange for $5.7 billion dollars to build his wall.

Subsequently, Cardi B posted..”All you Trump supporters should work for free while the government is shut down to show your support.”

Staunch Trump supporter Tomi Lahren thought it would be cute to poke Cardi tweeting “Looks like @iamcardib is the latest genius political mind to endorse the Democrats. HA! Keep it up, guys!

But Cardi shut her down with two sentences of her own. “Leave me alone. I will dog walk you.”

Lahren got the message because she deleted her tweet moments later. Stay on the porch if you can’t run with the big dogs Tomi!


Democratic Lawmakers Make Cardi B Video Go Viral

(AP) – A few Democratic senators are making Cardi B’s rant about President Trump’s government shutdown go viral. The rapper said in an Instagram video yesterday that she feels that the country is in a “hellhole” just because of a wall. She also said she feels bad for all of the government workers who are on furlough.

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz wrote on Twitter that he was deciding whether or not to retweet the video, and Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy wrote back that he was having the same argument. Schatz encouraged him to share it, but to specify that retweets do not equal endorsements. New York Senator Chuck Schumer then chimed in to ask whether they were going to retweet the video or not. Afterward, Cardi B sent out a tweet asking why she was trending.

Over 5 million people have watched the video.

Georgia Senator Worries Shutdown Could Threaten Super Bowl

(Washington, DC-AP) — A Georgia senator is getting worried the partial government shutdown entering its 27th day could threaten the Super Bowl. Republican Johnny Isakson pointed out the biggest tourism event in the world this year is coming to Atlanta. He wondered what would happen if the largest airport in the world goes out of business because of TSA strikes. TSA officials are reporting that the number of its employees calling in sick has doubled over the same time last year.

Most TSA employees make less than 30-thousand dollars a year and are struggling to pay bills while they continue to work without getting paid. Isakson said he walked through Atlanta’s airport and a number of TSA employees recognized him and approached him. He said, “We’re just doing the wrong thing, punishing the wrong people, and it’s not right.”

Prison Guards Working Double Shifts Without Pay During Shutdown

(Washington, DC) — An increasing number of federal prison guards are calling in sick to protest the partial government shutdown or to work side jobs for some income. The Washington Post reports it has led to some prison guards working double shifts without knowing when they will get paid.

There are 36-thousand federal prison guards and because they are deemed essential they are being asked to continue working without pay during the shutdown.

The Post contacted union officials for ten federal prisons and they claim that the number of guards not showing up for work has doubled since the shutdown began on December 22nd.

Employees Affected By Shutdown Won’t Get Paychecks Today

(Washington, DC) — Today is no-pay-day for hundreds of thousands of federal employees. About 800-thousand government workers are furloughed or working without pay as the partial government shutdown drags into a 21st day.

There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight as President Trump and congressional Democrats remain dug in over border security. The shutdown was prompted by President Trump’s demand for more than five and-a-half billion dollars to begin building a wall on the southern border.

U.S. Senator Schumer Discusses Impact Of Shutdown For NY

(New York, NY-AP) — U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York is discussing how the partial government shutdown is impacting the state. Among the agencies affected are the MTA, TSA workers at area airports, IRS employees and workers with the food stamp program.

Democrat Schumer spoke at a breakfast this morning held by the Association for a Better New York, where he discussed the ongoing budget negotiations. He said giving in to demands over funding for a border wall would be encouraging the president’s worst instincts.

Trump: Shutdown Odds Very Good

(Washington, DC-AP) – President Trump says the odds for a partial government shutdown are “probably very good.” Trump told reporters at the White House today Democrats are to blame if a bill that would fund the government goes down in flames in the Senate.

The funding bill the House passed last night includes more than five-billion dollars for a wall. But the measure was dead on arrival in the Senate, where it takes 60 votes to approve funding bills. There are only 51 Senate Republicans and all 49 Democrats oppose to the House bill. If an agreement isn’t reached soon, parts of the federal government will close at midnight.

Top Dems Rip Trump After White House Meeting

(Washington, DC-AP) — Top Democrats are ripping President Trump for threatening to shut down the government in a dispute over a massive border wall. After a meeting with Trump at the White House today, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer accused Trump of throwing a temper tantrum. He said a shutdown is harmful and completely unnecessary. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi argued that a wall is not needed to boost border security. She said a “Trump shutdown” would be a lousy Christmas present for Americans.

The government runs out of money on December 21st. Trump is insisting on several billion dollars for a border wall in a funding extension bill.

As The Government Is Set To Run Out Of Money In A Week, Paul Ryan Says They Still Want To Build Border Wall

(Washington, DC-AP) — Outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan says the Republican-led House is ready to authorize several billion dollars for a massive border wall. Talking with reporters yesterday, Ryan said the question is whether the Senate will follow suit.

He argued that border security should not be a Republican or Democratic issue. The government runs out of money on December 7th and President Trump is demanding five-billion dollars for a border wall in any funding bill.

In the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly vowed that Mexico would pay for the border wall. Speaker Ryan is retiring at year’s end and Democrats will control the House starting in January.