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FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Customer At Bar

(Denver, CO) – Denver police say an FBI agent accidentally shot a person in the leg while dancing at a bar. The off-duty agent was reportedly dancing early Saturday when his gun fell out of his holster.

It went off when he went to retrieve it, striking the other customer, who was taken to the hospital in good condition. The agent was taken to police headquarters before being released to his FBI supervisor. No charges have yet been filed and the FBI has declined to comment.


Trump Asks Judge To Block Feds From Reviewing Cohen Raid Documents

(Washington, DC) – President Trump’s lawyers are going before a judge to try to block federal prosecutors from reviewing documents seized in a raid on his lawyer’s office.

The lawyers posited that the Justice Department can’t fairly evaluate the materials seized from Michael Cohen’s office and home.

In a letter to the judge, the lawyers asked that Trump and Cohen be allowed to identify privileged communications before a extensive review.

Comey Interview: Trump Asked Him To Disprove Dossier Allegations

(New York City, NY) – Former FBI director James Comey says President Trump asked him to investigate salacious allegations made against him in the so-called Steele Dossier. Comey writes about working in the Trump White House in a new book that comes out Tuesday, called “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership.” Comey talked about the book in an interview to air Sunday on “20/20,” and said Trump was fixated on the 35-page document compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

The “dossier” allegedly contains potentially damaging information on Trump, including detailed accounts about prostitutes in Moscow. Comey says Trump told him he might have to investigate the dossier to prove the claims didn’t happen, and said it would terrible if his wife Melania thought it was true. Trump hit back at Comey on Twitter this morning, calling him a “weak and untruthful slime ball.” He said it was a great honor to have fired Comey.

U.S. Justice Department Indicts Seven People As It Seizes Backpage.com

(Washington, DC) – The Justice Department announced multiple indictments in the seizure of Backpage.com. Four Valley residents are charged in the 93-count indictment, including founders Michael Lacey and James Larkin, Scott Spear, and John “Jed” Brunst.

Three Texans are also charged. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says Backpage.com was the dominant marketplace for illicit commercial sex, a place where sex traffickers frequently advertised children and adults.

Atlanta Hit With Cyber Attack Demanding Ransom For File Access

(Atlanta, GA) – Officials in Atlanta say the city’s computer systems are under a cyber attack where a ransom is being demanded for access to files. The attack is reportedly holding up internal systems using ransomware and has caused outages on several computer systems. Thursday, a ransom note was discovered demanding payment in the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

The letter details that all files have been encrypted and require a key to regain access. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Microsoft and Cisco Security are working to resolve the matter. It’s still unclear if any personal information has been compromised as part of the attack.

Clapper: No Question Russia Tried To Sway Election

(SL) – Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper believes “there are other shoes to drop” following the indictment of more than a dozen Russians for meddling in the 2016 election.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Clapper said information could come out later about the direct involvement of the Russian government, or the financial entanglements between Russia and the Trump organization. He said those are issues the special counsel on the Russia investigation could be looking at.

Clapper said there’s no question the Russians were trying to sway the election and that they were trying to sow discord and discontent in the country, as well as hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign and support the Trump campaign. He added that President Trump has failed to speak on what needs to be done to address the Russia threat.

U.S. Grand Jury Indicts 13 Russians For Election-Related Fraud

(Washington, DC) — Thirteen Russian nationals are being indicted for election-related fraud in the 2016 presidential campaign. In a Justice Department news briefing today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the defendants waged “information warfare” in the U.S. Rosenstein stressed there is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election. But the effort was definitely there. With damaging releases aimed to tarnish Hillary Clinton’s chances.

Rosenstein said Russians violated U.S. laws to interfere with the American political process.

He noted that the Russians recruited Americans to stage rallies but said the Americans were not aware of the Moscow connection.

A Politico article by Cristiano Lima says,  Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office on Friday unveiled an indictment against 13 Russian nationals and three foreign entities on charges relating to the 2016 election meddling.

The indictment, which includes conspiracy to defraud the United States and aggravated identity theft, depicts an elaborate web of initiatives aimed at influencing the presidential race.

Here is a look at some of the most startling findings from the Department of Justice announcement.trump-russia-interactiveRussians paid Trump rally-goers to simulate Clinton jailing

According to the document, the Russian nationals and their associates paid people attending pro-Donald Trump rallies in Florida to carry out numerous “tasks,” including asking one to construct a cage at an event and another to dress up as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton behind bars.

“Defendants and their co-conspirators asked one U.S. person to build a cage on a flatbed truck and another U.S. person to wear a costume portraying Clinton in a prison uniform,” the indictment read.

Calls for Clinton to be jailed were persistent at Trump rallies throughout 2016, with crowds often breaking out into chants of “Lock her up!” In local reports from 2016 rallies in Florida, rally-goers can be seen staging Clinton displays with caged mannequins.

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FBI Documents: Wife Of Pulse Shooter Knew Of Attack Beforehand

(Orlando, FL) — Newly released documents show the wife of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen knew he was going to conduct an attack.Pulse-Nightclub-Shooting-Victims-Collage-Nightclub-Terror-Orlando-Nightclub-Massacre_1466101388686_7128563_ver1.0_1280_720In a written statement to the FBI, Noor Salman said she knew when her husband left their house carrying a bag full of ammunition and his gun, that he was “going to Orlando to attack the Pulse nightclub.”

Salman is charged with providing material support to a terror organization and obstruction of justice. Despite the statement, Salman has pled not guilty, and her trial is scheduled to begin in March.

Omar Mateen killed 49 people and injured 50 others when he opened fire in the nightclub almost two years ago.

FBI Updates NY Terror Probe While Trump Calls For Death Penalty

(SL) – Federal officials say they found a man wanted for questioning in connection with the New York City terror attack. During a briefing Wednesday the FBI didn’t elaborate on the man, who like the suspect, Sayfullo Saipov is from Uzbekistan. Nor did the FBI say whether the man has given them information.

CBS News says it heard from a high-ranking official that the man is a friend of Saipov and may not have a role at all in the attack. Saipov is accused of plowing his truck into pedestrians and cyclists on a Manhattan bike path Tuesday, killing eight people.


Federal prosecutors filed terrorism charges against Saipov yesterday. CBS News says he was known to the FBI because his name came up in previous counter-terrorism investigations. An intelligence source says Saipov had contact with individuals who were considered radicalized extremists, including one from Uzbekistan.

In the meantime, President Trump is repeating his calls for the suspect in the New York Halloween terror attack to be put to death. Trump took to Twitter this morning and once again posted “DEATH PENALTY!” in all caps.

He wrote that he’d love to send the suspect, an Uzbek immigrant, to Guantanamo Bay, but that course of action would take too long. He added that it’s probably appropriate to keep him in New York, where he’s accused of killing eight people with a truck and injuring around a dozen others.

The suspect is facing federal terrorism charges. Prosecutors said he left a note at the scene that had Arabic phrases that are frequently associated with ISIS.

Canadian Among Three Arrested In ISIS-Inspired Terror Plot Against NYC

(SL) – Three men are accused of plotting an ISIS-inspired terror attack against several New York City targets. Federal authorities believe the men wanted to bomb or shoot up Times Square, the subway system, or concert venues around the holiday of Ramadan.

The FBI and NYPD took down the operation last summer, but the details are just being revealed. Authorities say a 19-year-old Canadian already pleaded guilty after buying bomb-making materials and traveling to the U.S. to get ready. A U.S. citizen from Pakistan and a Philippines man are also in custody and awaiting extradition.

The Canadian was captured in New Jersey well over a year ago. Officials say the suspects used a messaging app on their phones, not knowing that they were talking to an undercover agent