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House Wants To Grill Zuckerberg On Facebook Medical Privacy

(Washington, DC-AP) — A House committee wants to grill Mark Zuckerberg about a complaint that Facebook is harvesting users’ medical information. The issue first surfaced in July, when a private Facebook group for women with a specific gene mutation learned that their sensitive information could be downloaded in bulk.

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce says it wants to know if Facebook failed to properly notify group members that their personal health information may have been accessed by health insurance companies and “online bullies.”

Vietnam Men Eat Monkey On Facebook Live

(Hanoi-AP) — Half a dozen men are under arrest in Vietnam after eating an endangered monkey on Facebook Live. Police say the six men in their 30s recorded themselves eating a rare langur monkey and streaming it on Facebook last month. Authorities finally identified and arrested the men on Thursday.

They’re accused of violating regulations on protecting endangered animals and have reportedly confessed. The consumption of endangered species is widespread in Vietnam as many still believe in the healing properties of the animals’ body parts.

Clout Chasing: Death Of Rapper XXXTentacion Is Another Example Of How Social Media Brings Out The Lame In People

(SL) – When the death of 20-year old XXXTentacion was reported, fingers were immediately pointed at different potential suspects that could’ve had something to do with the young rapper’s murder.

Soldier Kidd (Left), XXXTentacion (Center) and Soldier JoJo (Right)

While one of the accused, Soldier Kidd, was quick to deny any involvement in the shooting death of rap music’s next big star, one particular individual couldn’t bear the thought of someone getting recognition for something ‘his crew did’. So much so, that the man took to social media to post a video claiming responsibility for the latest tragedy to shock the culture.

The idea of not being attached to the mass attention encircling the murderous event emboldened this individual so much that he implicated himself, putting his freedom and life on the line to secure credit for the egregious act.


In one of the most ignorant posts I’ve ever seen, the young man, draped in a ridiculous red wrap, aggressively claims it was him and his crew who murdered the 2017 Member of XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class and questioned the audacity of anyone else to identify himself/themselves as the shooter. The below image featuring Soldier Kidd and Soldier JoJo and a red mask (part of the suspect’s description) is what made people originally suspicious of the duo. But the guy in red wasn’t about to let that thought linger for too long.

The red mask featured in the Instagram post made XXXTentacion fans suspicious as the suspect was described as wearing a red mask. 

Saying defiantly and I quote, “And you bit**-*ss boys claiming this body. Y’all know y’all ain’t do that sh** man. Real talk, y’all know who did that sh** man. Y’all need to stop lying on bodies. Y’all know we did that sh**, man.”

The idiot went on to implicate himself in even more crimes including other murders, robberies and felony type behavior that will earn him a one-way ticket to death row.  And for what????? Clout. Attention. Likes.

Then, there’s the unknown rapper out of Georgia who literally edited a post to make it look as if he knew beforehand that XXXtentacion was going to get shot the day before he was murdered.

Georgia Rapper edits posts to project shooting of chart ranking rapper XXXTentacion

A few people saw the post for what it was but not before it was shared over 20,000 times.


Edit history shows the content of the original post was changed two hours after news of XXXTentacion’s murder 

And for what??? Clout. Attention. Likes. Then there was another wannabe rapper Yung Mac who posted “200 likes and I’ll upload the video of XXXTentacion saying he is not dead.” He included a little promo for himself in the process.

FRAUD: Georgia man claims to have false video of XXXTentacion saying he isn’t dead following rapper’s murder.

I don’t know which is wore the blatant attempt to mislead some of XXXTentacion’s fans into thinking that he wasn’t really dead or the almost 200 people that actually liked the foolishness.

CBS News with the help of Manhattan based clinical psychologist, relationship expert and social media guru Joseph Cilona took a look at what your facebook posts say about you noting that..


… you share viral content that everyone’s buzzing about.

“These individuals are often extremely concerned with attention and social validation. They are likely to be less interested in the actual content itself, and more interested in having an audience and how the audience receives and responds to the information,” Cilona says. “These kinds of needs and issues are similar to those who are attracted to becoming performers of some sort to gain the interest and captivate attention of an audience.”

You have a poor self-image if…

… you constantly post about how awesome, cool or fabulous you are.

“The irony with excessive status-seeking, self-aggrandizing posting [such as if you went to a fabulous party or had a blast at a particular event] is that it is a very strong indication of poor self-image, low self-confidence and an excessive need for approval, validation and recognition from others,” Cilona says. “There is often a dependence on outside approval to maintain a positive self-image and worth.”

This kind of posting pattern is also associated with narcissistic tendencies, including superficial relationships, lack of substance and manipulation, Cilona adds.

These observations can also be true if you’re a constant name-dropper.

You’re bored, lame or both if…

… you constantly update your Facebook profile with mindless things like stuff you watched on TV or what you ate today.

“Frequent and primarily banal updates can indicate a need for distraction from boredom, unpleasant tasks, or troublesome feelings and thoughts. This kind of behavior can also indicate a need for attention and validation combined with a more passive and introverted personality,” explains Cilona. “It’s also important to remember the obvious: someone whose updates consistently lack substance might simply be below average in creativity, originality and intelligence.”



Alabama Musician’s Facebook Post Loses Him Gigs

(Birmingham, AL) – A Birmingham musician’s shows have been canceled as a result of an offensive political Facebook post. This week, Phillip McCain posted that he would volunteer to shoot immigrants and didn’t care about their kids or their lives.

The posts have been pulled but the screenshots are still available online. McCain told AL.com that he’s been kicked out of his band and lost solo gigs as a result of him voicing his opinion.

“I’ll tell ya what I’ll volunteer to shoot their a**es when they approach the border. Problem solved. No more illegal f***ks coming in here. Period,” the original Facebook post stated.

“I don’t give a s**t about them, their kids, their s****y life or asylum. I care about American kids and American families. You’ve got to be a complete idiot to not get it, but then again we are talking about the libtard agenda. Liberalism is a mental disorder and I’m d**n sure glad that I’m not dumb s**t.”

Facebook Use Grew Despite Scandal

(Menlo Park, CA) – A privacy scandal at Facebook hasn’t seemed to hurt the company. The social media giant made headlines this year when it was revealed that data firm Cambridge Analytica had improperly harvested data from 87 million users in the run up to the 2016 election.

Goldman Sachs reports that despite that, the number of Facebook users in the U.S. actually increased 7 percent over the past 12 months, and users are spending more time on the platform. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to appear before EU lawmakers this week to answer questions about privacy and fake news.

Parkland Suspect Getting Fan Mail

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) – Accused Parkland, Florida mass murderer Nikolas Cruz is getting a lot of fan mail at the Broward County Jail. Some of it includes love letters complete with suggestive pictures.

Facebook communities have also popped up for people to talk about how they can help the man accused of gunning down 17 people February 14th at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Cruz has reportedly received at least 800-dollars for his prison commissary account.

A few of the notes are religious in nature with concern for Cruz’s soul. Cruz hasn’t seen any of the sexually-charged photos as it is against jail policy.

Accused School Shooter’s Brother Returning To Court While He Receives Fan Mail

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) — The brother of the accused Parkland, Florida high school shooter is due back in court today. Zachary Cruz was arrested on March 19th for trespassing after Broward County Sheriff’s deputies found him skateboarding on the same campus where Nikolas Cruz is accused of murdering 17 people.

Zachary’s attorney will be seeking to reduce his bond, which was increased from the original 25-dollars to 500-thousand-dollars. If convicted of trespassing, Cruz faces up to 60 days in jail and a fine of 500-dollars.

Meanwhile Nikolas, reportedly, is getting a lot of fan mail at the Broward County Jail. Some of it includes love letters complete with suggestive pictures. Facebook communities have also popped up for people to talk about how they can help the man accused of gunning down 17 people

With A Complete Invasion Of Privacy And Security Breach, Facebook Is The New Big Brother

(SL) – I wanted to look into this Facebook debacle and I must say it is alarming. What they think they know about you, how they are always tapped into your system knowing your whereabouts, monitoring your internet activity and then selling that info to others parties. It’s disturbing.

I never use my location status on my phone. I’ve never participated in any surveys, played any games or spent any money on FB and they have still tried to present a picture of my life that includes heavy travel (which by the way.. you can see they pointed out that I was gone two weeks ago). It has also dubbed me as a heavy liberal and a person who is close friends with EXPATS!29570456_1877930482230669_7942633801249225602_nI know people that travel abroad of course….but I don’t know anyone living abroad…or on foreign/international assignments.

This is just scratching the surface…They keep record of EVERYTHING you’ve ever done on here including your inbox messages, likes. Searches etc..You can download your whole file. Might take a day or two for them to get all your info together…but it’s there. AND if accessible, your friends can take your info with them to other apps.29541303_1877930455564005_8369841470244868624_nGo to: Settings and hit Download a copy of your FB data

Also go to: Settings, Ads (I’ve never interacted with advertisers on FB but it has a whole list of who they THINK I’ve interacted with)

And go to: Settings, Apps

You can restrict some of the access.

Facebook: We’re Not Secretly Recording Call Data

(Menlo Park, CA) — Facebook says it collects call and text message data from Android phones only from people who have given the company permission. A report in “Ars Technica” suggested the social media giant had been collecting information secretly.

The company, already under fire over revelations the data firm Cambridge Analytica improperly obtained info from millions of users, denied the report.