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Every #MeToo Story Needs To Be Individualized

(SL) – I think for the bulk of the population the sexual harassment allegations have been pretty exhausting. Mostly, in part, because not all of them are with merit. If you examine some of these stories carefully, you’ll find that some of these women simply sold themselves short in an effort to get ahead or for personal satisfaction, over exaggerated a man’s attempt to make a pass at her or simply just lied.salma-hayek-on-harvey-weinsteinI have no doubt that Harvey Weinstein has had some questionable behavior but when Salma Hayek voiced her disgust and accused him of forcing her into a lesbian love scene for ‘Frida’ it really made me think about just how many women possibly played themselves with this man to get what they want. Reading Salma’s story, I never once read ‘he held me down and forced me to engage in this behavior on screen’.

I read accusations that claimed the only way she could get the movie made was if she ‘added’ the lesbian scene which at any given time she could’ve said ‘ no thanks’. BUT she was so eager to complete the project that she added the scene. Fast forward, and now years later, she wants to say ‘He forced me to do it’. NO, he didn’t. You agreed to add the scene to get your movie made. russell-simmonsI’ve also been paying attention to the accusations made against Russell Simmons. Keri Claussen Khaligi said she ‘acquiesced’ and performed oral sex on him. That is not rape.

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Tori Kelly Hits The Georgia Dome And Surprises Fan In Florida

(Atlanta, Ga) – The last few days for Tori Kelly have been that of pop star dreams and fantasy wishes! The

Tori Kelly performs at halftime on ESPN during the Atlanta Falcons – Philadelphia Eagles season kickoff game.

‘Should hhave been’ singer helped ESPN and the NFL kick off the 2015-2016 season by singing the National Anthem at the Atlanta Falcons’ season opener Monday night. Afterwards, Kelly hit the road to surprise a fan in Gainesville, Florida – Jamal Davis, who needed a heart.

“This is Jamal. He found out this summer that his heart was failing him, and he would need a transplant,” Kelly writes, captioning the emotional clip (below). “The people from the hospital reached out to me and said that Jamal was a fan of my music, and he would fall asleep listening to my album every night.” Needless to say, the song takes on a bigger, more life-affirming meaning.

She continues, “They also told me that Jamal loved to sing, as well. Ever since I found out, I’ve been trying to get to Gainesville to visit him. I’m so happy it finally worked out. I got to surprise Jamal at the studio (where he was working on his EP), and we did this impromptu version of ‘City Dove’ together.

Praise God that he successfully got a new heart, and he’s out of the hospital! Seeing that huge smile of his light up the entire room was so incredible. I hope it makes you smile today like it made me.”

The Falcons Look Fast And Furious In Season Opener

Rookie RB Tevin Coleman rushed for 80 yards in his official NFL debut.

(ATLANTA, Ga) — It was a physical one at the Dome between the 1st place NFC Division Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles as the NFL jumped off the 2015 -2016 season!

Falcons new head coach, Dan Quinn put it best, post game for the press when he basically broke down the process of ‘gettin’ after it’ (one of his catchphrases) and how it all came down to executing and well….getting after it!
Under the proud eyes of Owner, Arthur Blank, Quinn talked about timely defense and WR Julio Jones, who, along with franchise quarterback Matt Ryan came alive again under Kyle Shanahan’s new offense.
As reported by ESPN, Jones gave everyone their money’s worth, including team owner Arthur Blank. The two-time Pro Bowl receiver was everything the Atlanta Falcons hoped he would be in the season-opening victory against the Eagles. Jones was on another level Monday night, dominating the field and displaying his game-changing ability.

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