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What Kind Of World Do We Live In When Adults Are Critical Of A 5-Year Old Child?

(SL)- When you’re successful, known all over the world and collectively worth over a billion dollars hate, envy and jealousy are expected. But when those emotions trickle down to your innocent 5-year old child, what does that really say about the world we live in?

Beyonce and Jay Z are two of the most loved and hated entertainers on the planet, but one thing that separates them from the criticism projected towards other performers is  the plethora of ridicule aimed at their little girl.

4119BEB100000578-4571406-Nurse_Blue_The_couple_are_said_to_have_splashed_out_a_thousand_d-a-69_1496607453520Since birth, Blu Ivy has been criticized for just about everything except the presidential election. And it hasn’t stopped. What amazes me is that when Blu she was born Beyonce received heavy criticism for not showing her face and sharing her full image with the world.  But as soon as she did, the hate began. I see why Michael Jackson used to cover his kids faces with masks when they went out.

I was shocked to see the criticism levied towards the young beauty following her latest dance recital. Sometimes, I hit the comment sections on blogs just to see where people’s heads are. And it appears that a lot of them are still stuck on bullying and judging this innocent baby girl. Comments like why can’t she follow directions? Why isn’t her hair up? See them below..

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She can’t dance or follow directions stealing the show more like ruining it for all the other little girls. Why was her hair allowed to be long and stringy while all the other girls wore those pulled back. Looks like the dance teacher let Beyonce’s kid do what ever she wanted. She looks lost.


That’s right, teach her young how she doesn’t have to follow rules.

Why are they wearing tutus like traditional ballerinas, when they jazz dancing? Why doesn’t Blue Ivy have her hair pulled back in the traditional ballerina bun? Seems odd

Because she isn’t raised to be traditional


looks like her obnoxious “parents” have created a narcissist. Big surprise there, said no one ever.

The child would look less sloppy if her hair was in a ballerina bun like the rest.

Usually the rule is the girl’s hair must be pulled back, why is hers all over like this. They will do anything to make her stand out

Anyone noticed they put Ivy center

She comes off as so spoiled.


As a mom of two dancers, you pick your battles regarding hair and outfits during practice, but at recital time you must respect your instructor’s direction. It is distracting and diva-like behavior to have her stand out like that. Very tacky!

Looks more like a spoiled child to me. And for the record, it is not ballet just because they’re wearing tutu’s!!!

The little girl second on the right has the real talent.


REALLY? How pathetic and insignificant is one’s life when you have to criticize a 5-year old child? It’s amazing to me and disheartening to know that some people are wired this way. How can one hold such animosity towards a child? A child or parents that they’ve never met. And again…..A CHILD. Sad.