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Browns Parting Ways With Josh ‘Flash’ Gordon

(Cleveland, OH) – Substance abuse problems for Pro Bowl wide receiver Josh Gordon have reached fever pitch with the Cleveland Browns.  The organization has announced that it plans on releasing Gordon following a patch of troubles that proved to be costly for the talented football player.

It’s being reported that Gordon will miss tomorrow’s game in New Orleans due to a hamstring injury.  But many think that it’s internal issues that will sideline Gordon. Josh seemed to be doing better around this time last year when he talked about his struggles with drug abuse in a 13-minute documentary.  He had completed a 90 day stint in rehab and seemed to be getting back on track.
But drug use has been constant in Gordon’s life and he detailed the list which includes, outside of alcohol and marijuana, codeine, cough syrup, methazine and cocaine. He spent the majority of the time denying his substance abuse problems since being picked up by the Browns in 2012.
In 2013, he was suspended for two games after testing positive for codeine.  In 2014, he missed 10 games after getting a DUI. In 2015, he was benched indefinitely for violating the NFL’s drug police. He was reinstated in 2017. And 2018 would’ve been his first full season back with many wondering if he would stay sober this time around.  I guess the Browns didn’t want to wait and find out. They finally ended their relationship with Gordon for good.
Photo by Scott R. Galvin

Human Trafficking: Atlanta Mom Buys Her Missing Teenager After Seeing Her Advertised On A Backpage Ad For Sex

(SL) – The sex trafficking problem rears its ugly head daily in Atlanta, GA. Kubiiki Pride is sharing her story through a documentary titled “I am Jane Doe” that was released on Netflix early this year.

Kubiiki’s daughter (called MA) sneaked out of the house one night to go to an end of the school year party and quickly found herself in trouble. The 13-year old left with a woman who she thought was going to take her home and ended up being kidnapped by the female trafficker.

Gone without a trace, after 270 days, Pride started looking online and said she was scrolling through Backpage.com when she came across online advertisement offering sex with her her daughter.

It was the escorts section of Backpage.com

According to the FBI, the average age that a girl is first recruited into prostitution or sex trafficking in the U.S. is 11-14 years-old.

The most recent numbers show sex trafficking in Georgia generated nearly $300 million a year.

4510EAF000000578-4952736-After_270_days_Pride_was_looking_on_Backpage_and_said_she_was_sc-a-35_1507225415602Pride says, “It was the third link from the top. It had stars and hearts, and it said young and new,’ she explained.

The Daily Mail reports, something about the stars and hearts caught her attention and she clicked it to find explicit photos of her daughter wearing only underwear and posing provocatively.

“I called and asked to purchase the services myself,” she said.  When her daughter was returned to her, she said she was addicted to drugs and had been horribly abused.

‘My daughter was stabbed and burned, her head shaved, and she was beaten,’ she said. She ran away two more times, both times being returned to her mother.


‘I said why are you running away?’ Pride said in the documentary while choking back tears. ‘And she said, “Well mom I have to go and get these pills.”‘

The woman who trafficked MA was caught and sentenced to five years in prison in 2010, but the advertisement featuring explicit photos of the teen remained online.

‘Once I told her about all the pain and suffering I went through and that I wanted revenge, she also did,’ MA said in the documentary.

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