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Divorce Finally Settled For Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner

(Los Angeles, CA) – Even though she was seen ushering him back to rehab in a sign of deep care and continued support, divorce proceedings  never eased up for the Hollywood couple.ENTERTAINMENT-US-FILM-CINEMA

In fact, their split has been settled. The couple will share joint custody of their three kids and there’s also an agreement in place that deals with property and earnings over the course of their 12-year union. No word yet on how much each of them will get, but as soon as Ben is released from rehab, the final settlement of the divorce case will take place.

Hate to see these two split!


Woman Tells Story Of Getting Pregnant By Wealthy Man To Live Easily Off Of Him

(SL) – She says 18 years of child support is easy money. Another says, she deliberately got pregnant by a wealthy man because …..yes..he is wealthy. She says after struggling for years, he now takes care of her because of the kid. We’ve all heard about so and so and this person who claimed to have been on birth control but one got away.

It happens, but the difference with these stories being shared on the confession app Whisper is that they were planned. Now granted, it takes two. A man should protect himself at all times, if he doesn’t want the probability to ring in her favor. BUT realistically, most men don’t. Untitled-design-87-3The number of women who confessed that they lied about being on birth control to get pregnant was astounding. But there was this one woman that had a clear cut plan. She says she knew the guy was rich and wanted a easy piece of the pie. She claims that she gained his trust while lying about being on birth control and is now expecting a child with the man. She says he now rents her an apartment, pays for everything and that she doesn’t regret it not one bit. No wonder she has remained anonymous.

Another says she simply gained a rich man’s trust by keeping him in her sights for years upon years and even though they weren’t 100 percent exclusive, she got pregnant. Playing the baby card to her favor, she recently moved in with the man after manipulating her way out of her previous living arrangement.

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Culture Clash? Janet Jackson Splits From Qatari Husband

(SL) – Didn’t see this happening. But I will admit that it certainly looked like Damita Jo was changing her whole lifestyle to fit Wissam Al Mana’s. But isn’t that what love is all about? Compromising? Has to come from both sides though and reportedly that was the breaker for these two.

The timing is interesting however. Granted Ms. Jackson has her own coins, but reportedly she was guaranteed a payout in their prenup if the marriage lasted 5 years. The two tied the knot in 2012 and now just 3 months after giving birth to their son Eissa it appears to be a wrap.

After becoming one with the billionaire businessman, Janet was seen covered head to toe and sometimes with a head wrap and often speaking to friends and fans with the use of Muslim lingo like, “Inshallah” (God Willing) or Al Hamdu Lillah which translates as (Praise God).

While some say it wasn’t so much her husband’s religion, but his introversion — verging on being an extreme recluse — that started to drive Janet away. Having settled in London to appease him (they also have a home in Doha, Qatar, and an apartment in the Trump Tower in New York), she allegedly resented Wissam for refusing to meet her family and friends and for trying to keep her away from the public eye.


Other sources say a clash of cultures has in fact driven Janet and Wissam apart, made worse since the birth of baby Eissa, over whose upbringing and day-to-day care they couldn’t agree on.

The Daily Mail reports, while Janet is keen to be a hands-on mother, Wissam has strict views on how his son should be brought up, and has hired round-the-clock staff to wait on his wife and child in their Belgravia home.

The baby has never been seen in public, and Janet was reportedly forbidden from leaving the house while she was nursing. Wissam, too, has disappeared from sight.

02-janet-jackson-unbreakable.w1200.h630‘Janet thought he had become too controlling during the pregnancy,’ explains one source saying, “She had already allowed him to dictate her appearance and even the way she performed at concerts. It drove her crazy, and she felt she was losing her fan base.”

The real point of contention landed last month when Janet’s 86-year-old mother was forced to return to Los Angeles after a two-month stay with the couple.


Katherine, the long-suffering matriarch of the Jackson family, is embroiled in an unpleasant court case against her nephew-in-law and former driver, Trent, whom she claims has been bullying and spying on her with hidden cameras in her LA home.

She came to England in February to meet her new grandson, but also to seek reprieve from the campaign of abuse to which she claims to have been subjected. She only returned to LA when a judge ordered her to appear as a witness in the case.

Janet, who’s always been extremely close to her mother, was juggling the demands of a newborn with comforting Katherine, but Wissam is said to have shown a callous lack of interest in his mother-in-law’s plight.


Cynics may look at the timing of Eissa’s arrival and the break-up of her marriage and wonder if Janet stuck it out simply so she could achieve her dream of motherhood OR cash in on a bigger payout.

It’s important to point out that neither party has yet filed for divorce, but the fact that around five years have passed makes it interesting.

Whatever the case, it’s sad to see Janet’s third marriage potentially coming to an end. She’s always felt that she was jinxed when it came to love and this latest breakup could make her 0-3 in that department. Let’s hope it’s just a rumor.


Scottie And Larsa Pippen Split Getting Nasty As He Files To Get Kids And Cut Alimony

(SL) – Outside of messing up the church’s money…what did Larsa do? There have been rumors that link her to an indecent relationship with platinum rapper Future Hendrix (even though both of them deny any wrongdoing) but judging from Scottie’s latest move there just might be some truth to it.

future-larsa-753x502Reportedly, former NBA Star Scottie Pippen, 51,  is said to have filed for divorce and for full custody of his four children (Scottie Jr, Preston, Justin and Sophia) and demanded his prenuptial agreement with wife of 19 years Larsa be amended.

The Husband requests that this Court…allocates parental responsibility whereby the Husband is awarded ultimate responsibility over issues relating to education, health care, and general welfare of the minor children,’ Scottie’s attorney wrote in a filing to Broward County Circuit Court.

The documents also reveal the NBA star wants to relocate the children to Chicago from their Miami home.  ‘If the Petition…is not granted, then it is in the minor children’s best interests that the Husband be awarded the majority of time -sharing with the minor children during the pendency of this action and permanently thereafter,’ his attorney wrote.

It’s being reported that police were called to his Florida home twice this past month before the legal filing due to ‘domestic disturbance’.The Home is now back on the market after being taken off last year. Scottie has been trying to sell the $16 million dollar home that he originally purchased for a little over 1 million. but after 7 years on the market he removed it. It is now listed again.

Mr. Pippen, who is worth an estimated $50 million, pleaded with the court to not demand he pay alimony to his wife Larsa. Pippen made 120 million in his career but after some bad investments and mansion and plane purchases he is currently worth $50 million.

In addition, it is claimed he requested the right to ‘amend’ the couple’s prenup.  A rep for Larsa says she remains hopeful that she and Scottie will always do what is best for their four beautiful children and jointly raise them with love and respect.

It was added: ‘She would like to thank everyone for their understanding and kindly ask for privacy from the media during this difficult time of transition for her family.’

Scottie, who has played with the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets, filed divorce documents in Florida, according to court papers. Reportedly, Larsa was notified of the filing the night before.



Monitored Visits With Kids And Therapy, Brad And Angelina Construct Temporary Custody Agreement

(SL) – Until they can reach an amicable settlement, Hollywood hunk Brad Pit has agreed to a temporary custody deal for 3 weeks. The Fury actor, 52, will get an initial monitored visit followed by other visits that may or may not be monitored. He has also volunteered to get random drug testing, and the entire family will undergo counseling.

Reportedly, the temporary agreement which will last until October 20th is a voluntary agreement that has a structured decision-making plan. Neither Brad nor Angelina were forced to get counseling, they both volunteered to do so for the sake of the family.


Angelina seemingly filed for divorce out of the blue, but reportedly the golden couple has been have issues for some time. The couple spent over a decade together before finally tying the knot 2 years ago. Allegedly, Jolie was concerned about  Brad’s drinking and use of alcohol, but Pitt took a urine and drug test and both came up negative. It’s also being said that Brad wanted her to continue to work and stop traveling all over the globe with their kids, while Angie wanted to settle into her humanitarian work and ease her way out of the Hollywood scene.

There was also a report about an alleged altercation between and oldest son Maddox. The FBI has said it is gathering evidence about allegations Pitt was involved in a dispute on a private flight with his family on September 14, although the agency has not opened a formal investigation. Sources familiar with the allegations have said they center on the actor’s treatment of his oldest son.


Several outlets have reported that the incident was being investigated by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, but the agency said it could not confirm whether it was involved.

Some outlets claim the Hollywood veterans have still not come to an agreement on permanent financial support and property. They own several homes together, including a compound in the Hollywood Hills and the stunning $60m Chateau Miraval estate in France.


Their combined fortune is estimated at $555m.

Both People and Entertainment Tonight have reported the two actors were meeting all week to hash out a deal. The negotiations have been private and believed to be held in Los Angeles.

Mariah Carey Engaged To Billionaire Boyfriend But Still Married To Nick Cannon

(SL) – Mariah Carey just announced her engagement to Australian Casino Mogul James Packer, but there’s only one problem. The Grammy award winning singer hasn’t reached a divorce settlement with husband Nick Cannon. mariah-carey-james-packer.pngSources say MC believes Cannon is ‘dragging his feet’, but why? Reportedly, they have a prenup so what he can or can’t receive should be ironclad. It’s believed that when Nick and Mariah got marriage he was only worth half-a-million-dollars but he’s made millions since then with a net worth estimated to be around 20 million dollars.  Chump change to MiMi’s half a billion dollar fortune, so it is believed that Nick might be trying to work his way around a larger payout. Nick-Cannon-Mariah-Carey-Main.jpgAt one point, rumors were circulating that Nick had signed a deal to write a tell-all book about their marriage after MC declined to cut him a check for 30 million.  But, Nick told media outlets that he had no plans to write a book.  Which makes sense due to the fact that explicit rules and fines are laid out for such disclosures. If Nick breaks the confidentiality clause he will have to pay.

The really interesting fact is that Cannon is the one who filed for divorce a year ago. What’s the holdup Nick?