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Sytonnia Lands Role In New SAG Indie Feature Film ‘The Hills’

(SL) – Sytonnia plays Dr. Gavin in award winning director Stephen ‘Stix’ Josey’s new drama ‘The Hills’. The intriguing storyline behind The Hills has been called impressive and has amazed industry veterans. The action filled script involves an injustice in the Justice system when Attorney Lee makes a decision to defend the killer of his one time best friend Jeremiah Matthews SR. The killer is also on trial for trying to kill his best friend’s son Jeremiah Matthews JR, a few years later.


Through this journey Attorney Lee finds himself in a fight for his life as the killer is now targeting him. Attorney :Lee realizes he should of let Harris meet his fate instead of trying to right a wrong he did to Harris years ago. At the end of the day, will Justice be served? Or is there something Attorney Lee doesn’t want authorities to find out?

Watch The Trailer Below