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Warriors Hold Off Hawks, But It Wasn’t Easy

(Atlanta, GA) – Soooo…..Stephen Curry came out the gate throwing daggers and dropping bombs which resulted in a monstrous 25 pt first half for the guard (15 of those points came in the final seven minutes of the second qtr) allowing Golden State to build a sizeable lead (62-50) in the first two quarters.

But, in front of an almost sellout crowd, the Hawks had momentum and were prepared to attack and drive just as hard as the Warriors. Atlanta was so composed, Dennis Schröder even hit a shot two steps from half court. You had to be there :).

That was towards the end of the third and added to offensive drives that would ultimately put the Hawks within 2pts with just seconds left to play. Part of that comeback was due to a Curry-less Warriors team who had to play basically the whole second half without their leader.

Even though he said he wasn’t sure whose foot he stepped on, the tweak was so apparent that he was overruled in the decision to remain in the game and had to sit the rest of it out. IMG_8130-2_previewBut when you’re the defending champs, your roster runs so deep you can afford it. The Warriors got 28 from Kevin Durant, 16 from Nick Young, 15 from Klay Thompson and a game winning play by veteran Andre Iguodala.

However, it didn’t just happen like that. During a game that had all the makings of being a blowout, the Hawks didn’t surrender. You can’t deny the resiliency of this team and when they really start to click on both ends of the court, they’re capable of beating anybody really.

IMG_8257-2_previewWith that being said,  as the game entered its final stretch, the Hawks put some plays together that made the sun come out in the center of darkness. In the final two minutes Atlanta went on a 9-0 run led by none other than Dennis Schröder (27) and Kent Bazemore (29). Just like that the score was 111-109 with 19 seconds left.

Keeping the dream alive, the Hawks would foul Kevin Durant on their next possession resulting with the MVP leaving the line 1-1. 112-109. There’s still hope. But this is Golden State. In the Hawks’ final possession a series of passes left them vulnerable and just enough room for Iguodala to force the turnover to which he finished on the rim in championship dunk fashion and that was it. Final Score 114-109.




Big Trade Leaves Cavs Shorthanded, But The 3-Point King Kyle Korver Was Alive So Nobody Noticed

(Atlanta, Ga) – At the trade deadline, the Cleveland Cavaliers shocked the sports’ world with some blockbuster moved that frankly had some people asking WTF? Isaiah Thomas was sent to the Lakers while D. Wade found himself back in Miami and Derrick Rose…well, he went to Utah, but was quickly released. Channing Frye, Iman Shumpert and Jae Crowder were also released.F27B19D6-0202-45C0-8CE6-261CF53EAE73For the Cavs they picked up Rodney Hood from the Utah Jazz and George Hill from the Sacramento Kings to go with the acquisitions of Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. from the Lakers. Post game I asked LeBron about the changes between the new lineup and the old lineup.

Granted none of them hit the court tonight which left even more suspense hanging over Cleveland’s head but it played out as expected.6C8CF6F0-4603-43B8-A9CE-E518B9949AE2Malcolm Delaney and Dennis Schroder got started out of the gate and by halftime Schroder led all scorers with 19 pts, but it ended pretty much there with him only scoring 6 pts in the the second half.

The Cavs on 53% percent of shooting would end the 2nd qtr ahead by 5 (61-56). Jeff Green, who the Cavs acquired during the trade proved he fits right in with the offense playing 32 minutes and putting 24 on the board.

But it was Kyle Korver who took matters into his own hands living up to his reputation of being the 3-point king. He was 7-11 from downtown and had the game high all across the board with 30.
LeBron James’ King status was intact as well with a triple double ( 22 points, 17 assists and 12 rebounds). One strategy that stood out was the eight man rotation the Cavs played with. LeBron says, “We played together offensively and defensively.  The communication was very high.  The ball was moving around.  the was popping.  Everybody felt like we were in a good rhythm. This team has played us tough every single season, no matter their record.  Tonight we finally played them tough.  We played Cavaliers basketball. “
What was missing from the Hawks? For one, Taurean Prince needs to learn when to back away from the 3-point line. He was 0-9 from long range. He put up 15 but that came with a +/- of -21. Not good.  Late in the 3rd was when the quality of ball the Hawks were playing dropped tremendously. When Lebron says they played them tough, they did just that. Atlanta never really rebounded from the 18-2 run Cleveland went on to which Kent Bazemore says, “We definitely lost focus.”
Final score 123-107. Hopefully, the Hawks can get back on track Sunday when they host Detroit. The Cavs will continue their 3 game road trip playing the Celtics Sunday and OKC on Tuesday.


Hawks vs Wizards Game 3 Post Game Presser With Paul Millsap And Dennis Schroder

(SL) – The great comeback indeed! The Hawks were phenomenal against the Wizards during game 3 of the playoffs. After falling 0-2 and determined to get their MMA skills up, it looks like Atlanta came ready to battle. John Wall didn’t have much help making it an easier win than anticipated. Post Game with Atlanta’s ball master and the golden kid as they talk about resetting the series and leaving their mark on Washington.

Williams and Belinelli Help Hornets Snap Four Game Skid Against Hawks

(SL)  Sadly, this past week the basketball world lost a legend. Beloved NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager lost his 2 year long battle with cancer. The Atlanta Hawks paid their respects before the game with a moment of silence and a touching tribute dedicated to the memory of Sager. Hawks cheerleaders wore bright, colorful Sager like T-shirts to show their respects, and Harry the Hawk even showed up dressed in his most outlandish getup, attempting to impersonate Sager whom will forever be known for his flashy and eccentric suits, as well as his cool, calm and collective sideline demeanor.


Saturday night the Hawks welcomed the 14-13 Charlotte Hornets to Philips Arena for the first time this season. The Hawks lost 100-96 back on November 18th when these two teams met in Charlotte. Since Atlanta last played Charlotte, the Hawks have only been on the winning end of 4 of their last 16 games, and unfortunately for the Hawks, the struggle to get back on track will continue as they also lost this game 107-99.

The Hornets held on to the lead throughout most of this game. The Hawks did make a strong push in the 4th taking the lead twice, but just weren’t able to maintain it as the Hornets continued to get key rebounds and keep the Hawks from scoring points when they desperately needed them the most. This made it nearly impossible for Atlanta to get any momentum going. Former Hawks forward Marvin Williams put the final nail in the coffin after making a 3 pointer with 27.8 seconds remaining in the game, to put the Hornets up 102-97.

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Hawks End Two Game Losing Streak, Beat Rockets 112-97

(Atlanta, GA) – The Atlanta Hawks got back on the win column at Philips Arena defeating the Houston Rockets 112-97 .  Coming in Dwight Howard dispelled rumors that he and James Harden had  beef. But he sure played like he was sending a clear message to the Rockets and Atlanta….Daddy’s home! It was a good one in the ATL as Millsap, Howard and Kent Bazemore got to work early jumping out on Houston and they never looked back.

 Houston didn’t help themselves with more than 20 turnovers and a number of missed shots from the arc. I don’t think it would’ve mattered though had those stats been reversed. The Atlanta Hawks wanted to give D-12 a win and stick it Harden and the Rockets and they did just that.
Atlanta needed this win after losing 2 in a row (Lakers and Wizards) but as you can see with this new look ATL team, they don’t dwell on the past. Atlanta got back to their style of basketball and added some flare too with Dwight Howard posterized KJ McDaniels with a block that was clearly all ball but the refs called a foul.
Post game Howard was asked about the hug he gave the ref who made the call. Howard said he admitted that he made the wrong call and Howard was sure to let him know that everyone makes mistakes. lol. Kent Bazemore also resurfaced scoring 20 points. Paul Millsap was among the double double tribe with 23 points and 11 rebounds with Dwight Howard’s 20 points 14 boards and  Dennis Schroder’s 17 points 12 Assists.
As for the Hawks bouncing back after a tough loss against the Wizards, Coach Bud says, “You’ve been around our group.  You know there’s a lot of character, a lot of fiber.  when you lose and you don’t play and compete the way you’d like to and expect to, and what we’ve become accustomed to, you can’t wait to get out and play again.  It’s just a testament to their character, how they’re made up, how they’re built.”
Let’s take a look at the stats: 
Houston hurt themselves with 25 TOs they also missed a lot of shots from the 3 going 12-3 and offensively they just weren’t hitting. Harden led the Rockets with 30. 24 of those were  from the 1st half. Atlanta on the other hand shot 52.9% from the field with Kent Bazemore hitting 20, Millsap 23, Howard 20, Korver 10 and Schroder 17. Up next the Hawks will head to Cleveland to take on Lebron and the Cavs.

Despite Loss To Pistons, Dennis Schroder And Dwight Howard Continue To Build Chemistry

(SL) – (Atlanta, GA) – As pre-season play continues for the Atlanta Hawks Coach Bud has to be pleased with how Dennis Schroder and Dwight Howard are blending on the court. Schroder chipped in 17 points while D. Howard was good for 15 in their pre-season loss to the Detroit Pistons. Despite the 99-94 loss, Coach Bud had to be impressed with the way the two are working their way around the offense.

At first critics were skeptical and wondered if Howard would fit in with Atlanta’s style of play and now the dynamic duo is receiving one-two punch praise with some people likening them to Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. By most accounts, Howard hasn’t played with a point guard this promising in his career.

DSC_2513.JPGCan’t really count Nash because he was nearing the end of his career while Schroder at just 23 years old is in his prime and expected to be one of the best PGs in the league.  Superman is still lethal enough to fly and dominate on the pick and roll while Dennis with top speed is quick enough to get to the basket.

It could bring a type of heat to Atlanta that could make them the alley-oop city of the East. Will certainly be looking for more progression from these two on Sunday when they visit Orlando. Tip off is at 6pm.



Dwight Howard Officially Makes His Debut For The Atlanta Hawks Hitting 26 During Unity Game Against The Cavs

(SL) – The Atlanta Hawks put their starters in the game against the Cavs and let the city get a taste of what they can expect from Dwight Howard who led all scorers with 26 points and shot an impressive 11-15 from the field. The Cavs however, chose to sit their starters down.Atlanta was happy to see Howard hit the court responding with a rousing applause when his name was called.

As for playing his first home game in his hometown, Howard said, “I didn’t think about it.  I just wanted to go out and be aggressive from the tip and just have fun.”  Howard also talked about his connection with Dennis Schroder saying, “It’s getting better.  There are a lot of things we have to really work on – the pick-and-roll, making sure I have a chance to hit his man.  Just simple things we can fix. That comes with time.”DSC_7776.JPGDwight did what he had to do and took a seat while Tim Hardaway Jr continued to struggle shooting 1 for 7 from the field, 0-4 from the arc. In two pre-season games, Hardaway  is 2-20, 0-8 from the 3pt line.  Not sure what’s going on with the Guard who has been a hot topic when the conversation of who stays and who goes comes up. Post game Coach Bud didn’t single anybody out as he discussed what he’s looking for from his group as a whole.

The Hawks will take on the Pistons on Thursday at 7:30 at Philips Arena.