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Cuba Gooding Jr. Pleads Not Guilty To New Charge

(New York, NY-AP) – Cuba Gooding Jr. is pleading not guilty to a new groping charge in his sexual misconduct case. His attorney criticized the lack of specific details in this third groping allegation.

Today’s arraignment comes as new video from TMZ appears to show the actor grabbing the backside of a waitress in a Manhattan restaurant. Prosecutors now say they’ve heard from at least a dozen additional women who say Gooding Jr. either sexually harassed or touched them.

He’s denying all allegations.

{WATCH} Video Could Support Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Not Guilty Plea

(New York, NY) – Cuba Gooding Jr. turned himself in to New York authorities Thursday after a woman claims he groped her breast in a Midtown Bar.

Gooding has maintained his innocence after the woman, who hasn’t been identified, claimed she was trying to help the actor by giving him some water after noticing he was intoxicated.

Gooding has maintained his innocence and he’s hoping this surveillance video will clear his name.  On the footage, you see Cuba sitting with a woman who has reportedly been identified as his girlfriend when the alleged victim approaches him with a glass of water.

She sits down next to the couple and Cuba reaches out and touches her leg.  His hand then appears to move close to her chest, she grabs it, he then grabs her hand and kisses it.  Through it all, the woman never leaves….not even when another man approaches them and starts to dance provocatively in front of her. Cuba appears to touch that man too, as the guy continues to dance in front of them.

As you can imagine, shortly after a crowd starts to form around the actor. The woman is still sitting with them until Cuba suddenly darts away from the group.  Then and only then does the woman leave the scene.

She later reported the incident to authorities.  Cuba is being charged with a misdemeanor and is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

Woman Says Actor Cuba Gooding Junior Groped Her

(New York, NY) – What looked like a good time for Cuba Gooding Jr. is turning into a nightmare.  The actor was partying in New York City Sunday night inside the Magic House Rooftop Bar when a woman says he sexually assaulted her.

To be exact, she claims that he groped her. The NYPD says it is investigating the incident. The woman  says Gooding was very drunk when she tried to help him out by giving him some water and he grabbed her breast. She called police around 1 a.m. Monday morning to report the incident.

Prior to the assault, Cuba was filmed singing, drinking, taking selfies and partying it up.

Gooding went back to L.A. and has not made any statement on the allegation. But reportedly, he will be arrested when he returns to New York.