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Man Arrested For Licking Tub Of Blue Bell Ice Cream

(Belle Rose, LA-AP) — It appears there’s another Blue Bell ice cream licker. Louisiana police have arrested a 36-year-old man for licking a tub of Blue Bell ice cream. Lenise Martin the Third was reportedly inspired by a viral video of a teenage girl committing the same act.

An unknown individual recorded Martin opening a carton of Blue Bell, licking it, poking it with his finger and putting it back on the shelf.

Martin returned to the store and showed a receipt for the ice cream, but he was later arrested. This comes after a young woman appeared on a viral video in Texas licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream and putting it back in the dairy case.


Four Dead In Tennessee Murder-Suicide

(Murfreesboro, TN) – Police in Tennessee say four people are dead in what they believe is a murder-suicide. Investigators believe Sean Ganey shot his wife, her father and her stepmother before turning the gun on himself.

All four bodies were found inside a home in Murfreesboro Monday. Rutherford County Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh said deputies were just called out to the house Friday because Ganey was having suicidal thoughts. He was taken to the hospital at the time, but Fitzhugh isn’t sure what happened after that.

Reports: FBI Seized Recordings In Cohen Raid

(Washington, DC) – FBI agents reportedly have recordings between President Trump’s attorney and two women who claim they had affairs with Trump.

Both CNN and ABC News are citing sources as saying the recordings were part of the property seized during raids on the offices of attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen is reportedly being investigated for bank fraud, wire fraud, and possible campaign finance violations.

Porn star Stormy Daniels claims she had a one-night stand with Trump, while Playboy model Karen McDougal claims she was having an affair for months.

Video Shows Former Houston Astros Prospect Danry Vasquez Violently Attacking Girlfriend

(SL) – Alarming video has been released showing baseball player Danry Vasquez beating up his girlfriend in a stairwell.

Vasquez, dressed in his uniform, is believed to have initiated the attack at Whataburger field in Corpus Christi, Texas. Vasquez was arrested on August 4, 2016, two days after the incident.

Nueces Country District Attorney Mark Gonzalez told KRIS-TV that Vasquez agreed to a plea deal requiring him to pay a fine and attend classes.

“It was an assault that occurred, we had all the evidence to prove it we just allowed this individual to hopefully get the training and education so he wouldn’t continue to assault people where he has relationships with. ‘Yes I’ve seen the video, that’s what happens in domestic violence cases,’ Gonzalez said. ‘Every time a man or woman hurts each other that’s what it looks like, and it’s ugly and what I’m trying to accomplish is to stop that from happening. I’m hoping Mr. Vasquez will be the poster boy for our program and never hurt somebody that he’s in a relationship with and only time will tell.”

The case was dismissed. The Astros released Vasquez shortly after the arrest.


His current team in Lancaster, released him after seeing the video. His girlfriend Fabiana Perez says they are no longer together after 6 years. She says she hopes Danry has changed for the sake of his new wife whom he got engaged to in Nov. of 2017 and married sometime later.


Sin City Lives Up To Its Name After Two Shootings In 24 Hours

(SL) – The block has been extremely hot in Vegas since around midnight. The first shooting took place at the exclusive Bellagio Hotel. Early Saturday, a gunman in a pig mask opened fire during an armed robbery at a high-end store believed to be a Rolex Store inside iconic resort. Terrified tourists sought shelter amid the chaos.


Three people entered the store and one fired shots. No one was injure but parts of the casino property remain closed as authorities investigate.

Officers received a call about the incident at the Bellagio at 12:50 am, and apprehended one suspect by 2:15 am, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

One woman who was at the hotel when the robbery unfolded described the atmosphere as one of ‘mass panic’.



Different story with the second shooting that happened around noon. After word that the standoff had ended, more details emerged.

Larry Hadfield, a spokesman with Las Vegas Metro police, said of the bus situation to USA Today: ‘The shooting incident happened on the bus. We had one single shooting incident with two victims. Both were transported to the trauma center and one is deceased.’

Hadfield added that SWAT and hostage negotiation personnel were on site but wouldn’t confirm if there were passengers still on the regional transit bus at the time.

A police spokesperson was quoted as saying that the alleged gunman surrendered without incident after fours hours.

Around 1.45 pm, local time, a loud bang occurred near the bus, as some reports indicate the SWAT team detonated the side of the vehicle. There was a flash of light and smoke appeared to come from the bus.

No information has been made available as of early Saturday evening regarding the identities of the suspect or the victims.




Brutal McDonald’s Brawl Leader Aniah Ferguson Blows Psych Op, Sent To Rikers Island

(SL) – It was brutal. A gang of girls jumped on another girl in the middle of McDonald’s and nobody intervened. Nobody broke it up. In the age of social media, people just stood around hooped and hollered and recorded on their cells.

The video famously showed one petite little girl holding her own against at least 6-7 other females who beat on her for a good 5-7 minutes and nobody helped. The fight was so brutal it made national headlines. The little girl fought and fought until she couldn’t anymore and when she finally hit the ground the assailants continued to kick her while again people just stood and watched.

There was this one girl that just couldn’t let it go though..even when the young lady was damn near motionless on the floor trying to cover her head, she kept kicking her. That young lady’s name is Aniyah Ferguson an admitted gang banger who had been in trouble before for beating up her grandmother and stabbing her brother. But for some reason some folks thought she could be saved. And when the violent teen was sentenced for her participation in the McDonald’s Brawl most believed she just needed guidance, a psych eval..you know a little bit of help.


Weeks after the ringleader of a gang assault in a fast-food restaurant was warned by a Brooklyn judge to behave herself while in the psychiatric program that kept her out of prison, she was sent back to Rikers Island, the Daily News has learned.

Earlier this month, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Dineen Riviezzo learned Aniah Ferguson was misbehaving while staying at a Morningside Heights facility.


Ferguson, an admitted gang member, threw tables, threatened to set the building on fire, assaulted staff and other patients.

Riviezzo gave the 18-year-old a stern talking-to about her behavior and warned her that she faced up to 15 years in prison if she violated the terms of her guilty plea.

It is unclear what she did this time that forced the judge to send to her jail.

Assistant District Attorney Janet Gleeson had noted her objections with Ferguson receiving psychiatric help over jail time since Dec. 2015 for beating 16-year-old Ariana Taylor inside a Flatbush Ave. McDonalds in March 2015.

Holiday Cheer But Still No Justice For Burn/Arson Victim Safyre Terry

(SL)- Before you start complaining about what you don’t have or what you wish you had or what kind of day you’re having think about 8-year old Safyre Terry.  The little girl who lost her father and three siblings in an arson fire 2 years ago.  Safyre suffered burns to 75% of her body which left her disfigured and without a hand and a foot, but she won’t complain.

Safyre Terry was severely burned in a fire that claimed the lives of her father and 3 siblings.

When she was asked by her aunt Liz Dolder what she wanted for Christmas her only wish was to fill her card tree. Dolder posted the request on FB and it went viral. Here Safyre  thought she would only received about 20 cards and now…a million plus later she’s overjoyed.  Terry even received a card from the First Family of The United States and a whole lot more including  a trip to Disney World, thousands of gifts, and more than $338,000 in donations.

Safyre before the blaze.

Her story is one indeed of bravery and perseverance.  In a video posted Tuesday on a Facebook page chronicling her long recovery  Safyre triumphantly lifts a cup with a 3D-printed prosthetic hand made for her by students at the University at Albany. Dolder asks, “Who can do it?” and Safyre shouts, “I can!”

It’s a frequent call and response between Dolder and her niece, who shows no trace of self-consciousness about her scars and tracheal tube as she greets well-wishers at holiday events organized by police and motorcycle clubs in her honor.

The little girl had one Christmas Wish….cards.

Dolder, a stay-at-home mom who cares for Safyre, as well as her own 8-year-old twins, said more than a million cards and thousands of packages have arrived at the family’s home on a rural road 15 miles west of Albany.

Safyre has received over a million cards from all over the world including China and France.

Background Story

The Times Union covered the story for awhile. It appears that baby girl was injured in a fire that was allegedly set by Edward Leon who was upset with Safyre’s father David Terry ( who died trying to save his children from the blaze) because Terry was dating his ex-girlfriend who didn’t help matters when she admitted that she was sleeping after taking LSD the night of the fire.

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Bound, Brutally Bludgeoned And Forced To Listen To His Wife Being Raped: Dr. Petit Reveals Horror In New Book

(SL) – It was an unspeakable tragedy. I cringed reading it. Imagine having to live through it. The Cheshire Murders was the crime that horrified America.  As reported on the Daily Mail website, on a balmy summer night in 2007, a mother and her twpetit booko daughters were brutally murdered by a pair of callous petty criminals.

Joanna Hawke-Petit, 48, and her daughters Michaela, 11, and Hayley, 17, died at the hands of Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes.

 Mrs Hawke-Petit was raped and strangled, her daughters burned to death and Michaela sexually assaulted. The only member of the family to survive was the little girl’s father, William Petit. One of the killers later revealed that he raped 11-year old Michaela as well.

Now Dr Petit, 58, has revealed the details of what really happened on that fateful night in a new book, The Rising, Murder, Heartbreak, and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town, by Ryan D’Agostino. The author has fill access to Dr. Petit and his family.

In it, he details how two small time criminals who met in a half way house for released prisoners turned a happy family Sunday into a night of unsurpassed savagery that ended with three murders.

On the night of the killings, Dr Petit woke up on the sun room couch to find himself bound and with two strange men looking down at him.

Watch the HBO Documentary Below

Darnell Docket’s Search To Find Mother’s Killer

(Bleacher Report) – Darnell Dockett is on a journey. One that has lasted for over 20 years.

darnell dockettOn July 4, 1994, then-13-year-old Darnell returned to his Decatur, Georgia, home to discover his mom’s lifeless body lying in the hallway. Dockett vividly remembers the blood on the wall and the position in which he found his mother. The case remains unsolved. There are currently no leads and no suspects for the murder of Cheryl Hambrick.

To this day, Dockett is thoroughly convinced the person responsible was someone his mother knew. Someone close to the family. He’s also convinced the killer is watching him closely, but from afar…hiding in shame.

The former Arizona Cardinals Pro Bowl defensive tackle opens up about his life before and after that horrific day. For the first time since his mother’s death, Darnell visits the house where his life trajectory so violently changed course. He searches into the ghosts of his past hoping to find the closure he so desperately seeks.

Gunman Shot Deputy 15 Times In Houston Gas Station Execution

Shackled: Shannon Miles (in yellow) appeared in court on Monday as he was arraigned on charges of capital murder in the shooting death of Harris County sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth

(Daily Mail) –  A Suburban Houston police officer who was ambushed at a gas station was shot 15 times, Harris County district attorney Devon Anderson said in court Monday.
Shannon J Miles appeared briefly in state district court in handcuffs and shackles and said very little, other than to answer the judge’s questions. He is being held without bond and was appointed two attorneys.
Anderson read the probable cause statement during the hearing, saying that police received a call of an officer down at 8.20pm Friday.

Taking aim: Harris County district attorney Devon Anderson explains outside state District Court court how sheriff's deputy Darren Goforth was gunned down on Monday
Taking aim: Harris County district attorney Devon Anderson explains outside state District Court court how sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth was gunned down on Monday

When police arrived at the gas station in the Houston suburb of Cypress, they found deputy Darren Goforth face-down. Anderson said investigators saw surveillance video from the gas station, which showed that Goforth, 47, had just come out of the store after he had pumped gas and that Miles got out of his red truck and approached the deputy.j

‘He runs up behind deputy Goforth and puts the gun to the back of his head and shoots. Deputy Goforth hits the ground and then he continues to unload his gun, shooting repeatedly into the back of deputy Goforth,’ Anderson said.
Goforth was shot 15 times and a witness saw the shooting, Anderson said. She added that the shell casings match the .40-caliber Smith and Wesson handgun found at Miles’ home. Continue reading Gunman Shot Deputy 15 Times In Houston Gas Station Execution