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After Alleged Encounters With Four Different Men And Warner Bros. Declaring Sexual Assault Claim Unsubstantiated, Corrine Olympios Continues To Cry Foul

(SL) – Warner Bros. announced that it will resume filming the 4th season of Bachelor in Paradise after complaints of sexual misconduct on set.

The entertainment giant issued a release concluding its inside investigation of a drunken sex act that went left while taping the popular show that portrays individuals attempting to find love.

A producer complained about the incident that saw Corrine Olympios, who has decried crew members, engaged in a sexual act that has been described at soft porn with cast member Demario Jackson. On the same day, reportedly, she straddled and kissed Chris Harrison (left), Alex Woytkiw (center) and Nick Benvenutti (right).

Even after Warner Bros. claims that it has viewed the tape and saw no wrongdoing, Corrine Olympios is still saying she is a victim and doesn’t remember what happened. Her attorney says, ‘It’s not over.’

Reportedly, Corrine and Demario were drinking on set when she invited herself to sit on his lap. After making out for a bit, she allegedly led him to the pool where they removed clothing items and continued their make-out session which including kissing, fondling, rubbing and a tipsy Corrine putting her genitals in Demario’s face.

Jackson has admitted to performing an oral sex act on Corrine at this point. To which, she says she was too drunk to consent.

Demario Jackson and his attorney are calling for the tape to be released after his family name and character were defamed. Jackson says he even lost his job behind the scandal.

No word yet on if Corrine and Demario will resume filming with the cast. Warner Bros. says it won’t release the video but maybe they should to kill any doubt.

Bachelor In Paradise’s Corrine Olympios Claims She Was Too Drunk To Consent Following Oral Sex Act With DeMario Jackson

(SL) – Filming for Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise was brought to an abrupt halt and now more of the reason why is being disclosed.   It appears that there was a reported scripted scene that would see two villains Bachelor (Corrine) and Bachelorette (DeMario) contestants hookup.  After a long day of drinking in Mexico, the crew headed to the location for the shoot where a source told Entertainment Tonight “DeMario was in the pool.

Corinne found DeMario sitting at a bar and jumped in his lap. The two then started flirting and engaging in ‘intense rubbing.

bachelorinparadise_featuredimage-936x482-h_2017At some point, Corinne allegedly beckoned DeMario to the pool where the two stripped down and ‘started making out and “rubbing, touching and fingering.”‘

Reportedly, DeMario says the shocking part for producers came when after that heavy kissing, rubbing and touching, Corrine put her genitals in his face to which he quote “started licking”. Some described it as a soft porn scene as their were other people around including one Producer who left as the raunchy behavior ensued.

However, other reports tell a different story. Corinne herself says she was too drunk to consent to any sex act.

Sources close to the reality star say she was blackout drunk and doesn’t remember her hook-up with DeMario at all.


It was only until the next day, when cast members started walking her through what happened, that she learned about what happened.  Some say cast members complained that she was too drunk to film a ‘sex scene’.

While some producers say there were no complaints until an executive producer pulled the two aside and explained that one of the show’s producers had filed a formal complaint after watching the reel from the previous night, saying he or she was ‘uncomfortable’ with what happened.

Olympios has retained an attorney. claiming she was too drunk to consent, has a boyfriend and would never do that if she was sober.  Olympios was known for her very sexual and flirty behavior on the Bachelor.

DeMario was booted off of the current season of the Bachelorette for having a girlfriend.

Bachelor in Paradise features previous contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette who are isolated at an exotic resort in hopes of finding love.

It was scheduled to premiere August 8 on ABC. But Warner Bros. has shut all of that down.