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City Of Lies Pulled From Release

(SL) – Johnny Depp’s movie about the murder investigations of rappers Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. is being pulled just one month before it was scheduled to premier.

The distribution company, Global Road Entertainment, says there’s no new release date for the film, City of Lies, that was scheduled to open September 7th. The decision comes a month after a former location manager sued Depp, alleging assault. Gregg Rocky Brooks claims Depp punched him in the ribs twice and verbally assaulted him on set.

Brooks says he was fired from City of Lies when he refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would have blocked him from suing Depp.

Biggie’s Mom Voletta Wallace Blasts Kendall And Kylie Jenner For Trying To Profit Illegally Off Of BIG And Pac’s Likeness

(SL) – The Kardashian/Jenner are know for borrowing ‘other people’s stuff’ and turning it into their own. But, I don’t know how far they’re going to get trying the estates of Christopher Wallace ‘Notorious BIG’ and Tupac Shakur.

The latest scandal comes in the form $125 shirts featuring the likeness of Biggie and Pac and of course themselves. The garments have received heavy criticism from various people and now Biggie’s mom is calling the sisters out for their blatant disrespect and exploitation.

In the limited vintage collection the Jenners’ faces and the brand’s logo have been printed over the shirts’ original artwork—which includes images of rap artists Tupac and Biggie, plus album art from Metallica, Pink Floyd, and more.

Who told them that it would be a good idea to superimpose their images over the likes of these great artists is beyond me. Countdown to the next lawsuit in 3,2….and ….