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Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty To Battery

(SL) – Chris Brown is fighting a felony battery charge. Billboard says the rapper plead not guilty earlier this week to allegedly punching a man who took his picture at a nightclub without his permission around a year ago.

He was arrested last week, and released on bond.


Chris Brown’s Friend Denies Raping Woman At The Singer’s Home

(Los Angeles, CA) – A man accused of raping a woman at Chris Brown’s house maintains his innocence. An attorney for Lowell Grissom Junior says the civil suit against his client is a “blatant attempt at a money grab.”

The lawyer is also blasting famed attorney Gloria Allred for exploiting her client. The civil suit alleges the woman was raped twice by Grissom during a party at Brown’s house.

Rihanna Urges Fans To Boycott Snapchat

(SW) – Rihanna is urging fans to boycott Snapchat over an advertisement that referenced her domestic violence incident involving Chris Brown.  The “Wild Thoughts” songstress spoke out following an apology from the app over an ad for a “Would You Rather” game, which asked people to choose whether they would rather punch Brown or slap Rihanna.

Brown pled guilty to assaulting her in 2009.  Rihanna accused the app of spending money on something that makes a joke of domestic violence, and intentionally shames victims.

Snapchat said yesterday that the ad was “disgusting” and should not have been shown

{Video} “She started hitting me. I busted her lip and she started spitting blood in my face.” Chris Brown Opens Up About Fight With Rihanna In Welcome To My Life

(SL) – Chris Brown’s documentary “Welcome To My Life” is receiving rave reviews. Check out this piece where he opens up about that life changing night with Rihanna and what led up to it.

How Low Did She Go? Shady Baylee Accused Of Setting Chris Brown Up

(SL) – It was a scene out of a movie.  Dozens of police officers camped outside of Pop/R&B star Chris Brown’s mansion during a day long standoff in which some media outlets reported that the singer had ‘barricaded’ himself inside.

But really he was just waiting on his attorney Mark Geragos to arrive and for LAPD to issue a  warrant. It all stemmed from a fraudulent ex-beauty queen who claimed to be at Brown’s house on business but had somehow found herself in his hot tub and around some jewelry that she was warned not to touch….and that’s where the drama ensued.

EXCLUSIVE: ** PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE RATES APPLY** Chris Brown seen at his LA mansion just minutes before LAPD confirmed he had been arrested
Chris Brown seen at his LA mansion just minutes before LAPD confirmed he had been arrested. Brown was released on a $250,000 bail. His court date is set for Sept. 20th 

Baylee Curran who was stripped of her Miss California (Regional) title (after nude photos surfaced) and has yet to return her sash and crown to pageant officials who claim they’ve requested the items be returned several times, is also wanted in NY after she stole a girl’s $1000 LV purse and the contents inside which included cash and a wallet. Reportedly, after falsely accusing a few friends of infractions one that resulted in a restraining order, some of them are speaking out about Baylee’s ability to stretch the truth which appears to be what happened with Chris Brown.

Pictured: Baylee Curran Screen grabs taken from ABC News footage following Chris Brown’s arrest. Baylee Curran gave an interview to ABC News detailing how she feared for her life when, she says, Chris Brown pulled a gun on her, 30th August 2016.

Baylee claims that she became curious about a diamond necklace that was being presented among the group at Brown’s mansion and after an associate of Chris’ warned her not to touch the jewelry Chris ordered her to leave the house and even pointed a gun at her head to push the seriousness of her desired departure.

But in today’s world of technology it looks like a text message might clear Chris’ name.


Furthermore, Browns Attorney told ABC News: “There was a search that was done.

“They went in, and said they had a description of the piece of jewelry.

“Not found in the house.

“They went in, a gun, not found in the house.”