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Tiffany Moss Will Be The Only Woman On Death Row In Georgia After Being Convicted For Killing Stepdaughter Emani Moss

(Atlanta, GA) – Georgia has only executed two women in its history and 36-year old Tiffany Moss will likely be the third.

A Gwinnett County jury of  six men and six women took about 2 1\2 hours to decide Moss’ sentence, death by lethal injection, for killing her 10-year old stepdaughter Emani in 2013.

Emani’s dad, Eman, who is already serving life in prison  for the crime, testified that the abuse against his daughter began shortly after he married Tiffany in 2009. As early as 2010, Tiffany was already in court pleading guilty to beating Emani.

Emani’s Grandmother Robin Ross told Eman to let the little girl come live with her but he said no.  Blaming it on pride, he refused to let Emani move and it would ultimately cost the 10-year old her life.

Leading up to her death, Emani was confined to her room and starved to death. Tiffany took great care of her two biological children, but deprived Emani of the basic necessities to live.  When she died she weight just 32 lbs.

emani moss in blue

The events came to a head on Oct. 24, 2013.  Eman came home from work to find Emani seizing in the bathtub. Eman didn’t call 911 or take Emani to the hospital. Tiffany said no. Eman put her in her bed and she never moved again, dying on October 28th or 29th.

“She was shaking,” he testified. “She was trying to say something, but she wasn’t saying much. (Her eyes) were going from left to right.”

What happened next is beyond disturbing.  Tiffany suggested they bury the little girl but Eman decided they would burn her body.  He purchased a trash can and together along with their two other children, Tristan – 3 and Emma -1, drove out to the woods and proceeded to burn Emani’s body.

Rigor mortis had set in so Eman had to crack his 10-year old daughter’s bones to make her fit in the trash can.  He threw in some charcoal briquettes, doused her with lighter fluid and set her on fire.

After realizing that her body wouldn’t completely burn to ash, he put the fire out, loaded the trash can with her body in it back onto the truck and went back home.

The next day, Eman went to work with Emani’s burnt body still in the back of his truck in a trash can.  He worked two jobs and at the end of the day he pulled the plug on the evil events that they both had now been a part of .  Tiffany said no when he wanted to call authorities, but he called anyone.

She fled with their two children and dropped them off at her mother’s house.  She ultimately turned herself in.

Chiefs: DA Reopens Criminal Case Involving Tyreek Hill And Crystal Espinal

(Overland Park, KS-AP) – Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Friday a local prosecutor has reopened a domestic violence investigation involving suspended wide receiver Tyreek Hill after a TV station broadcast audio in which Hill and his fiancee discuss injuries to their 3-year-old son.

Reid and general manager Brett Veach both declined comment about Hill’s case and potential next steps involving their star player. The prosecutor, Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe, did not return a message.


”I’m not going to have too much to add,” Veach said in response to multiple questions about Hill. ”As I said yesterday, we’re going to continue to gather information, evaluate information and, as I said yesterday, we’ll make the right decision when the time is appropriate.”

Police were called to Hill’s home twice last month and determined the child had been injured. On Wednesday, Howe said he would not  file charges against Hill or Crystal Espinal even though his office believed a crime had occurred . He said available evidence didn’t establish who had hurt the child.

”As a prosecutor, as a father of four, yes, it frustrates me when someone hurts a child and you can’t do anything about it,” Howe said then. ”One of the elements of a crime is you have to prove who that person is who committed the act.”

A day later, KCTV in Kansas City aired part of an 11-minute audio file in which Espinal tells Hill earlier this year that when the boy was asked about his injured arm he replied: ”Daddy did it.”

Hill denied any role in what happened to the child, saying: ”He says Daddy does a lot of things.”

Espinal also tells Hill their son is ”terrified of you.”

Hill replies, ”You need to be terrified of me, too, bitch.”

Later, Espinal asks Hill, ”What do you do when the child is bad? You make him open up his arms and you punch him in the chest.”

Howe has not responded to requests for comment about the audio recording, which the TV station said has been provided to his office. KCTV said the recording is believed to have been made in March when the parents were walking through an airport in Dubai.
The station said Espinal sent it to at least one friend and was shared with KCTV ”by someone who is concerned about the welfare of the couple’s child.”

Several media outlets reported that Overland Park police went to the Hill home on Thursday night after receiving an anonymous call from someone worried about Espinal. According to the reports, Espinal was fine and officers were at the home for only a short

The Chiefs have suspended Hill while the team looks into the developments. The NFL could also punish Hill under its personal conduct policy.

Hill’s history with Espinal is well known. In 2015, he pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation in an incident involving his then-pregnant girlfriend the previous year.

The incident resulted in his dismissal from the Oklahoma State football team and he was put on probation until August 2018. He wound up playing at tiny West Alabama, where he juggled school and football with counseling sessions and other court-mandated service work until the NFL came calling.

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs

Hill, a fifth-round pick who is a two-time Pro Bowler, was part of a controversial draft class by the Chiefs and then-general manager John Dorsey in 2016.

The Chiefs also spent a third-round pick that year on cornerback KeiVarae Russell, who missed an entire season for violating Notre Dame’s honor code in an academic misconduct case; a fourth-round pick on wide receiver Demarcus Robinson, who was suspended four times at Florida for drugs and other violations; and a sixth-round pick on Virginia Tech linebacker Dadi Nicolas, who was once charged with larceny and suspended for bumping an official. Among them, only Robinson is still on the roster.

Last year, the Chiefs released star running back Kareem Hunt following a video that showed him pushing and kicking a woman in a hotel hallway. Hunt is suspended for the first eight games of the upcoming season but has a one-year deal with Cleveland under
Dorsey, the Browns GM who signed Hunt while he was with the Chiefs.

“You Should Be Terrified Of Me Too, Bitch.” Tyreek Hill Claims Innocence In Child Abuse Claim, But Secret Recording Proves Otherwise

(Kansas City, KS) – Chiefs wide receiver an Pro Bowler Tyreek Hill is professing his innocence one day after prosecutors declined to charge him in a domestic incident in March that caused injuries to his 3-year-old son. Those injuries allegedly included a broken arm.
A taped conversation has now surfaced. It’s believed to be Tyreek Hill and the child’s mother Crystal Espinal having a conversation about the kid’s injuries.  Espinal is trying to tell Hill that the kid is terrified of him to which he says, “He respects me.”
Espinal again challenges his respect claim and says “No. He’s terrified of you.”  Hill responds by saying, “You should be terrified of me too, Bitch.”
Espinal then brings up the situation that led to the abuse claim. Apparently, she and hill were getting into it and the little boy said, “Daddy you’re mean.”  Hill then demanded that the kid come downstairs and he didn’t want to go because he was scared.  Espinal told the child to go on and go because if he didn’t, it would be worse for him.

Espinal: “He started crying and you were like, ‘Shut up, shut up, stop crying, stop crying.'”

Hill: “Right.”

Espinal: “And then he kept crying because he was scared. He’s terrified. You grabbed onto him somehow or he fell. One of the two.”

Hill: “I didn’t do nothing. That’s sad, bro.”

Espinal: “Then why does he say, ‘Daddy did it? Why?”

Hill: “I don’t know. He says Daddy does a lot of things.”

Espinal: “Like what? A 3-year-old is not going to lie about what happened to his arm.”

Later in the audio, Espinal describes how Hill makes the 3-year old open his arms and punches him in the chest when he cries. The little boy had made this claim to CPS as well.  Espinal also charges that Hill grabs the belt when the kid is in trouble. So Hill, then accuses Espinal of also hitting the child with a belt. She refutes that charge and asks him to detail any time in which he has seen her whip their child with a belt.
Hill then tries to say that his mother said she’s seen Espinal whip the child with a belt.
My question then, is, what does his mom think about him punching her 3-year old grandson in the chest?
The district attorney in Johnson County, Kansas announced Wednesday that he believed a crime was committed against the child, who has since been placed in protective care, but he could not conclusively prove who was responsible.
In a statement released by his attorney, Hill said, “My son’s health and happiness is my number one priority.” And he’s “working hard to be the best person for my family and our community that I can be.”
KansasCity.Com reports, Attorneys further commented that their client has maintained from the beginning that he was “innocent of any crime.” The attorneys — Trey Pettlon, Ryan Ginie and Julius Collins — also said Hill has been working with authorities. “Contrary to some media reports, Tyreek cooperated with law enforcement, waived his Fifth Amendment rights, and answered questions from both law enforcement and DCF (Department for Children and Families),” the attorneys said in the release.
“Unfortunately, due to laws related to confidentiality, as much as he would like to, he cannot comment regarding specific allegations.” News had surfaced in mid-March that Overland Park police took two reports at Hill’s Johnson County home, one for battery and the other for child abuse and neglect. The police reports, dated March 5 and March 14, both involved a juvenile.
Hill, the 25-year-old star wide receiver for the Chiefs, has a history of domestic violence.
  • In 2014, Hill reportedly punched and choked Espinal, who was then eight weeks pregnant with their son. He was arrested and dismissed from the Oklahoma State football team. He pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation in August 2015, and received three years probation. The Chiefs selected Hill in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft. The conviction was dismissed last August and ordered to be expunged after he completed his probation requirements.
Hill could still be subject to discipline from the NFL, which has yet to publicly comment on the matter.

Sick: West Virginia Man Convicted Of Incest With Three-Year-Old Daughter

(Bluefield, WV) – A 26-year old man from West Virginia has been convicted of incest with his 3-year-old daughter.

The sickening case of Henry Vincent Bennett unfolded in a Bluefield, West Virginia courtroom but started back in February when he was first arrested for sexually assaulting his daughter.

Reportedly, back then, the 3-year-old told family members that she was being sexually abused.  Subsequently, she told state child safety workers that her father had put his ‘butt’ on her ‘butt’.  The little girl made a penis out of play-doh and said it was her father’s ‘butt’.5c11965e9984c.image A string of disturbing lies followed after the father was questioned by authorities.  He initially denied any wrongdoing but then quickly asserted that he had in fact, mistakenly, had contact with the girl.  Bennett claimed he sexually assaulted his daughter on two occasions.  One, in which he claims he used a sex toy and another incident where he said the little girl performed oral sex on him.

Even more shocking, Bennett said he mistook his 30lb daughter for his 185lb wife. With the first act, he said he ‘accidentally’ placed the sex toy inside the girls’ buttocks. And the oral sex incident supposedly happened when he was wife performing oral sex on him and got up to use the bathroom.  Bennett stated that while his wife was in the restroom, his daughter walked into the room and started performing oral sex on him before he realized it wasn’t his 24-year-old wife April who was also arrested.


Bennett would later try to say that his confession wasn’t true and that he was pressured by police to make the story up.  He said authorities told him he could go home if he confessed. But during his tearful testimony, Bennett confirmed the confession was true when the prosecutor was grilling him about how he could mistake his tiny daughter for his adult sized wife. Bennett told the courtroom, “I was laying on my back.  I thought it was April and when I rolled over the girl yelled.”

It jurors just 30 minutes to convict Bennett on two counts each of first degree sexual assault, sexual abuse by a parent and incest. His wife April copped a deal that pleading guilty to child neglect. April is free on bail awaiting sentencing scheduled for next month.

Henry Vincent Bennett is in the Southern Regional Jail in Beaver, WV.  He could face 80-270 years in prison.

Man Shot At Tekashi69’s Court Hearing Celebration

(New York, NY) – Just go home and stay in the house for a bit.  When trouble finds you wherever you go, sometimes that’s a hint that you need to sit down for a bit.  Just as Rapper Tekashi69 tried to breath a sigh of relief after being sentenced to 4 years probation on a charge of using a 13-year old child in a sexual performance, the rapper might face a new charge or civil suit after a man was shot at his ‘jail-avoidance party’.ny-1540597313-3mt0a2a8jt-snap-imagePolice say it happened after two men approached the rapper’s entourage and got into  an altercation after being rejected entry.  It was Friday at Philippe Chow’s restaurant in Manhattan. Authorities say after Zachary Bunce and Faheem Walter were turned away they came back and started a brawl.  Chairs were thrown and one of Tekashi69’s security guards shot Faheem Walter in the abdomen.  He is said to be in stable condition.

Bunce and Walter were arrested.

Man Sentenced To Death For Boy Torture Death

(Palmdale, CA) – A Palmdale man is heading to death row for the torture and murder of his girlfriend’s seven-year-old son. He and Pearl Fernandez were sentenced yesterday, after a judge called their actions “horrendous, inhumane and nothing short of evil.”2553734_1280x720The judge added that it would not be right to call the crimes animalistic, because even animals know how to care for their offspring. Fernandez was sentenced to life in prison without parole after she pleaded guilty to murder and torture.

Prosecutors say Gabriel Fernandez was shot with a BB gun, forced to sleep in a cabinet, beaten with a belt, gagged and bound, and endured more abuse for several months before his 2013 death.

Mother Tries To Saw Off Autistic Son’s Head

(SL) – A Maryland woman is charged with attempted murder because she allegedly tried to decapitate her autistic son. Kristina Petrie, 46, was charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree child abuse and second-degree child abuse.

According to reports the incident began when Petrie’s son came home from school and went into his room to play video games. The boy’s mother appeared a short while later, with a bone saw in hand, and asked why he was not doing his homework.

That’s when Petrie pinned the boy down and then allegedly “jammed” the cutting tool against her son’s neck and began “moving it back and forth multiple times. Police say the boy managed to get away from his mother

Reportedly, Petrie’s husband admitted her to MedStar Montgomery Medical after she confessed to trying to kill the boy becasue she felt overwhelmed and feared both her sons “would grow up to be a burden to society” and as a result they “needed to die”.

California Parents Accused Of Torture Plead Not Guilty

(Riverside, CA) – Bail is set at 12 million dollars for each of the California parents accused of chaining their 13 kids to furniture in deplorable conditions. David and Louise Turpin both pleaded not guilty in a court hearing in Riverside east of Los Angeles.

They face a mountain of charges, including torture and abuse. After the hearing, one of the public defenders assigned to the case emphasized their clients are innocent until proven guilty. The attorney said it’s a serious and challenging case, and added that he can’t comment on their mental state.

180117-turpin-adult-children-annotated-mn-0850_20746c50cc7684dc0b9cd712de4116ae.nbcnews-ux-1024-900Reportedly, the children were found living in filth including their own feces and urine and were only allowed to bath twice a year. Some of them were chained and had been for months.

Other claims include:

  • The children were accustomed to frequent beatings, including strangulation
  • They were only allowed one shower a year
  • The children would stay awake all night until going to sleep at four or five in the morning and slept during the day
  • They were not allowed to play with any toys but many were found inside the house in their original packaging
  • If the children washed their hands above the wrist they were subjected to punishments, allegedly accused of “playing with water”
  • The Turpin parents allowed their children to eat only one meal a day but the parents would sometimes buy food, like pumpkin pies, and place it where the children could see it but not eat it
  • They have never seen a dentist and haven’t visited a doctor in over four years
  • The children lack basic knowledge of life, and did not know who a police officer was

kidsThe two-year-old was of normal weight but the other children were severely malnourished, authorities said.

The 12-year-old weighed as much as a seven-year-old and the 29-year-old weighed only 82 lbs (37kg).  The father has been charged with one count of a lewd act against a child under the age of 14. If convicted they face 94-years to life in prison.

House Of Horrors: Parents Arrest For Chaining Up Kids

(Perris, CA) – A California couple is being held on nine-million dollars bail for reportedly keeping their children chained up in deplorable conditions. Around 6 o’clock Sunday morning a 17-year old girl managed to grab a phone, escape from the house in Perris, located about an hour east of Los Angeles, and call 911.4221396001_5712161767001_5712156835001-vsInvestigators arrived shortly after and say they found 13 children raging in ages from two to 29, malnourished and living in filthy conditions. Officials say some of the kids were shackled to their beds in dark, foul smelling rooms.


Police arrested their parents David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, and charged them with torture and child endangerment. Child Protective Services (CPS) and Adult Protective Services (APS) arrived to assist in the investigation. The victims were provided with food and beverages after they claimed to be starving.

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Man Beats Stepson To Death And Then Forces Siblings To Sleep In Bed With His Corpse

(Tampa, FL) – Be careful who you lay down with and allow around your children. Sad story out of Tampa, Fl involving a 31-year old man who is being charged with murdering his stepson over a cookie.

The crime allegedly took place in the Masters Inn in Seffner Florida where Jack Junior Montgomery was watching the young boy and his three brothers while their mother Donya Shenita Russell was working a double shift at work.

2377711_240It’s being reported that 7-year old Brice Russell got out of bed to get cookie and Montgomery not only repeatedly punched and kicked the little boy but forced his siblings to engage in the attack as well. He also threw the boy around.

His brothers say “[Montgomery] picked him up and flung him across the hotel room into what’s kind of a cabinet, where he hit head first. The State Attorney also say an employee at the hotel called police after they heard loud shouting in a room where a man was yelling “beat the kid” and “push the kid over there.”

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call around 1 a.m on Saturday to conduct a welfare search. Montgomery, who identified himself to officers as “Jack,” said he was playing loud music and opened the door to show authorities the sleeping children. Prosecutors said Montgomery put Brice to sleep with the other children in the same bed, but officials think the child was dead by that time.jack montgomery_1514765610086.jpg_4754667_ver1.0_640_360

“Mr. Montgomery took the child put him to bed and had the siblings sleep with him while Brice was dead the entire night,” Smith said.
The next morning, Montgomery called 911 to report that his stepson was not breathing. Brice was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Medical Examiner’s office said the boy’s death was due to a result of homicidal violence. The investigation found that Montgomery had punched the child in the face, stomach, and mouth.

Jack-Junior-Montgomery1Montgomery has a history of domestic violence and battery and could be looking at the death penalty for the boy’s murder. He was arrested on Sunday and charged with aggravated child abuse and felony first-degree murder. Montgomery is currently being held at the county jail on $870,000 bond.