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Another School Shooting Leaves Several Injured, Two Dead, Suspect Survived Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

(Santa Clarita, CA) – Two students are dead after a school shooting at Saugus High School in Southern California. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials said deputies found six victims on the quad when they arrived at the Santa Clarita school. They transported the six to local hospitals and later determined that one of them was the suspect. Detective Kent Wegener said the school’s surveillance video system showed the suspect shoot himself in the head. The victims killed are a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. It was the suspect’s birthday today. He turned 16.

The calls of a shooting came in at 7:38 this morning. Officers were on the scene two minutes later. A search began immediately for the suspect and continued for hours and extended to a home on the other side of a hill across from the school. They searched the suspect’s home to ensure there were no other victims.

Detective Kent Wegener said they reviewed video that shows the suspect shooting himself in the head in the quad area of Saugus High School and is in grave condition.  Wegner said they identified the shooter from witness testimony as well as video at the school.

Previous reports indicated he was dead, but police say he’s now being treated a nearby hospital. He is reportedly in grave condition. The teen allegedly used a handgun to shoot his classmates. The other victims are described as two girls, ages 15 and 14, and a second 14-year-old boy. There was a seventh person injured, but it was not a shooting injury.

The shooting took place this morning and officers arrived at the scene two minutes after the first call came in. The suspect turned 16 today. He’s described as an Asian male who was dressed in all black.

Airbnb Bans Party Houses After Halloween Shooting That Killed 5 People

(Orinda, CA) – Airbnb is banning party houses after five people were killed in a shooting at a Halloween party inside a rental home in northern California. That home was listed on Airbnb. More than 100 people attended the party in Orinda, which is about 20 miles east of San Francisco.

The fifth victim died Friday. The person renting the house told the owner she was holding a reunion for about a dozen people.

Police are still searching for the shooter. Airbnb said on Twitter that starting immediately is was banning party houses and redoubling efforts to combat unauthorized parties.

Recovery Effort Continues In Earthquake-Stricken Southern California

(Ridgecrest, CA-AP) — Crews are working to assess the damage in Southern California after two powerful earthquakes last week. Ridgecrest Police Chief Jed McLaughlin said his department’s main focus is to ensure the public is safe and has all basic necessities.

He says all roads and sidewalks have been assessed and are in good condition and able to be used. The city’s wastewater system and regular water system are operating normally and there is no need to boil water before use.

The first earthquake hit on the Fourth of July with a magnitude of 6.4 and has been described as a “foreshock.” A second strong quake hit Friday night at a magnitude 7.1.

L.A. Mayor Fights Feds On Helping Migrant Kids

(Los Angeles, CA) – L.A.’s mayor says his office isn’t getting any federal help in an effort to assist migrant children. Mayor Eric Garcetti said today the city is working to identify an estimated 100 children believed to be in Los Angeles after being separated from their parents.

Garcetti says the federal government is not providing any information about the children and there is no legal grounds for the city to make that happen. Garcetti believes the children in the city were being placed in group homes and foster care through organizations contracted with the federal government.

He says most of the kids are believed to be “among the very youngest.”

19-Year-Old Arrested For Human Trafficking In San Francisco

(San Francisco, CA) – A San Francisco man is facing 27 felony counts of human trafficking and pimping of a minor following a months-long investigation by local and federal law enforcement. District Attorney George Gaston announced the arrest of 19-year-old Kriz Mike Nunez in a news conference Thursday.

The investigation began in February when an undercover officer responded to an online ad for a 17-year-old girl he ended up meeting at a San Francisco hotel. She was safely rescued and officials identified Nunez as a suspect. They served search warrants that turned up drugs, cell phones, cash, and a handgun and Nunez was taken into custody.

Gascon says human trafficking cases are on the rise in the city, but adds that the department lacks the funds to fight the crimes. He is asking the Board of Supervisors for one-million dollars to fight human trafficking in the city. More than 500 cases were prosecuted in 2015 and Gascon says San Francisco is on par with New York in terms of the high rate of arrests and prosecutions. The ad in the Nunez case had been posted on Backpage.com, which was shut down by federal agents in April.

Employees At Jessica Biel’s Restaurant Drop Lawsuit

(Los Angeles, CA) – Former employees at Jessica Biel’s West Hollywood restaurant are dropping a lawsuit against her. The workers had claimed they were cheated out on tips, overtime pay and breaks at Au Fudge, and they sought at least one million-dollars in damages. Papers were filed yesterday to drop the case, but details on why or whether a settlement was reached have not been disclosed.

The employees were represented by Keith Davidson, who formerly represented Stormy Daniels and was named in a lawsuit filed yesterday. She claims he and attorney Michael Cohen hatched a plan to coerce her into publicly denying that she had an affair with Donald Trump.

Drop The Mentos: Officer Pulls Gun On Suspected Mint Thief

(Buena Park, CA) – Security camera footage shows an off-duty police officer pull a gun on a man he suspected of stealing Mentos at a California gas station. It happened in March in Buena Park when Jose Arreola stopped to get cash from an ATM and pick up the mints for his wife.

The footage shows Arreola hand the cashier a 20-dollar-bill and pocket the mints while waiting for change. The officer, standing behind him, immediately pulled a gun and demanded Arreola put the mints, worth one-dollar-and-19 cents back on the counter.

He tried to explain he had paid for the mints but the officer told him to take his change and leave. Arreola says the entire incident was traumatic and he’s suing the local police department.

Trump Lashes Out At California Over Pardons

(Palm Beach, FL) – President Trump isn’t limiting his Twitter attacks to one target. Trump blasted California Governor Jerry Brown for pardoning five illegal immigrants who were facing deportation.

Trump said the crimes of those pardoned included kidnapping, robbery, domestic violence and drug dealing. He then asked, “Is this what the great people of California want?” The President’s comments come after the Democratic governor granted more than 50 pardons and 14 commutations Friday.

Gunman, Hostages Dead In California Veterans Home Standoff

(Yountville, CA) – Four people are dead after a hostage crisis at a veterans home in Northern California. Officials said law enforcement officers entered the building at the Veterans Home of California in Yountville tonight, where they found the bodies of three women and a man.Veterans_Home_Shooting_48432The man is the suspect who apparently killed himself. The names of the dead were not released. The incident began Friday morning around 10:30 local time, when an armed man entered a room at the Pathway House and began shooting. No one was hurt in the initial incident.

The suspects car was also located and checked for explosives. No bombs were found. The suspect is believed to have been discharged from a program at the home dealing with vets experiencing emotional trauma.