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Delicia Cordon’s 911 Call Released As It’s Revealed Police Had Previously Made Visits To The Home And She Refused To Leave Because She Had Nowhere Else To Go

(Atlanta, Ga) – Police responded to several nonviolent disputes at the home where Buffalo Bills star LeSean McCoy was attempting to evict his former girlfriend before an unidentified man bloodied the 34-year-old woman in a home invasion.

Police responded early Tuesday to the home in Milton, just outside Atlanta, after McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon called 911. The reports from Milton police show that officers had previously been called to the home in July 2017 and in April and June of this year, but no violence was reported during any of those incidents.


In a recording released Thursday of Cordon’s 911 call she can be heard describing her alleged attacker to a dispatcher and saying she believed the attack was connected with her ex-boyfriend.

”My face is demolished right now,” Cordon said during the call. A man entered the home around 3 a.m. Tuesday and demanded specific pieces of jewelry that McCoy had given to Cordon and that he had asked her to give back many times, Cordon’s lawyer Tanya Mitchell Graham said in an emailed statement Tuesday.

McCoy had often suggested to Cordon that she ”could be robbed because the jewelry was expensive,” the statement said.

The man tried to take bracelets from her wrist, leaving bruises, and hit her in the face multiple times with a gun, the lawyer said. Cordon’s cousin was also hurt when she was hit in the back of the head.

”He just kept asking for jewelry. I think it’s got something to do with my ex-boyfriend because my ex-boyfriend and I are,” Cordon said before being cut off by the dispatcher asking if she needed medical help.

McCoy, who turned 30 on Thursday, is preparing to enter his fourth season with the Bills. He spent his first six seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he led the NFL in yards rushing in 2013 before being traded to Buffalo in 2015.

He took to social media Tuesday to deny a wide range of allegations posted earlier in the day by a woman who appeared to be friends with Cordon, accusing him of hurting his former girlfriend. McCoy has since hired prominent Atlanta criminal defense attorney Don Samuel.


Fulton County Magistrate Court records show that McCoy initiated eviction proceedings against Cordon on July 3, 2017, saying that the pair were no longer in a relationship. Court records show two attempts to serve Cordon with the document but no other action.

That evening, police responded to a report of a domestic dispute at the home, according to a police report. Cordon wasn’t there when officers got there, but they spoke to McCoy, who told them he and Cordon had broken up and had been having issues.

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LeSean McCoy Denies Involvement In Attack On Ex-Girlfriend

(Milton, GA) – Bills running back LeSean McCoy has denied accusations of domestic violence and more in a statement. The response came after a woman posted a graphic image of McCoy’s reported former girlfriend bruised and bloodied, and accused him of beating his dog until it developed kidney failure, “viciously” beating his son and using steroids.
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
Police in Milton, Georgia, where McCoy owns a house,released a statement in response to the incident, detailing how officers responded to home a home invasion at 3:18 a.m. Tuesday,although McCoy was not mentioned by name.
There appears to be some issue with the woman refusing to leave the home. Reportedly, McCoy attempted to move her belongings out of the house when she was away for a family member’s graduation in June. She claims that security video showed associates of McCoy moving her out while she was away. The woman called the cops and subsequently LeSean officially filed paperwork through the courts to order her out of the property.
The woman identified as Delicia Cordon alleges that McCoy changed security companies for the home and did not give her access to the code or security cameras leaving her without the ability to arm or disarm the alarm.
Last year, Cordon accused McCoy of cheating with an escort and insulted his manhood. Reports show the cops have been at the house two times before; once in July of 2017 and April of 2018. McCoy says he hasn’t seen Cordon in months hinting that their relationship has been over for some time.
A lawyer for Cordon says the intruder demanded jewelry that McCoy had asked to be returned several times. She told 911 dispatchers the two were breaking up and McCoy set her up.

Bills’ Zay Jones Arrested After naked, Bloody Argument May Have Been Trying To Attempt Suicide

LOS ANGELES –  Buffalo Bills receiver Zay Jones was arrested Monday night in Los Angeles after a naked, bloody argument with his brother, Vikings receiver Cayleb Jones.

The player, whose legal name is Isaiah Avery Jones, was arrested after officers were called to a disturbance in downtown Los Angeles, said Officer Luis Garcia, a police spokesman.

When the officers arrived, they found Jones ”breaking glass doors and windows” and arrested him on suspicion of felony vandalism, Garcia said.

The arrest was first reported by TMZ, which posted a video of the brothers arguing that showed a nude Zay Jones pushing his brother in what appeared to be the hallway of an apartment building. The site also obtained a photo of a broken window with what appeared to be blood on the floor nearby.

Listening to the audio on the video it appears that Zay may have been attempting suicide saying he wanted to fight for Jesus. Reportedly, after he broke the glass on the 30th floor he was trying to get through it. Thank God his brother was there.

Buffalo Bills’ WR Zay Jones Appears To Levitate After Missing Pass

(SL) – In a move that would make Michael Jackson proud, Zay Jones appeared to defy gravity on Sunday’s game against the Chiefs. On a second-quarter play, Jones fell to the ground just out of the end zone trying to make a catch.

He missed the pass and afterwards appeared to float backwards onto his feet. Up until now, the rookie was living a pretty quiet life. But now, his magic has been exposed baffling half the planet. The others are in on it, they just haven’t shared the secret.

In a move that will no doubt make you hit the rewind button, people who have worked with Zay aren’t surprised. It’s his athleticism. And one of his former college coaches says you can attribute this move directly to his core strength. Well, whatever the cause, it’s pretty astonishing to watch.
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Falcons Lose To The Bills 23-17, Loss Of Jones and Sanu Costly

(SL) – One could say that the Falcons got going late, putting their first set of points on the board with a 28-yard field goal in the second quarter. But others would say the Bills just came to play. After a scoreless first quarter, both the Falcons and the Bills turned the heat up inside Mercedes Benz Stadium in the second qtr.

After the Falcons put up 3, the Bills would make good use of their next possession on a pass from Tyrod Taylor to Jordan Matthews and take the lead 7-3. Not to be outdone, Devonta Freeman ended the first half with a short TD and it was 7-10.

Second half, there would be an absolute shift in energy and ball control. The Bills opened the scoring in the second half when Tre’davious White scooped up a Matt Ryan fumble and took it in for a touchdown (14-10). This would be the start of several fumbles and bad ball control. And did I mention that two people were noticeably absent.  Julio Jones and Mohammed Sanu were out. Jones with a hip injury and Sanu’s hamstring would put them both on the sideline.

The Bills made good on an interception in the third after Matt Ryan attempted to go long and Micah Hyde foiled his plan. Heading into the 4th, the Bills worked their way down to 3rd and 1 inches away from the goal line, but instead of just going for it, they try to apparently pull the Falcons offside a suffered from a delay of game; forcing them to settle for a field goal 17-10.

But all hope was not lost for Atlanta.  After WR Justin Hardy dropped a beautiful pass from Ryan, he would make up for it with 7 minutes left.  Ryan led his team down the field with an impressive drive and Hardy caught a 3-yard TD tying it up 17-17. It was also Hardy’s first TD catch of the season.

Tyrod Taylor, however, continued to blast through, putting the Bills in field goal position and the 56-yard kick was good. 20-17.

But we didn’t dare blink, this was a good one. The Falcons turned right around and off of a monstrous return from Andre Roberts, Atlanta found themselves at the BUF 42 yard line. The celebration would be short lived though, when Matt Ryan threw another interception. The result…. another field goal (55-yards with 3:06 left) by Buffalo and it’s 23-17 with a little less than 3 minutes to go. The Falcons drive but Matt Ryan is unable to connect with anybody and with that fourth and one stop the Bills hand the Falcons their first loss of the season.

Player of the game: Tyrod Taylor 12-20,182 yards and 1 TD