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Nips and Tucks: A Gallery of Who’s Real and Fake In Hollywood

(SL) – Establishing a false sense of beauty is expected in the business, but what happens when fans and the kids that look up to these stars realize that their expectations aren’t realistic.

Angelina Jolie-Pitt is rumored to have had a nose job.

The majority of your favorite celebs have had a little bit of help to achieve those perfect looks and bodies. Take a look at some celebs that are notorious for altering their bodies and some we applaud for keeping it as close to natural as possible. Weaves excluded because everyone in Hollywood wears wigs and extensions.

Who’s Real? 

Some of our favorites may have had nose jobs but we’re not sure. The power of makeup and contouring can do wonders!

Julie Chen reveals her plastic surgery before (l) and after in headshots on ‘ The Talk.

Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles (possible nose job, but it could be contouring), Scarlett Johannsen (possible nose job), Gisele Bundchen, Gabrielle Union, Jada Pinkett Smith, Angelina Jolie(possible nose job) Naomi Campbell, Rihanna (slight nose alteration after CB incident), Alicia Keys (possible nose job), Keri Hilson ( possible nose job), Kourtney Kardashian, Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett, Jessica Simpson(lip injections), Jennifer Anniston (possible nose job), Selena Gomez, Lupita Nyong’o, Meagan Good, Jessica Biel, Paula Patton, Chrissy Teigen

Who’s Been Nipped?

*NOTE* Kelly Rowland is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met but she has clearly had a nose job.

Jocelyn Wildenstein has had so much surgery they call her the lion lady.

Melanie Griffin, Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Kelly Rowland, Kimora Lee Simmons, Khloe Kardashian, NIcki Minaj, Donatella Versace, Lil Kim, Amerie, Tyra Banks, La La, Megan Fox, Nene Leakes, Heidi Montag, Posh Spice, Janet Jackson, Janet Dickinson, Fergie, Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore, Christina Aguillera, Michelle Pheiffer, Pam Anderson, Julie Chen, Ashley Simpson, Jocelyn Wildenstein, Elizabeth Hurley, Serena Williams (possible nose job), Jennifer Gray, Cher, Ellen Degeneres…the list goes on.

Nip Tuck Gallery