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Cheaters: It’s All Good Until You Get Caught

(SL) – The mind of a cheater is something else.  People carrying on affairs, lies and deceit, but once their fraudulent life is exposed, panic sets.  If you’re willing to take the risk, be willing to lose everything.  After all,  a married man or woman puts his life and those involved in jeopardy every time they participate in infidelity.

Cheaters never think they  will get caught, but when they do….all hell breaks lose and most of them can’t face the repercussions of what they’ve done. A New Jersey School Superintendent is the latest to succumb to the pressure and backlash of his deceit after his wife filed for divorce on their anniversary.

The Daily Mail reports David Browne’s life ended in divorce, unemployment and possible jail time after hackers revealed that he had an account with cheating website Ashley Madison.

The 55 year old took medical leave from his job as a school superintendent in Randolph, New Jersey, September, shortly after the hackers leaked lists of the site’s 30 million users.

2F1C9FDE00000578-3348215-image-a-17_1449417392612He was later placed on administrative leave from the $167,500-a-year job in October, the same day he is accused of setting fire to his detached garage in upscale Wyckoff, New Jersey.A source told the New York Post that Browne had an account on Ashley Madison and told his wife and employers about it after the data breach made international headlines.

In November his wife of 14 years filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and seeking custody of their two children, ages 12 and 10.

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