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Topless Woman Charges At Bill Cosby

(Norristown, PA) – A woman is under arrest for going topless and charging at Bill Cosby as he tried to enter a Philadelphia area courthouse for his second sexual assault trial. Video shows cops intercepting and taking the woman into custody.cosby-protest-topless-gty-ps-180409_hpMain_4x3_992Witnesses say the woman had “Women’s Lives Matter” written in red ink on her breasts and stomach. Cosby seemed surprised and shaken up but he was not harmed and entered the building when the scene was cleared. Meanwhile, the judge is delaying the start of the trial today while he questions a juror that the defense has raised questions about.Cosbynakedattack1-640x480Cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his Philadelphia area mansion in 2004. He denies the charges and his first trial ended in a hung jury. In addition to Constand, several other women will testify that Cosby allegedly sexually assaulted them in the 1980s and 1990s.


Bill Cosby Retrial Begins Today

(Norristown, PA) – The second sexual assault trial against Bill Cosby begins today. Cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his Philadelphia area mansion in 2004.

He has denied the charges and his first trial ended in a hung jury. During jury selection last week, seven men and five women, along with six alternates, were selected.

In addition to the alleged victim, Andrea Constand, several other women will be able to testify that Cosby allegedly sexually assaulted them in the 1980s and 1990s.

Cosby Jury Selection Begins Today

(Norristown, PA) – Jury selection begins today in Bill Cosby’s retrial for sexual assault. More than 180 potential jurors have been called to show up at the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania courthouse. Cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand back in 2004.

The defense is hoping that the judge will permit a witness who was barred in the first trial to testify in an effort to paint Constand as an extortionist. The judge will allow testimony from five of the more than 60 accusers with similar assault complaints about Cosby. The trial is set to start Monday, April 9th. The first trial ended in a hung jury.

Quaaludes Testimony Possibly Banned From Cosby Retrial

(Philadelphia, PA) – Jury selection is scheduled next week for Bill Cosby’s retrial for sexual assault charges. Montgomery County Judge Steven said he is considering keeping Quaaludes out of this trial because he will instead allow testimony from five more women.

Decade-old statements about the actor’s drug use were read in the 2015 trial, which ended in mistrial last June. Prosecutors said Cosby used the sedative to seduce women. The new testimonies are coming from women who claim they were victims of sexual misconduct before Andrea Constand, the victim at the center of this case.

Despite Andrea Constand Getting Caught In Lie, Prosecutors Plan To Retry Bill Cosby In November

(SL) – More tax dollars will be spent as District Attorney Kevin Steele’s will continue to go after Bill Cosby.

Judge Steven O’Neill signed an order Thursday saying all parties must report to the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on November 6.

The jury failed to reach a verdict after more than 52 hours of deliberations, leading O’Neill to declare a mistrial on June 17.


During the trial, phone records forced Andrea Constand to admit she lied about the date in which the assault happened.  After several phone calls proved there was no way she was unconscious on the night she claims Cosby drugged and assaulted her.

O’Neill, who oversaw the first trial, ordered attorneys to submit jury selection questions and instructions by October 30.

Around 60 women have publicly accused Cosby, 79, of being a serial sexual predator, alleging that he drugged and assaulted them over a span of 40 years across the United States. And almost all of those women admit to continuing a relationship with Cosby after the alleged assaults. Some even accepted money, jobs and educations for their children.

Due to the more than four decades that have passed, Constand’s allegations were the only criminal case brought against him and a jury failed to convict him on any of the charges.


COUNT 1 – Digital penetration without consent

Guilty – 10

Not guilty – 2

COUNT 2 – Andrea Constand was unconscious or unaware when Cosby was ‘assaulting’ her 

Guilty – 1

Not guilty – 11

COUNT 3 – Cosby gave Constand drugs without her knowledge or consent before the ‘attack’ 

Guilty – 10

Not guilty – 2

Cosby will face the same three counts of aggravated sexual assault.

Accuser Andrea Constand Switches Sworn Testimony After Phone Records Prove She Lied About Being Unconscious During Alleged Assault

(SL) – The Daily Mail reports, telephone records projected onto a white screen for the jury, showed that during the time frame when Constand had claimed to have been unconscious and assaulted she made a slew of calls – late into the night, including calls placed to Cosby.

Directing the jury to the records Agrusa stated: ‘On March 16 at 6.30 in the morning you put a call to your friend Sherry (Williams) at 6.30 correct? And then at 6.58 that’s a call you placed to Mr Cosby and then you tried him again at 7am.
‘And some point you go to that Central High Dinner. But if you look at line 291 you call Mr Cosby at 9.45pm and then not even 6 minutes later you call Sherry Williams that same night.
‘And then in fact you called Sherry again less than a minute later didn’t you? And in fact four minutes later you called Sherry Williams again didn’t you and this time you talked to her for about 12 minutes.
‘This is the night March 16 that you were drugged and unconscious in Mr Cosby’s home at about 9.15, 9.30 and you make a call to Mr Cosby to Sherry to Sherry and that same night at 10.06pm and at 10.13pm and you’re on the phone once again at 10.06.’
Her voice rising Agrusa came to her point: ‘At the very time you told police you were drugged and unconscious you were on the phone making multiple phone calls.
‘But you were passed out? There was no way you were making those calls.’
Rounding on Constand she said: ‘You weren’t drugged that night were you? You weren’t sexually assaulted on March 16 were you?’
‘No ma’am,’ Constand replied.
NBC news also reported on the court exchange as well as Page Six.

Staying Positive: Camille Cosby Pictured Smiling As She Arrives For Depostion In Bill’s Assault Case

(SL) – Bill Cosby’s wife of  52 years set for deposition after Judged declined to have her testimony postponed.  A lawyer for seven women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault said on Monday he planned to ask the comedian’s wife about the couple’s relationship in a deposition for his clients’ defamation lawsuit.

The Daily Mail reports, the Plaintiff’s lawyer Joseph Cammarata told reporters he intended to ‘vindicate our clients’ interests’ after a morning hearing at U.S. District Court in Springfield, where a judge ruled that the deposition would go ahead. ‘I expect to ask her about her relationship with Mr. Cosby, her relationship to his personal interests, his business interests and matters that are relevant to the issues in the case,’ Cammarata said.

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