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Odell Beckham Jr. Quiet On Alleged Video Of Him In Bed Next To Girl Lining Up Cocaine

(SL) – A video featuring an Odell Beckham lookalike has the internet buzzing. Whether or not it is in fact the Giants star or someone else or if the video is current is up for debate but if it is him, it’s not a good look.download-93In the short clip, Odell Beckham is seen laying in bed next to a pizza holding what appears to be a blunt or marijuana cigarette. Not too exciting right? The female next to him is what makes the video inappropriate and potentially costly for the baller. She’s holding a card and lining up a white substance that many think is cocaine. The wide receiver has been laying low in the off season while he reportedly attempts to negotiate a new deal.  Rumor has it that he’s hoping to up his pay to $20 million per year. He’s currently on a $8.5 million deal after New York picked up the fifth-year option on his rookie contract.

Beckham has been on a Nike-sponsored trip to Europe.  A Giants spokesperson says, “We’re aware of the video, but we don’t have any comment beyond that.”

Some say the NFL could step in with a suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. But…that’s assuming your assumptions are correct in that it’s him in the video and that it’s marijuana in the blunt like cigarette. To be continued…

Swerve: Kris Jenner Gets Booed, Kanye Is Out Of Control And Kim Brings It Back To Center With Photo Of Saint

(SL) – Some people call it damage control, I call it good marketing.  To be honest this is the kind of stuff I prefer to see from Kim K. She has kids  and it’s time to change gears a bit.


Most of us are more interested in seeing her be a mother versus her birthday suit anyway. And after a rough month that included her husband and babies’ father, Kanye West, getting called out by Amber Rose after claiming to own her son,  begging for money and attacking Taylor Swift yet again…top that off with Mama Kris getting severely booed at the iHeart 80’s concert and yeah… Kim Kardashian has obviously been running damage control.

0202-kim-amber-twitter-4She called a meeting with Amber Rose, posted sweet snaps of Kanye being a dad and now the swerve of all swerves…a pic of her new son Saint.


While people were probably waiting on her to sell images of her newborn to the highest bidder, Kim chose to release the first pic for her Father’s birthday on her website.  Cute kid and Kanye’s genes clearly dominated on this one.

Wiz and Amber Hangout After Drama Filled Week With Kanye

(SL) – Nice way to celebrate after collectively dragging Kanye West so hard Kim called Amber for a truce. Not only has Kanye apologized, but the title of his album still has yet to be confirmed. All this after the idea of labeling it ‘Waves’ spurred one of the most epic twitter battles in history that ended with one hashtag #fingersinthe*****a**bit** .


Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way and I think Kanye may make a strong effort to keep Amber Rose’s name off of his lips and twitter fingers from this point on.  He has had much to say about the former stripper he introduced to the world even while being married to Kim Kardashian, but Muva drew the line when Kanye tried to drag her and Wiz’s son into his ‘I am bigger than God’ rant.


Yeezus was reduced to pleezjus don’t say anything else. Lesson of the week…be careful what you say about those who know you intimately. Now…what everyone really wants to know is will Wiz and Amber get back together?