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Man Who Claims To Be Alex Rodriguez’s Nephew Held For Ransom

(New York, NY) – A man who has long claimed to be the nephew of former Yankee Alex Rodriguez is okay after being held for ransom this week in New York.
Cops say 29-year-old Norberto Susini was briefly held against his will by prospective buyers of a Lamborghini after the deal went bad inside his Times Square hotel room.
The two men allegedly demanded their 35-thousand-dollar deposit back, and when Susini refused, they attempted to get money from his business partners, who then called police. The two men Lamin Vucetovic, 33, and Anthony Gilkes, 30, were arrested after surrendering to police. As for Susini’s relationship to A-Rod, a source with knowledge of the matter tells “USA Today” there is no actual familial relationship.
 Susini told police he’s A-Rod’s nephew, but a spokesman for the former Yankee said Susino is the son of Rodriguez’s half-brother Joe’s late girlfriend.“This guy is 100-percent not Alex’s relative,” a spokesman for A-Rod said.
According to the Miami-Dade Clerk’s office, in 2014, Susini was charged with three counts of dealing in stolen property and one count of organized fraud, The disposition is listed as “no action,” denoting that the prosecutor declined to press charges.
In January 2018, Susini was charged with another third-degree felony for grand theft of a vehicle. That case was also marked as no action.
Reportedly, there is an open case against him. Susini is due in court later this month on a third degree felony charge for grand theft of a vehicle

Muy Caliente! J.Lo And A.Rod, Could This Be A Match? Singer Meets Baseball Player’s Sister, Shares Cuddly Snap

(SL) – It’s no secret that J.Lo’s body count is said to be pretty high and she’s been married three times. But sometimes, it takes a few turns on the wheel to get the right angle, right? She’s dated some hotties (Ben Affleck, Cris Judd, Marc Anthony) and some notties (Casper Smart).

But her recent romance with Alex Rodriguez might just surpass her relationship with Ben Affleck. He’s HOT. And granted, his body count is reportedly triple maybe quadruple x hers, but I don’t think anyone is counting.

Rodriguez recently broke up with billionaire Anne Wojcicki and Jennifer Lopez finally left Casper Smart alone leaving them both available for what could possibly be a homer in the love department.

3E6976E500000578-4327584-image-m-100_1489872297256Finding love is one thing, finding acceptance by your love interest’s family is another and Jenny from the block has made it over the first hurdle. The actress and singer hung out with A-Rod’s sister and his sibling had nothing but nice things to say about J.Lo.

In images shared by Suzy Durand, the luxury realtor cuddles up to her brother’s new woman.

Writing on IG Suzy explained: ‘Any given Friday! #miscuñis!#jlo’ – ‘cuñis’ being a slang Spanish word for a sister-in-law.


According to the latest reports, A-Rod and J-Lo ‘have been seeing each other for a few months.’

They’ve since been seen holidaying in the Bahamas – where she’d posted and quickly deleted a selfie that seemed to show him nuzzling her ear – and this Thursday night they went to dinner at Casa Tua in Miami.

She’s currently in Tampa with the baller while spring training continues.

Alex Rodriguez Splits Silicone Valley Billionaire Anne Wojcicki

(SL) – Alex Rodriguez and wealthy Silicon Valley CEO Anne Wojcicki ,43, have split after almost a year of dating. When the two connected, most thought they made an odd couple with nothing in common.

Well..she’s worth 30 billion dollars and while Rodriguez has a respectable net worth of about 400 million there’s a difference ….BIG difference. He might be rich, but she’s wealthy.

On a serious note, the two, only 2 years apart in age, had a common interest in the tech world and Rodriguez was attracted to her intellect.

Wojcicki pioneered a DNA research company, 23 and Me, in 2003, which gives individualized information on clients genetic history. It also does research into diseases such as Parkinson’s and asthma.

She was previously married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and the two have remained cordial after their divorce was finalized in 2015.

Rodriguez is in Tampa on Friday getting ready for a spring training game between the Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies.

Rodriguez, 41, played his last game for the Yankees in August. He remains with the team though as an adviser.