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$5000 For A Plane Ticket? Airlines Take Advantage Of People Trying To Get Families Out Of Hurricane Irma’s Path

(SL)- Purchasing a plane ticket ‘same day’ can be expensive but I’ve never seen one for more than a thousand dollars round trip. The thought of seeing $5000 on a ticket price would equate to price gouging and then some.

Several Floridians and people trying to evacuate from San Juan were shocked to see prices jumping over 800 dollars a day while they were trying to get their loved ones to safety.

Airlines like Delta and  American Airlines had no problem taking advantage of people trying to get out harm’s hiking up their prices and milking it for what they can.

One woman, Leigh Dow, tweeted a screen grab of a Delta ticket price changing from $547.50 to $3,258.50.


Now granted, two hours later she tweeted she had spoken to Delta and they were able to assist her.  ‘Delta reached out & helped tremendously. Note to travelers, always call airline directly if something doesn’t look right.’

John Lyons, whose daughter goes to school at the University of Miami bought his daughter a ticket home to Boston at a reasonable rate on Monday evening at around $160.00.

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Hurricane Irma Upgraded To Category 4 Storm, Florida Governor Calls For State Of Emergency

(SL) – As Hurricane Irma inches closer to the US, Florida Governor Rick Scott is putting Floridians on alert and declaring a state of emergency for the sunshine state.

Scott says, “Hurricane Irma is a major and life-threatening storm and Florida must be prepared. I have continued to be briefed by the Florida Division of Emergency Management on Hurricane Irma and current forecast models have Florida in Irma’s path – potentially impacting millions of Floridians.”

Irma grew into a Category 4 storm on Monday as it approached the northeastern Caribbean with winds of 140 mph. In comparison, Hurricane Harvey had winds of 130 mph when it made landfall in Texas last week.

The Daily Mail reports, it is forecast to begin buffeting the region on Tuesday and the US National Hurricane Center said additional strengthening was expected.

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As Texas Suffers From Catastrophic Flooding, Did You Know That Trump Revoked Former President Obama’s Executive Order Involving Flood Protection Two Weeks Ago?

(SL) – As Texas continues to get buried by floods following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the country is being reminded of another hasty mistake Donald Trump made a couple of weeks ago.

A recent report by CNBC states, President Donald Trump was planning on revoking an Obama-era executive order that required strict building standards for government-funded projects to reduce exposure to increased flooding from sea level rise.

Trump did in fact sign his own executive order that afternoon revoking the standards as part of his administration’s plan to “streamline the current process” for infrastructure projects.


The officials say the Trump order does not prohibit state and local agencies from using a more stringent standard if they choose.

The sources claim Trump’s order will establish “discipline and accountability in the environmental review and permitting process for infrastructure projects, but most don’t agree with the move.

The Trump administration has complained that it takes too much time to get permits and approvals for construction projects. The administration has issued dozens of rules and orders to reverse or rescind Obama-era regulations addressing climate change and its consequences such as rising sea levels and more severe storms.

The Obama-era standard Executive Order 13690 required that builders factor in scientific projections for how climate change could affect flooding in a certain area and ensure projects can withstand rising sea levels and stronger downpours.

Obama required all federal agencies apply the standard to all public infrastructure projects from public housing to highways.


It raised base flood levels to a higher vertical elevation to “address current and future flood risk and ensure that projects funded with taxpayer dollars last as long as intended,” according to a 2015 Treasury Department presentation on the order.

U.S. officials have estimated that the United States suffered $260 billion in flood related damages between 1980 and 2013.


Flood policy expert Eli Lehrer, president of the libertarian R Street Institute, has been critical of many Obama initiatives. But he said revoking this order was a kneejerk political reaction by the Trump administration, which will end up costing taxpayers money.

“The Trump administration is acting very rashly in part out of the desire to undo a climate measure under the Obama administration,” he said. “This is an enormous mistake that is disastrous for taxpayers. The (Obama) rule would have saved billions of dollars over time.”

While Hurricane Harvey Was Hitting Texas, Trump Pardoned Racist Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio And Formally Banned Transgenders From Joining The Military

(Washington, DC) – While most people were glued to their televisions and social media sites following Hurricane Harvey’s destruction on Texas, Donald Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio.  Arpaio is the former Arizona Sheriff whose aggressive efforts to hunt down and detain undocumented immigrants  landed him with a criminal conviction.

The New York Times reports, Mr. Arpaio, 85, served for 24 years as sheriff of Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix , building a national reputation for harsh conditions in his county jail, and for his campaign against undocumented immigrants.

_97561664_aa16b4ad-3b87-47c5-bcd8-d5ae0ac30084Mr. Arpaio had touted himself as “America’s toughest sheriff,” making inmates wear pink underwear and serving jail food that at least some prisoners called inedible. He was also at the forefront of the so-called birther movement that aimed to investigate President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

The criminal conviction grew out of a lawsuit filed a decade ago charging that the sheriff’s office regularly violated the rights of Latinos, stopping people based on racial profiling, detaining them based solely on the suspicion that they were in the country illegally and turning them over to the immigration authorities.

In 2011, a federal district judge hearing the case ordered Mr. Arpaio to stop detaining people based solely on suspicion of their immigration status, when there was no evidence that a state law had been broken. But the sheriff insisted that his tactics were legal and that he would continue employing them.

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“I did get the lawn finished. It looks nice!”

(SL) -In Canada, one man’s commitment to get his lawn cut ahead of a busy weekend has gone viral. His wife took a photo of the man handling the lawn care with a massive tornado behind him.


Near Three Hills, Alberta, Theunis Wessels paid little mind to the brewing storm he had a list of chores and he was determined to get them checked of his to do list.

“I had to get it cut,” he told CTV News. “A lot of things happening over the weekend. Children were attending swim meets and some other sporting events over the weekend, so I had to make sure I got it done.”

Yahoo reports, He began mowing the lawn while his wife was napping. His nine-year-old daughter, nervous about the swirling twister gathering behind him, urged him to come inside. When he refused, she woke up his wife.

His wife, Cecilia Wessels, came out shortly after and snapped a few pictures, including one that captured her husband casually mowing the lawn against the dramatic backdrop of the tornado. It was the first time anyone in the family, originally from South Africa, had seen a tornado.

“I did ask him if he was coming inside with that thing in the clouds when I turned to come inside and he calmly said no,” she told the Associated Press.

Her husband insisted that he was closely monitoring the twister’s movement. “It was just forming and getting bigger,” he said. “I was seeing it coming up. I was watching it all the time. I was keeping an eye on it.”

The tornado was much farther away than it appeared in the photo, he said, and was quickly moving east, away from their home. No injuries were reported after the twister traveled through the area, bringing down trees and ripping the roof off a barn.

Speaking to CTV, Wessels noted – a slight hint of pride creeping into this voice – that despite all, he had managed to check the lawn off the weekend’s to-do list. “I did get the lawn finished and it looks nice.”

Watch The Video Of The Colorado Family Stuck In Their Car During Terrifying Hailstorm

(SL) – Oh My! This would have freaked me out! So I can imagine how her kids felt. Absolutely terrifying! Inside Edition reports, it was a terrifying moment for a mother trapped in her car with her three kids as huge chunks of hail pummeled down in Golden, Colorado on Monday. Her children cried as the golf-sized balls hit the car as they waited to pick up her oldest kids at school. Suddenly, the back window shattered and hail started pouring into the car. Stephanie Vandewalker did her best to calm the kids down and managed to record the scene.

Death Toll In Haiti Reaches 842 As Deadly Matthew Heads Towards Georgia

(SL) – How much more can Haiti take. Officials say the the death toll could rise into the thousands. Right now the number is 842.  Tens of thousands  of people have been left homeless in its rampage through Haiti earlier this week before it lashed Florida on Friday with howling winds and rolled northward up the US Atlantic coast.

storm-matthewHaiti, the poorest country in the Americas was left in devastation. The United States said it would send a Navy ship to the Island, with 300 Marines to add to the 250 personnel and nine helicopters already ordered to deploy to the country.

The massive storm will batter coastal Georgia and South Carolina Friday night and Saturday with a dangerous storm surge, damaging winds gusts and flooding rain.  If the latest computer model projections are correct, coastal South Carolina could endure a direct hit.abc_hurricane_matthew_forecast_track_01_mt_161006_4x3_992President Obama warned coastal residents not to let their guards down, especially given the storm surge threat. “Remember Sandy,” Obama said, “when people thought it wasn’t as bad as we thought and suddenly we got a massive storm surge.”

Saying, “Don’t be part of the history of this hurricane that might include a long list of fatalities in the US due to water,” Rick Knabb, director of the National Hurricane Center, pleaded with residents of Georgia and South Carolina to evacuate as the storm approached from the South.


Bad Omen? Creepy And Monstrous Matthew Batters Caribbean As The Bahamas And The United States Prepare For Possible Direct Hits

(SL) – YES that is a REAL image. Hurricane Matthew  is scarier than ever and most people believe the image that appeared on weather maps is a bad omen.  Even though Matthew lost some wind speed overnight reducing it to a Category 3 storm at 115 mph but is expected to regain Category 4 strength by the time is reaches Florida.

Matthew’s high winds and rainfall caused landslides, flooding, and the destruction of homes and businesses across Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba who were starting rebuilding efforts today. 17 People are reportedly dead. The storm is now headed towards the Bahamas.

In the US, Florida Governor Rick Scott has issued a state of emergency and fears Matthew could do as much damage as Andrew did in 1992; while South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley says she’s prepared to evacuate at least a million people. North Carolina and Georgia will also be effected by Matthew.

This creepy image appeared on a weather map of the storm as it hit landfall in Haiti Yesterday.

At it’s height, the hurricane was a Category 5 with wind speeds of more than 157 mph. Those speeds have dropped but forecasters predict it will strengthen to a Category 4 hurricane by the time it pummels Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami has just extended its hurricane watch in Florida top cover a 350-mile stretch from Deerfield Beach near Fort Lauderdale, to Fernandina Beach, meaning hurricane force winds of 74 mph or higher could occur within two days.

The worrying forecast was made all the more unsettling by the appearance of the strange skull formation in the weather map of Hurricane Matthew yesterday. It is REAL and not photo-shopped.



Threat To US From Hurricane Matthew Has Risen Some Impact Should Be Expected

(USA Today) – Should the U.S. be worried about powerhouse Hurricane Matthew? While it is too early to know for sure, forecasters say there is cause for concern.

“The threat to Florida and the southeastern U.S. coast has increased,” the National Hurricane Center said Monday afternoon and into the evening. Life-threatening rain and storm surge was expected in parts of Haiti this evening.

There are basically two extremely wide-ranging scenarios after it batters the Caribbean: Either a direct hit, anywhere from Florida to Maine, or a miss, with the storm sliding up the coast but never making landfall.

“Coastal residents from Florida to Canada should be on the alert for possible impacts in a few days, especially given this hurricane’s strength and breadth,” said Weather Underground meteorologist Robert Henson.MAX_WEB_TROP_ATL14_ww1_1280x720.jpgWhat will ultimately determine how close Matthew comes to the East Coast involves the timing and strength of large-scale weather systems spinning over the U.S. and the Atlantic, according to Upper-level high and low pressure areas — whose forecast are difficult to pin down this far out — will either act to help pull the storm close to the coast or push it out to sea.

Projected Path and Intensity

  • Jamaica: Monday night/early Tuesday
  • Haiti/Dominican Republic: Monday night/Tuesday
  • Eastern Cuba: Tuesday/Tuesday night
  • Southeast & central Bahamas/Turks & Caicos: Tuesday afternoon into at least Wednesday night

Small, subtle changes in the path of the eye-wall, sometimes not resolvable until hours before the passage, can make a large difference on wind impact.

Note that even though certain locations may not be in the cone of uncertainty, impacts will be spread well beyond the edge of the cone.