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“I did get the lawn finished. It looks nice!”

(SL) -In Canada, one man’s commitment to get his lawn cut ahead of a busy weekend has gone viral. His wife took a photo of the man handling the lawn care with a massive tornado behind him.


Near Three Hills, Alberta, Theunis Wessels paid little mind to the brewing storm he had a list of chores and he was determined to get them checked of his to do list.

“I had to get it cut,” he told CTV News. “A lot of things happening over the weekend. Children were attending swim meets and some other sporting events over the weekend, so I had to make sure I got it done.”

Yahoo reports, He began mowing the lawn while his wife was napping. His nine-year-old daughter, nervous about the swirling twister gathering behind him, urged him to come inside. When he refused, she woke up his wife.

His wife, Cecilia Wessels, came out shortly after and snapped a few pictures, including one that captured her husband casually mowing the lawn against the dramatic backdrop of the tornado. It was the first time anyone in the family, originally from South Africa, had seen a tornado.

“I did ask him if he was coming inside with that thing in the clouds when I turned to come inside and he calmly said no,” she told the Associated Press.

Her husband insisted that he was closely monitoring the twister’s movement. “It was just forming and getting bigger,” he said. “I was seeing it coming up. I was watching it all the time. I was keeping an eye on it.”

The tornado was much farther away than it appeared in the photo, he said, and was quickly moving east, away from their home. No injuries were reported after the twister traveled through the area, bringing down trees and ripping the roof off a barn.

Speaking to CTV, Wessels noted – a slight hint of pride creeping into this voice – that despite all, he had managed to check the lawn off the weekend’s to-do list. “I did get the lawn finished and it looks nice.”

Watch The Video Of The Colorado Family Stuck In Their Car During Terrifying Hailstorm

(SL) – Oh My! This would have freaked me out! So I can imagine how her kids felt. Absolutely terrifying! Inside Edition reports, it was a terrifying moment for a mother trapped in her car with her three kids as huge chunks of hail pummeled down in Golden, Colorado on Monday. Her children cried as the golf-sized balls hit the car as they waited to pick up her oldest kids at school. Suddenly, the back window shattered and hail started pouring into the car. Stephanie Vandewalker did her best to calm the kids down and managed to record the scene.

Death Toll In Haiti Reaches 842 As Deadly Matthew Heads Towards Georgia

(SL) – How much more can Haiti take. Officials say the the death toll could rise into the thousands. Right now the number is 842.  Tens of thousands  of people have been left homeless in its rampage through Haiti earlier this week before it lashed Florida on Friday with howling winds and rolled northward up the US Atlantic coast.

storm-matthewHaiti, the poorest country in the Americas was left in devastation. The United States said it would send a Navy ship to the Island, with 300 Marines to add to the 250 personnel and nine helicopters already ordered to deploy to the country.

The massive storm will batter coastal Georgia and South Carolina Friday night and Saturday with a dangerous storm surge, damaging winds gusts and flooding rain.  If the latest computer model projections are correct, coastal South Carolina could endure a direct hit.abc_hurricane_matthew_forecast_track_01_mt_161006_4x3_992President Obama warned coastal residents not to let their guards down, especially given the storm surge threat. “Remember Sandy,” Obama said, “when people thought it wasn’t as bad as we thought and suddenly we got a massive storm surge.”

Saying, “Don’t be part of the history of this hurricane that might include a long list of fatalities in the US due to water,” Rick Knabb, director of the National Hurricane Center, pleaded with residents of Georgia and South Carolina to evacuate as the storm approached from the South.


Bad Omen? Creepy And Monstrous Matthew Batters Caribbean As The Bahamas And The United States Prepare For Possible Direct Hits

(SL) – YES that is a REAL image. Hurricane Matthew  is scarier than ever and most people believe the image that appeared on weather maps is a bad omen.  Even though Matthew lost some wind speed overnight reducing it to a Category 3 storm at 115 mph but is expected to regain Category 4 strength by the time is reaches Florida.

Matthew’s high winds and rainfall caused landslides, flooding, and the destruction of homes and businesses across Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba who were starting rebuilding efforts today. 17 People are reportedly dead. The storm is now headed towards the Bahamas.

In the US, Florida Governor Rick Scott has issued a state of emergency and fears Matthew could do as much damage as Andrew did in 1992; while South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley says she’s prepared to evacuate at least a million people. North Carolina and Georgia will also be effected by Matthew.

This creepy image appeared on a weather map of the storm as it hit landfall in Haiti Yesterday.

At it’s height, the hurricane was a Category 5 with wind speeds of more than 157 mph. Those speeds have dropped but forecasters predict it will strengthen to a Category 4 hurricane by the time it pummels Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami has just extended its hurricane watch in Florida top cover a 350-mile stretch from Deerfield Beach near Fort Lauderdale, to Fernandina Beach, meaning hurricane force winds of 74 mph or higher could occur within two days.

The worrying forecast was made all the more unsettling by the appearance of the strange skull formation in the weather map of Hurricane Matthew yesterday. It is REAL and not photo-shopped.



Threat To US From Hurricane Matthew Has Risen Some Impact Should Be Expected

(USA Today) – Should the U.S. be worried about powerhouse Hurricane Matthew? While it is too early to know for sure, forecasters say there is cause for concern.

“The threat to Florida and the southeastern U.S. coast has increased,” the National Hurricane Center said Monday afternoon and into the evening. Life-threatening rain and storm surge was expected in parts of Haiti this evening.

There are basically two extremely wide-ranging scenarios after it batters the Caribbean: Either a direct hit, anywhere from Florida to Maine, or a miss, with the storm sliding up the coast but never making landfall.

“Coastal residents from Florida to Canada should be on the alert for possible impacts in a few days, especially given this hurricane’s strength and breadth,” said Weather Underground meteorologist Robert Henson.MAX_WEB_TROP_ATL14_ww1_1280x720.jpgWhat will ultimately determine how close Matthew comes to the East Coast involves the timing and strength of large-scale weather systems spinning over the U.S. and the Atlantic, according to Upper-level high and low pressure areas — whose forecast are difficult to pin down this far out — will either act to help pull the storm close to the coast or push it out to sea.

Projected Path and Intensity

  • Jamaica: Monday night/early Tuesday
  • Haiti/Dominican Republic: Monday night/Tuesday
  • Eastern Cuba: Tuesday/Tuesday night
  • Southeast & central Bahamas/Turks & Caicos: Tuesday afternoon into at least Wednesday night

Small, subtle changes in the path of the eye-wall, sometimes not resolvable until hours before the passage, can make a large difference on wind impact.

Note that even though certain locations may not be in the cone of uncertainty, impacts will be spread well beyond the edge of the cone.

Federal Government Closes and 6000 Flights Are Canceled As Winter Storm Jonas Arrives

(SL) – Winter Storm Jonas is getting bigger and stronger as snow starts to fall in Virginia.  Experts say the Blizzard could hit DC with 30 inches of snow, beating the record 28 inches set in 1922.  85 Million people are under blizzard or winter storm warnings with the Capitol in the bulls-eye region.  The Federal Government shutdown at noon and will remain closed on Monday.


  • Twelve to 18 inches of snow is also predicted for Philadelphia and eight to 12 inches was expected in New York 
  • Nearly 6,000 flights have already been cancelled for Friday and Saturday 
  • Five people have been killed, in car accidents caused by the icy roads in Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennesse


Be prepared and if you can build a kit: Include enough food, water and medical supplies for your needs in your emergency kit to last for at least 72 hours.


What’s For Dinner? Forbes Bistro Has The Tastiest Crab Cakes


(SL) – I love good food. We all do :). Eddie Forbes has been perfecting his craft for awhile and his food makes my mouth water. I plan on sharing several recipes with you guys, but I thought we would start with his famous Crab Cakes! Too bad the screen isn’t a scratch-n-sniff..but you can try to whip some up for yourself! 11705126_10208020551418047_3300213319833865322_nINGREDIENTS:  

16 oz Lump crab meat

1 egg

Table spoon of mayo

2 table spoons of black pepper

Table spoon of finely chopped parsley

Half a table spoon of thyme

Half a table spoon of sea salt

1/4 cup of seasoned bread crumbs1978748_10208393825069655_1285530577908098140_nPREPARATION:

Mix mayo and egg Add dry ingredients not including bread crumbs

Gently toss lump crab meat with mixture

Add bread crumbs and toss with crab meat.

12308563_10208203977803592_7847015324484067115_nCOOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.  Remove from refrigerator. Form crab cakes place on baking sheet and place in oven at 425 for 10 to 15 minutes.  Remove, serve with a butter garlic sauce  and enjoy!



Flooding Widespread In Metro Atlanta, North GA

(AJC) – Flood warnings and watches were in effect for large areas of metro Atlanta and north Georgia after a Christmas Eve weather system that spawned deadly tornadoes in Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas moved through the area Thursday.

The northern half of metro Atlanta was getting a break from the deluge early Thursday afternoon, as the heaviest of the rain had moved south of I-20 and I-85. But Channel 2 meteorologist Brian Monahan said at noon that more areas of rain will move over the entire metro area later Thursday and Thursday night.


MARTA was experiencing delays on all rail lines due to the weather. Rail service between the Five Points and Oakland City stations was terminated and a bus bridge was established, a spokesman said.

Downed trees were reported in parts of metro Atlanta, and Georgia Power reported nearly 10,000 customers without electricity statewide just before 9 a.m.

The rough weather was also causing departure delays of 2 to 3 hours at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The weather system spawned two dozen tornadoes in six states from Indiana and Illinois to the Deep South, killing three people in Mississippi, two in Tennessee and one in Arkansas.


There had been no tornadoes reported in Georgia, but the wet and windy weather was causing other problems, from interstate crashes, which left a HERO worker injured, to downed trees in Buckhead and elsewhere in metro Atlanta.


Interstate 20 west near Stonecrest Mall in DeKalb County was backed up for miles as vehicles creeped along the interstate through standing water.

In Cobb County, one lane of Cumberland Parkway is closed now and the entire road will close beginning at 4 pm. due to flooding. The county advises motorists to avoid the area.

In Lilburn in Gwinnett County, police said Hillcrest Road was closed due to flooding until further notice.


In Alpharetta, sections of the city’s Big Creek Greenway were flooded Thursday, assistant city administrator James Drinkard said. The greenway was built in a floodplain, and usually closes when it rains.

All of north Georgia was under a flood watch through Friday night, with forecasters predicting an additional 1 to 3 inches of rain. A flash flood warning was issued for Gilmer and Fannin counties, where more than 4 inches of rain was recorded early Thursday.

The Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office reported on Facebook that numerous roads in the county were closed, and an apartment complex in East Ellijay was evacuated due to flooding.

“We suggest that you use more than regular caution if you have to be driving on the roads in Gilmer County this morning,” the Facebook posting read. “Excessive standing water is being reported on many roads.”

County officials warned anyone living near one of Gilmer’s three rivers to “evacuate immediately and move to higher ground,” and said that a shelter was being opened at Gilmer Middle School.

In neighboring Fannin County, sheriff’s officials posted on Facebook that the county was “currently experiencing heavy flooding” and that several roads were impassable.

In the northeast corner of the state, Rabun County was also under a flash flood warning.

Southwest of Atlanta, a flash flood warning was issued for Troup County, where 3 to 5 inches had fallen since 7 a.m. Thursday.

Accidents and trees down

The heavy rain was causing other problems in metro Atlanta.

Early Thursday, authorities worked to clear several wrecks on I-75 near the Brookwood Interchange. WSB 24-hour Traffic Center reported that a HERO operator was taken to the hospital after being hit by a vehicle while working an earlier crash.


Strong winds combined with the saturated ground to bring trees down in several locations, including on Tuxedo Drive and West Paces Ferry Road in Buckhead and on Richardson Road in northwest Atlanta.

No injuries were reported when a large tree came crashing down on a home on Peyton Woods Court in southwest Atlanta.

Atlanta fire Assistant Chief Chris Wessels said firefighters helped the resident cover the damaged roof with a tarp.

“We started getting a lot of calls for trees down a little bit after 8 this morning, and we anticipate that to continue throughout the day and into tomorrow,” Wessels said.

“If it’s at all possible for us to get our firefighters on the roofs, we try to do what we can to minimize the damage, because we still have a lot of rain coming in,” Wessels told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “With the heavy rain, the water damage would be tremendous if we weren’t able to get the tarps up.”

In DeKalb County, authorities reported six trees down on houses, one down on a car and one house struck by lightning.

Tornado warnings expire

A tornado warning was issued just after 5 a.m. for parts of Paulding, Polk and Haralson counties just northwest of Atlanta. That warning was allowed to expire at 5:30 a.m., but was replaced by a severe thunderstorm warning through 6:15 a.m. for parts of Cobb, Cherokee and Bartow counties.

That same cluster of storms prompted a “significant weather advisory” for north Fulton, Cherokee and Forsyth counties until 6:45 a.m.

Elsewhere, a tornado watch, indicating that conditions are ripe for the formation of tornadoes, was in effect through 10 a.m. Thursday for 28 counties south of Atlanta in middle Georgia.

Weather outlook

The chance of rain is 100 percent Thursday and 60 percent on Christmas Day, diminishing to 20 to 30 percent over the weekend.

Record high temperatures are forecast, Monahan said, reaching 73 Thursday, 75 Friday and 76 Saturday.

The previous record is 72 on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Winter Comes In Early As Icy Blast Sends Temperatures Plummeting

(Daily Mail) –  The U.S. got an early taste of winter this weekend after an icy blast sent temperatures in New York City plummeting into the 40s while Boston recorded its coldest October 18 ever.

The unseasonably cold weather has also seen many states covered in snow for the first time since last April.

2D82A4A400000578-3277364-image-a-45_1445110025522Flurries were reported yesterday across Maine and New York while Michigan residents reported drifts of almost 6 inches near Darragh, according to the National Weather Service.

Marquette, Michigan, was covered in 2.5 inches of snow – the first time it has had any snowfall of that quantity in October for 14 years.

The heaviest snow fell in Oswego County, New York where the town of Mexico was covered in a blanket of 8 inches.

In New York City, the temperatures dropped down to the 40s while some areas reported it hitting as low was 43 degrees Fahrenheit.2D82A4A000000578-0-image-a-11_1445180345961

Even though winter doesn’t officially start until December 22, freeze watches and warnings and frost advisories have now been issued from Missouri to Massachusetts, according to the Weather Channel.