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Trump Says He Is Still Considering Dumping Illegal Immigrants In Sanctuary Cities, Pelosi Responds

(Washington, DC-AP) — President Trump says he is still considering dumping illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. In a tweet today, Trump accused Democrats of being unwilling to change “very dangerous immigration laws.” The idea was previously floated and rejected by administration officials. It was seen as a retaliatory move against Dems, who support sanctuary cities. Meantime, Trump accused the “Radical Left” of favoring open borders.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she hasn’t seen a report about President Trump and sanctuary cities but she’s calling it unworthy of the presidency. At the end of the House Democrats’ annual retreat in Northern Virginia, Pelosi said the U.S. is a nation of immigrants. The Washington Post is reporting that the Trump administration urged U.S. immigration officials to ship illegal migrants from the southern border to sanctuary cities across the country.

The cities included San Francisco, which Pelosi represents in Congress. The request was seen as way for President Trump to retaliate against political adversaries, but it never went anywhere.

Americans Would Lose Billions, Trump Backs Away From Threat To Shut Down Border Soon

(Washington, DC) — President Trump is backing away from his threat to shut down the southern border soon. At the White House today, Trump said he is giving Mexico a one-year warning to stem the flow of illicit drugs into the U.S.

He also threatened to impose tariffs on new motor vehicles that are being moved across the border. Trump argued that the U.S. immigration system is the most ridiculous thing he has ever seen. He blamed Democrats and made another pitch for a massive border wall.

Trump said the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into the U.S. must be stopped. Trump plans to visit a location on the border in Southern California tomorrow.

It appears someone talked some sense in him.  Shutting the border down would cost the United States billions of dollars and cripple the economy. Everything from avocados to autos pass through the border.

Trump Gets Sharp Rebuke From GOP-Led Senate Over Border Declaration

(Washington, DC-AP) — Congress is rejecting President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the southern border. A dozen Republicans joined Democrats in passing a Senate resolution of disapproval today. The vote was 59-41.

The measure recently cleared the House and now goes to Trump’s desk. He has promised to veto the measure and it’s unlikely that enough votes exist for a veto override. Trump aims to divert Defense Department funds to help build a massive border wall.

More Than 4,500 Migrant Children Sexually Abused While In Government Custody Over Past Four Years

(Washington, DC) – Migrant children in the custody of the U.S. government made more than 45-hundred allegations of sexual abuse and harassment in the past four years. Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch of Florida said he was shocked by what he saw in Department of Health and Human Services reports.


“You know what I’ve seen in these reports that were delivered to us buried in stacks thousands of documents.  I saw thousands of cases of sexual abuse if not by HHS Staff then by the people that HHS staff oversees. This behavior — it’s despicable, it’s disgusting, and this is just the start of questions that HHS is going to have to answer about how they handle these and what’s happening in these facilities.”

Most of the claims were deemed unfounded. Of the 13-hundred accounts deemed credible and referred to the FBI, most involved one minor abusing another. Still, there were 178 claims made against staff at the shelters housing the children. The data comes from the Department of Health and Human Services. Deutch said migrant shelters are an unsafe environment.

21 Savage’s Attorney Says I.C.E. Trying To Intimidate Him

(AP) — Rapper 21 Savage’s attorney says Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is trying to intimidate him to get him to leave the United States. ICE arrested Savage on Sunday, alleging that he is from the United Kingdom and overstayed his visa after coming to the U.S. legally in 2005.

A lawyer not connected to 21 Savage gave his take on his situation.

His attorney, Charles Kuck, said in a statement yesterday that the government knew his immigration status because he applied for a U-Visa in 2017, but took no action against him until this past weekend. Kuck believes that ICE is keeping him in custody to try to get him to give up his right to fight to stay in America. He also said that Savage’s 2014 conviction on a federal drug charge may have played a role in his arrest, although the charge was expunged from his record last year.

El Paso Detainees Being Force-Fed

(El Paso, TX-AP) — Immigrants at a detention center in El Paso, Texas are being force-fed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Two migrants started a hunger strike December 30th and others soon joined in. At least six detainees are being hydrated and fed against their will, according to a statement from ICE.

The force-feeding was approved by a federal judge earlier this month. Four other detainees are also on hunger strike at other detention centers in Miami, Phoenix, San Francisco and San Diego. ICE didn’t say what the motive for the hunger strikes is.

Kern County Authorities With Details On Cop-Killer Suspect Arrest

(Bakersfield, CA) — More arrests are unfolding in the killing of a Newman, California police officer. Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood says the suspect in the shooting of Officer Ron Singh was arrested today near Bakersfield.

Gustavo Perez Arriaga was located at a home in Lamont, which Youngblood says had been under surveillance. Arriaga’s brother, Adrian Virgen, was arrested in Hanford in connection with the case. Arriaga’s co-worker, Erik Razo Quiroz, was arrested in Modesto.

4982061_122818-kabc-newman-triple-2-imgNewman Police Corporal Ronil Singh was shot and killed on Wednesday during a traffic stop. He leaves behind a wife and 5-month old baby. Both were immigrants, one legal one not.

As The Government Is Set To Run Out Of Money In A Week, Paul Ryan Says They Still Want To Build Border Wall

(Washington, DC-AP) — Outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan says the Republican-led House is ready to authorize several billion dollars for a massive border wall. Talking with reporters yesterday, Ryan said the question is whether the Senate will follow suit.

He argued that border security should not be a Republican or Democratic issue. The government runs out of money on December 7th and President Trump is demanding five-billion dollars for a border wall in any funding bill.

In the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump repeatedly vowed that Mexico would pay for the border wall. Speaker Ryan is retiring at year’s end and Democrats will control the House starting in January.

Trump Calls Migrants Criminals, Threatens To Close Border

(Washington, DC-AP) – A day after hundreds of migrants tried to storm the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump is considering closing the border permanently.

In a tweet this morning, the President says that Mexico should send the “flag-waving” migrants at the southern border back to their countries. He said that many of them are “stone cold criminals” and they are not coming into the U.S.A.

He called on Congress again to fund a border wall. U.S. border agents yesterday used use tear gas to break up the group storming the border. It also led to an hours-long closure of the San Ysidro Port of Entry near San Diego.

Two Females Found Tied Together In Hudson River Are Sisters

(New York City, NY) – The mystery of who two females found duct-tape tied together in the Hudson River is unfolding. Authorities say they two girls have been identified as Saudi Arabian sisters, one 16 and the other 22.

Even though authorities have identified the sisters as Tala and Rotana Farea, they still haven’t determined how they died. The girls’ mother reported had reported 16-year old Tala as missing but terminated the search after she found out the teen was living with her sister in Fairfax, Virginia.  Both were asylum seekers and reportedly went missing often.

As police continue to look for clues of suicide or homicide, their mother says the day before they died she received a call from official at the Saudi Arabian Embassy, ordering the family to leave the U.S. because her daughters had applied for political asylum.

Saudi Arabia’s Consulate General in New York said in a statement that it had “appointed an attorney to follow the case closely.”