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Suspect Arraigned In Bronx Murder Of Junior Guzman-Feliz

(Bronx, NY) – Nineteen-year-old Kevin Alvarez is the latest suspect to be arraigned in the murder of 15-year-old Junior Guzman-Feliz. Alvarez, one of eight suspects in the crime, appeared before a Bronx judge and stood just feet from the victim’s family.

Authorities have accused Alvarez of dragging the victim out of the Belmont bodega where it happened last week. His next court appearance is July 16th.

Alvarez is in the white jeans. Facing 2nd degree murder, he’s pleading not guilty and says he did not know that they were going to attack Junior with knives and machetes. He claims he was told that it was just going to be a fight. After Alvarez pulled Junior out he was immediately attacked and butchered by seven to eight people. He then backs away from the scene and out of the camera’s view.



Bodega Owner Gives His Side Of Story In Teen’s Death But It Contradicts Video

(Bronx, NY) – The owner of a Bronx bodega says his store should remain open despite calls from city council members for its closing after it became the epicenter of a brutal attack of a 15-year-old boy. Bodega owner Modesto Cruz says he feels horrible for the family of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz.

Even though the video clearly tells a different story, the bodega owner says he helped Guzman-Feliz by trying to hide him behind the counter to try to stop him from being attacked. The owner’s lawyer says Cruz and another employee inside the store were pointing to the direction of the hospital and not pointing to tell the boy to leave the store after he had suffered his injuries.

  1.  The store owner is clearly trying to stop Junior from coming across the counter.
  2.  He escorts him to the glass door of the enclosure that you have to walk through to get behind the counter and the murderers are waiting and attack as soon as he is out of the door.
  3. The owner follows behind them as they drag Junior out and shoos them out.
  4. One has to ask who in their right mind would instruct someone who is bleeding profusely from a severed artery in his neck to go to the hospital on his own???

Cruz says it also took two calls from 9-1-1 before ambulances arrived to help. Guzman-Feliz was attacked outside of the Cruz and Chiky grocery on East 183rd Street near Bathgate Avenue last week. The city’s City’s Consumer Affairs department is reviewing whether the bodega’s license should be revoked because of what happened.


WeHo Man Gets Life, No Parole, In Girlfriend’s Brutal Killing

(Los Angeles, CA) – A West Hollywood man is getting life without parole for killing his girlfriend. The judge who handed down the sentence today said 37-year-old Blake Liebel’s crime consisted of “savagery” and “inconceivable cruelty.”

Liebel was convicted last week of killing the woman two years ago, then draining her body of all blood. In court this month, prosecutors told the jury the “gruesome crime” involved a “prolonged attack” in which she was “alive for the better part of the mutilation and mayhem.”

His actions reportedly mirrored the script of a graphic novel he co-wrote.

K-9 Praised For Multi-Million Dollar Pot Bust

(Chicago, IL) – A Chicago police K-9 is getting lots of praise and treats following a ten million dollar marijuana bust over the weekend. Officials say the Narcotics Unit had pulled over a vehicle and trailer when the dog alerted them to the drugs.

More than 15-hundred pounds of pot, along with other cannabis products and drug paraphernalia were found. The drugs were allegedly being transported to Chicago from California. Police say the bust stemmed from a narcotics investigation which was already underway. A photo of the dog in front of the stacks of drugs in the evidence room is making it’s way around social media.

CAUGHT: Eight Gang Members Who Dragged Teen Out Of Bodega And Murdered Him IN CUSTODY

(Bronx, NY) – Eight of the suspects caught on camera butchering 15-year old Lesandro (Junior) Guzman Feliz outside of Zesarina Grocery are now in custody after police say they apprehended two men in the Bronx and three others in Patterson, NJ.

The murder of the young boy caught world wide attention with many posting names and images of the suspects on line to help facilitate their arrests. Considering that members of the Trinitarios gang reached out to family members to apologize, it’s no surprise it didn’t take long for police to find the killers.  This after news that it could’ve have been over a sex video and mistaken identity.

The video, which completely rips at your heart, shows the teen being dragged out of the bodega by two men while two other men working inside the store seemingly do nothing but shoo them away to make sure they leave. That’s where the nightmare began.

The men pull Junior around the corner and instantly attack him. Two of the murderers were armed with machetes while three others had knives. A sixth man captured on video had his face covered. lesandro-guzman-feliz-155503

The savage attack lasts for less than 30 seconds and Junior is hacked and stabbed violently over and over again. When the teen is close to escaping one of the suspects appears to slice his throat from behind. Witnesses looking down on the scene yelled at the attackers to stop as Junior gets up and runs back towards the entrance of the store before coming back to the scene with blood gushing from his neck.

During the attack, a couple walking down the street, look on but do nothing. And one of the men who was operating the store peeps around the corner and sees the teen being stabbed to death….but again does nothing.

The youngster ran about a block up the road where more video shows him dying on the steps of a building directly across from St. Barnabas Hospital where people believe he was running to get help but couldn’t make it. Drenched in blood, surprisingly, he was still alive at that moment but later succumbed to his injuries.

Officers said with his dying breath, the 15-year-old asked for some water, according to ABC 7 New York.

Feliz’s mom says he left the apartment briefly to meet a friend and loan him 5 dollars. His mother told him to come right back and he never did. One has to wonder if the ‘friend’ set him up.

Junior’s brother-in -law, 19-year old Derek Grullon and his wife, Junior’s  sister, say they have heard directly from members of the Trinitarios, a Dominican gang known for violence.

The suspects: One report claims the man on the bottom left was turned in by his mother as he attempted to escape to the Dominican Republic.

‘They said, ‘We had the wrong person.” She got a two-minute video mea culpa via Snapchat, he told the NY Post, in which the gang leader ‘said they kicked all of them out of the gang.’

The wrong person? The mistaken identity involves a sex video of a young woman having intercourse with another man while another guy live streams it.  The woman is aware that she is being taped, covering her face with a shirt at times while participating.

The guy on the left live streamed the sex video. Junior is on the right. 

It is believed that one suspect is still out there.  Junior’s mother hopes neighbors will boycott the Bodega where it happened. Two operators of the store, one believed to be the owner, did nothing to help Jr. He all but helped the men drag Junior out of the store and to his death. Heartbreaking, considering the teen’s mom said the store’s owner knows her son very well and watched him grow up.

A go fund me page was setup to help the family with expenses. $15K was requested…almost $140K has been donated in 3 days. Rapper Cardi B donated $8K. Click on the link to contribute! Justice For Junior!


20-Year Old Rapper Xxxtentacion Shot Dead In Broad Daylight In Miami

(Miami FL) – 20-Year old rapper Xxxtentacion, real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was murdered today in south Florida. According to reports, the “Sad!” singer was murdered during a robbery in Deerfield Beach where he was found slumped over in a sports car with no pulse.

He was transported to a trauma center where he was pronounced dead.  The young rapper had a slew of problems including 15 felonies that he was facing and currently awaiting trial for.  Most of X’s legal issues stem from 2016 where he racked up charges from a pair of incidents for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, witness tampering, false imprisonment and aggravated battery of a pregnant woman.

Problems aside, he seemed to be trying to get on the right side of things after a judge released him from house arrest so he could continue to tour and earn a living. His last social media post highlighted a charity event he was planning this weekend in Miami.maxresdefault (1)XXXTentacion unleashed his sophomore album, ?, in March. He sold 131,000 units in the first week. ? gave X his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200, powered by a pair of singles, including his highest-charting work to date, “Sad!,” which peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. During his career, X had 16 records land on the Hot 100.


Man Sentenced To Death For Boy Torture Death

(Palmdale, CA) – A Palmdale man is heading to death row for the torture and murder of his girlfriend’s seven-year-old son. He and Pearl Fernandez were sentenced yesterday, after a judge called their actions “horrendous, inhumane and nothing short of evil.”2553734_1280x720The judge added that it would not be right to call the crimes animalistic, because even animals know how to care for their offspring. Fernandez was sentenced to life in prison without parole after she pleaded guilty to murder and torture.

Prosecutors say Gabriel Fernandez was shot with a BB gun, forced to sleep in a cabinet, beaten with a belt, gagged and bound, and endured more abuse for several months before his 2013 death.

Conrad Hilton Sentenced in Car Theft

(Los Angeles, CA) – Hotel heir Conrad Hilton will be on probation for three years after he stole a car and went on a profanity-laced rant in Los Angeles. The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office says he pleaded no contest to grand theft auto yesterday and was also ordered to get mental health and substance abuse counseling.

Hilton went to his ex-girlfriend’s home last May and then proceeded to take her dad’s Bentley convertible. Police found him shortly after, and TMZ recorded the tirade that included racist and homophobic slurs, and him screaming at officers, “I’m a Hilton, don’t you forget it.”

Trump Believes Kanye And Kim Kardashian’s Support Helps Him With Black People As He Commutes Alice Johnson’s Sentence

(SL) – President Trump believes Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s support is helping him gain more black voters.

“Bloomberg” reports that is what he told Kardashian West when she came to the White House last week to talk about pardoning Alice Marie Johnson, who has been in prison for more than 20 years on non-violent drug charges.who-is-alice-johnson-and-why-is-kim-kardashian-involvedTrump was reportedly referring to new data from Reuters that show the number of black men that support him reached 22 percent during the last week of April, right around the time Kanye West tweeting out his praise for the president.  No work yet on if those numbers are accurate. But trying to capitalize on the opportunity Trump has reportedly commuted the life-sentence Alice Johnson was serving.  She is expected to be released from prison soon.

Judge: Trump Can Be Deposed In Zervos Suit

(New York City, NY) – A New York judge says President Trump can be deposed in a lawsuit brought by a former contestant on his reality TV show, “The Apprentice.” Summer Zervos claims Trump groped and kissed her after she appeared on the show.

Trump has denied the accusations and has suggested that the Zervos’ claim is a hoax. She filed a defamation suit against Trump last year because his denials.

On Tuesday, New York Judge Jennifer Schecter ordered both sides in the case to submit to depositions. Trump’s legal team has appealed the case, claiming it’s politically motivated