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Trump Runs Into More Protests In Scotland

(Turnberry, UK) –  Protesters are joining President Trump on the golf course. About a dozen protesters gathered outside Trump’s Scottish golf resort in Turnberry where the President and First lady are spending the weekend. Trump seemed unfazed as demonstrators on the beach booed while he golfed. More protests took place across Scotland Saturday, including one in Edinburgh featuring the Trump Baby balloon that drew nearly ten-thousand people. Meanwhile, Scottish Police say they are investigating how a paraglider was able to fly close to the resort yesterday with a banner that read, “Trump: Well below par.”

Trump arrived in Scotland Friday after meeting Queen Elizabeth and British Prime Minister Theresa May. He’ll head to Finland to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday.


Thai Cave Rescue Successful

(Tham Luang Caves, Thailand) – All 12 members of a boys soccer team and their coach are recovering after being successfully rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand.

A team of divers rescued the last four boys and their 25-year-old coach today. They will remain in quarantine in the hospital for about a week, here family members can see them through a window.

The boys and their coach got trapped by rising waters after they entered the cave on June 23rd.

A British Police Officer Cleared Of Possible Nerve Agent Exposure

(Salisbury, England) – A British police officer is being given the all clear after being tested for possible nerve agent exposure. The police force has been investigating a Novichok nerve agent attack that happened in Amesbury, England last Saturday.

During that incident, a couple in Amesbury ended up in the hospital after being exposed to the deadly nerve agent. A spokesman from the Salisbury District Hospital reiterated that, despite the recent incident, the risk to the wider public remains low.

The couple was poisoned close to where an ex-Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with the Novichok nerve agent back in March.

Americans In Haiti Told To Shelter In Place

(Port-au-Prince) – Violent demonstrations are breaking out in Haiti and Americans are being warned to stay inside for their safety. Protesters have been demonstrating against a sharp rise in fuel prices ordered by the government.

The government has since suspended the increase after protests turned deadly. About 120 Americans were among those trapped in a hotel in the capital of Port-au-Prince after protesters tried to set it on fire and storm the building.

Police were able to keep the demonstrators out of the hotel. The U.S. embassy told Americans on the island to not attempt to travel or drive through roadblocks, and to avoid any large gathering.

Thai Officials: Rescue Of Four Boys Went Smoothly

(Chang Rai, Thailand) – Officials in Thailand say the operation to rescue four of the twelve trapped boys in a cave went very smoothly. Officials briefed reporters on the situation and said replenishing the site’s oxygen tanks were crucial as teams work to rescue the remaining eight boys and their coach.

Rescuers say they will have to review conditions before attempting to rescue any other of the trapped children.

The 12 boys and their coach became trapped two weeks ago when rising water from monsoon storms left them no way out from the underground cave system. Authorities say the decision to begin the mission to rescue the boys was made due to the dropping oxygen levels and the threat of more monsoon rains.

French Gangster Escapes In Helicopter

(Paris) – A notorious French criminal is on the run after a daring helicopter escape from prison. Police say three heavily-armed accomplices landed the chopper in the courtyard of a prison outside of Paris Sunday morning where Redoine Faid was serving time for a failed robbery and a previous escape.44477805_303He escaped and authorities later found the burnt-out remains of the helicopter. It’s Faid’s second escape from prison. In 2013 he got away after taking four guards hostage but was captured six weeks later.

Search For Missing Soccer Team In Thailand Enters Day 8

(Tham Luang Cave, Thailand)Feliz Solomon of TIME reports,  The Wild Boars must have passed several signs warning them not to wander further into Tham Luang. But skies had been clear just a few hours earlier on June 23, when the team of young soccer players trekked into the complex with an assistant coach and disappeared with a day’s worth of food and some flashlights. By the time park authorities noticed the bicycles left by the mouth of the cave after hours, the entrance was already sealed.

180626090242-02-thailand-cave-missing-0625-exlarge-169Authorities in Thailand’s northern Chiang Rai province say they’re hopeful that the 12 boys, aged between 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old chaperone can still be found alive. Their anxious parents awoke Saturday on plastic chairs for the seventh day in a row. Divers geared up in a nearby tent and waded back into a muddy black chasm. On the hillside above, police trod through tropical brush on a determined search for undiscovered chimneys, as steep entryways into caves are called.

What began as a small team of local responders looking for some lost boys grew by mid-week into a multinational race against time, with hundreds of soldiers, civilians and foreign experts trying to penetrate the cave’s large inner chamber from every angle they could find. Rescuers believe that once inside, the group walked 1.8 miles to an intersection deep inside the complex, where tiny handprints and two abandoned backpacks were found in the mud. They likely turned left into a narrow corridor that winds sharply up and down before opening up through a tiny passage into a main chamber known as Pattaya.

But the afternoon brought so much rain that the corridor filled to the top. The following days brought no relief as rains kept pouring.


Two Dead, 150 Injured In Zimbabwe Blast

(Bulawayo, Nigeria) – At least two people are dead and dozens injured after an attempt on the life of Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangawa.

It happened at a political rally Saturday in Bulawayo, a hot-spot for opposition to the president’s political party. A blast ripped through the crowed, leaving Mnangawa unharmed but injuring the nation’s vice president and several other government officials.

Women Can Now Drive In Saudi Arabia

(Riyadh) – Women are now driving on the roads of Saudi Arabia. The conservative kingdom ended its ban on female drivers, the last in the world, at midnight Sunday.

The lifting of the ban is part of a series of changes championed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been pushing hard to diversify the nation’s economy and bring on social reforms.

Saudi Arabia estimates it will have three million licensed female drivers by 2020.

Chinese Investment In U.S. Down 92%

(SL) – Chinese investment in the U.S. has dropped 92 percent in the first five months of 2018. Around one-point-eight billion dollars had been invested as of May, the lowest amount in seven years. That’s according to a report out last week by foreign investment research firm Rhodium.

The drop comes as trade tensions have escalated between Beijing and Washington, with billions of dollars worth of tariffs slapped on each side. Donald Trump has complained repeatedly about what he says are unfair trade practices by China, and scrutiny on possible Chinese deals has increased under his administration.