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Another Race Horse Dies At Santa Anita This Time During Breeder’s Cup

(Arcadia, CA-AP) – Another horse has died at the Santa Anita race track. Mongolian Groom was euthanized after suffering a serious leg injury in Saturday’s Breeders’ Cup Classic.

The four-year-old gelding is the 37th horse to die at the track since last December.

Mongolian Groom was a 15-to one long shot in the six-million dollar race, which was won by a horse named Vino Rosso.

Park Visitors Attacked By Elk

(Estes Park, CO-AP) – A couple of visitors to Colorado’s Estes Park have an encounter with an elk that’s a little to close for comfort. A man was taken to the hospital Thursday morning after he fell and hit his head while dodging the charging bull’s antlers.

A woman was knocked over by the beast, and poked by it’s antlers a couple of times before a parks department employee could drive his truck in between them. She had a few minor scrapes but didn’t need any medical attention.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson tells NBC news the victims were too close to the elk, especially considering it’s mating season.

Georgia Woman Dead After Snakebite

(Brunswick, GA-AP) – A Georgia woman is dead, a month after being bitten by a rattlesnake in her friend’s garden.

snake-1560973194Priscilla Meridith was put into a medically induced coma after the reaction to the bite caused a heart attack and her liver and kidneys to start to fail. She died June 12 in her hospital bed. She wasn’t given any anti-venom; the family says the hospital staff told them they were informed she was allergic.

While the hospital won’t comment on details, an official said only about a quarter of snakebite victims are given antivenom. A fundraiser set up for her medical care is now collecting for funeral expenses.

Two Giraffes Killed By Lightning

(Loxahatchee, FL-AP) — A Florida wildlife park is confirming that two giraffes found dead last month were killed by lightning. Lion County Safari, about 20 miles west of West Palm Beach, said that Lily and Jioni were killed instantaneously.

A spokeswoman called it a billion-to-one chance and said that while the park has shelters for the giraffes, they can’t force the animals to use them. The pathology report was released this week.

Woman Accused Of Dumping Puppies Had 38 Dogs In Filthy House

(Coachella, CA-AP) — New details are being released about a California woman accused of tossing newborn puppies into a dumpster. Riverside County Animal Services say the suspect also had 38 dogs living in filthy conditions. Deborah Sue Cullwell is accused of tossing seven puppies into a Coachella dumpster.

Fortunately, they were found minutes later. She was identified through security video. When police took her into custody, they found more than three dozen other dogs living in a filthy and run-down house.

All the dogs are now in shelters.

Zookeeper Attacked By Tiger Has Been Moved Out Of Intensive Care

(Topeka, KS-AP) — A Kansas zookeeper who was mauled by a tiger is out of intensive care. Brendan Wiley, the director of the Topeka Zoo, said Monday that the woman who was attacked was doing a little bit better than she was over the weekend.

She was attacked Saturday by a seven-year-old tiger in an outdoor habitat. The victim hasn’t been identified, but officials say she’s worked at the zoo since 2002. Zoo officials have decided not to euthanize the tiger.

Scientists Tracking Large Shark In Gulf Of Mexico

(AP) – Scientists are tracking the movements of a large great white shark off the coast of the Florida Panhandle in the Gulf of Mexico to get a better understanding of the species.

The nonprofit research group OCEARCH has been following a female shark named Miss Costa that was first spotted near Massachusetts in 2016.

She’s now estimated to be up to 15 feet long and more than 16-hundred pounds. They are studying her and other sharks to test a theory on migration patterns of adult female great whites. The researchers have even given Miss Costa her own Twitter page that includes updates on where she is now.

John McCain’s Beloved Dog Dies In “Tragic Accident”

(Cornville, AZ – AP) — The late Senator John McCain’s beloved dog, Burma, has died. The senator’s widow, Cindy McCain, posted on Instagram Monday, that Burma had died in a tragic accident. She Burma is “frolicking with the one she loved most in heaven now.”

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever was a birthday gift to McCain years ago and she was his constant companion during the last months of his life. McCain died from brain cancer last August. The former Navy flyer, Vietnam War POW and hero, and six-term senator was 81.

Man Shoots Buck With Decaying Head Attached To Its Antlers

(Ballard County, KY-AP) — A Kentucky hunter has quite the tale to tell. Hunter Bob Long killed a buck with two heads. The buck had the decaying head of another buck attached to its antlers. Long was hunting in Ballard County, Kentucky when he took aim at a buck with very large antlers. Upon walking up to his kill, Long noticed that the buck actually had another buck’s decomposing head and antlers intertwined in its antlers.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife said they suspect the two deers got into a fight and their antlers got intertwined. They said the head likely came loose and separated from the decaying body.

California Teen Survives Shark Attack

(Encinitas, CA) – Just two weeks after a 26-year old man was killed by a shark while boogie boarding off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, word now comes out of California that a 13-year old was attacked by a shark last Saturday.

Ellie Hayes told reporters she could hear her son screaming after being attacked by a shark while he was trying to catch Lobsters in Encinitas. The shark took a bite out of his torso and cheek but Keane Webre-Hayes is expected to make a full recovery. His mom says he’s also planning to return to the water saying the chances of getting bit a second time are slim. Brave kid!