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Man Shoots Buck With Decaying Head Attached To Its Antlers

(Ballard County, KY-AP) — A Kentucky hunter has quite the tale to tell. Hunter Bob Long killed a buck with two heads. The buck had the decaying head of another buck attached to its antlers. Long was hunting in Ballard County, Kentucky when he took aim at a buck with very large antlers. Upon walking up to his kill, Long noticed that the buck actually had another buck’s decomposing head and antlers intertwined in its antlers.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife said they suspect the two deers got into a fight and their antlers got intertwined. They said the head likely came loose and separated from the decaying body.


California Teen Survives Shark Attack

(Encinitas, CA) – Just two weeks after a 26-year old man was killed by a shark while boogie boarding off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, word now comes out of California that a 13-year old was attacked by a shark last Saturday.

Ellie Hayes told reporters she could hear her son screaming after being attacked by a shark while he was trying to catch Lobsters in Encinitas. The shark took a bite out of his torso and cheek but Keane Webre-Hayes is expected to make a full recovery. His mom says he’s also planning to return to the water saying the chances of getting bit a second time are slim. Brave kid!

Thieves Steal Shark From San Antonio Aquarium By Sneaking It Out In a Stroller

(San Antonio, TX) – Officials with the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas say a trio of thieves stole a shark and smuggled it out of the aquarium in a stroller. A spokeswoman for the aquarium said a suspect is in custody and the shark is alive and well, despite the traumatic experience.

Video surveillance shows the thieves walking through the aquarium on Saturday before driving off with the 16-inch horn shark. They apparently snagged the shark from the interactive “touch pool,” threw it into a bucket and then into the stroller.

Staff eventually caught up to the thieves.

Gator Knocks Out Contractor Removing It From Florida Neighborhood

(Ocoee, FL) – A Central Florida neighborhood is rid of an alligator that had been wandering around for some time, but the animal knocked out the man who hauled it away.

It happened late last month in an Orlando suburb. Video shown on WKMG-TV shows a Florida Fish and Wildlife trapper loading the eight-foot gator into the back of a pickup truck, with help from police officers.

The gator’s mouth and legs were bound but it managed to whip its head around and head-butted the trapper, knocking him unconscious.

Man Still Recovering From Severed Snake Head Bite

(Corpus Christi, TX) – A Texas man is recovering after being bitten by a rattlesnake, even though the snake’s head had been cut off. Jennifer Sutcliffe said it happened at their home near Lake Corpus Christi last weekend when the couple was doing yard work.

She says the four-foot snake slithered up to them and her husband severed its head with a shovel. When he went down to dispose of it, the head bit his hand and released all its venom. He was flown to a hospital where doctors told Sutcliffe he may not make it.

After being given 26 doses of anti-venom, he was stabilized. He’s currently in stable condition.

Dog En Route To Newark Dies In Crate

(Newark, NJ) – Delta airlines says a dog was found dead inside a crate while travelling on a flight from Phoenix to Newark. An airline spokeswoman said the dog was traveling by cargo with its family and was found dead during a connection in Detroit.

They say their workers at the cargo shipping facility found vomit in the crate. Delta says they’re conducting a thorough review of what happened, and they’re working with the dog’s owner to support them.Do

One Dead In Washington State Cougar Attack

(North Bend, WA) – Washington State officials say one person is dead following an attack by a mountain lion. Two mountain bikers were attacked this morning near North Bend, about 30 miles east of Seattle.266890-3x2-700x467Police say one biker was killed and the other was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Wildlife officials are searching for the cougar. The last fatal mountain lion attack in the U.S. happened in New Mexico in 2008.

Family Chased By Cheetahs At Safari Park

(Netherlands) – A family of five is okay after they were chased by cheetahs at a safari park in the Netherlands. A video filmed by visitors at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park show the family, which includes small children, get out of their car to get a closer look at some cheetahs.

The cats responded to the invasion of privacy by chasing the people back to their vehicle and almost getting to a small child before he is scooped up by his mom. The video shows a cheetah lunging at the woman with the kid in her arms before making it back to the car.

Thanks God she stood her ground and stayed calm. This could’ve had a different outcome. A park manager said guests are warned not to get out of their vehicles.

Rough Week For Prince Harry’s Future Bride

(London, England) – In what should be a happy period for Prince Harry’s future wife, Meghan Markle, the soon to be newest member of Britain’s Royal Family has faced a few obstacles this past week.

From criticism for wearing a sheer top in their official engagement photos to a Royal family member wearing a blackamoor brooch and her beloved dog breaking two legs, it’s been rough few days for the future Duchess. prince-harry-meghan-markle-official-engagement-photos-ppAfter Buckingham Palace released the official engagement photos, Meghan was criticized for not only wearing a $75,000 thousand dollar gown but for the top of it being lace. After that, it was time for the Christmas Lunch with Queen Elizabeth. To which many noticed the Princess Michael of Kent showing up with a blackamoor brooch pinned to her coat.  princess-michael-0Why was the brooch deemed offensive? Blackamoor is a slang word that refers to dark skinned people. Some like the collection pieces or sculptures for there beauty, history and decorative appeal. But the truth of the matter is Moor was a type of black African that was captured and sold into slavery. Mostly on the European market and very heavily in Italy. They were Muslims and some were even found in Spain. They were often referred to as,”Nubian Slaves.”

Some of the pieces even depict a blackamoor holding a tray.

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Children Spooked By ‘Goblin’ Type Figure While Playing in Argentina

(SL) – Not sure what this is…but it’s certainly pretty spooky.  While playing football, a group of Argentinian children are at first oblivious to something lurking about a 100 yards away from them.  But then, one kid rolling footage on his cell notices the dark shape and zooms in on it.

Seemingly neither man nor beast, the mysterious figure that resembles a ‘goblin,  crawls slowly forward, swaying, moving awkwardly. And it is in deed eerie. Take a look for yourself.


The kids were playing in the city of Santiago del Estero in the northern Argentinian province of the same name.

Local media also described the strange figure as a goblin. Goblins are monstrous mythical creatures first mentioned in European folklore in the Middle Ages.

They are usually described as small and grotesque, mischievous beings with conflicting abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on who you ask.